A Winner & More About How You Can & Why You Should Attend She Speaks
"So I totally have a knot in my stomach as I write this, because even signing up for the possibility to win a scholarship to this conference scares the living daylights out of me. I want to attend this conference to learn more about how to be the woman and leader God wants me to be. I am also going through a spiritual desert, and need to drink His Living Water to get His strength back.

I am a 28 year old woman who is the Woman's Ministry Leader of my church. I'm leading women who are my mom's age--one of them IS my mom! I know that age isn't everything, and that God equips those He calls, and I know I have a strong calling to be in this position, but yet...it's still intimidating. I've been on the team for 4 years--maybe 5, and have been the leader now for 2 1/2 years, but the whole leadership thing is intense, and I don't think I'm doing a very good job at it. I know I could be doing so much more to serve HIM, and thus the women in my church body. The chance to learn more, so I can best lead my Sisters in Christ, is one I can't pass up.

In the last week, one of my dear friends and fellow Women's Ministry Team members spoke with me about her calling in changing the focus of our team to one not of service to women of our body, but one where our body of women serves! As I'm really feeling parched right now, and unsure where to go next with our ministry, I know this is God calling us through her. When I first became the leader of our group, it was established and already going strong. I've been okay at keeping status quo, but to change into a new, God-led direction is something I don't feel completely equipped for. I'm decent at planning social events, but when it comes to leading these women in service for Christ, I am scared. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship--and a chance to help revitalize our Women's Ministry!"

Congratulations Christie!! - you are the winner of our 2011 Women's Ministry Leadership Track scholarship!

It's so hard to only have one winner to announce today. I wish so much that I could announce more of your names. Many of you brought tears to our eyes and all of you brought joy to our hearts as we read your entries. We are so HONORED that you entered and we're praying that if God is calling you to come in 2011, you will keep seeking Him to provide.

We know this is so hard for the other 90+ women who entered to win. So, we want you to please consider raising funds on your own by visiting our She Speaks site and clicking on the “Scholarship Info” tab for how to do this, including a sample letter.

We have read stories this week from women on Facebook and blogs who have already raised their support. Some in less than three days!!!!!

Finally, sign up to follow the She Speaks conference blog, and you will be informed of the remaining 9 Cecil Murphy scholarships that will be given away. I know, you may be tired of trying, but someone has to win the remaining scholarships!

And please, if God makes a way for you to attend the conference, my WM team and I want to meet you and put a face to your story.

Last week I focused on telling you about our Women's Ministry track, so today I wanted to share a little more about our additional She Speaks' tracks. All three are a great reason why you should consider attending this year. (And we're halfway sold out so don't wait too long!)

For Speakers:

Whether you are ready to take the main stage and start speaking at conferences and retreats or whether you want to learn how to more effectively teach a ladies’ Bible Study — this track is for you. After attending this conference you will be equipped to:

  • Know how to develop a great message from start to finish.
  • Understand what keeps an audience engaged and how to make your message memorable.
  • Deliver your message in such a way that not only inspires your audience but motivates them to make life changes.
  • Increase your number of booked speaking engagements by using proven marketing strategies.

For Writers:

You have had a passion for writing and have even had people encourage you to write a book, but have never known how to get started on the pathway to publication. You will also be able to make appointments to pitch your book proposal to some of the top Christian publishers- Zondervan, Harvest House, Revell, Discovery House, and several others.

Or maybe you are a blogger and want to learn how to more effectively connect with your readers, increase the impact of your blog, and hear from someone who successfully got a book contract by maximizing her blog platform.

  • Whatever the case may be, if you are a writer in the making, after attending this conference you will:
  • Discover your unique writing voice and the mechanics of effective writing.
  • Understand what publishers are looking for and how to write proposals that get their attention.
  • Better understand how to build your writing portfolio by getting published in magazines.
  • Know how to write a book that will impact your reader from start to finish.
Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be speaking in Danville, CA and praying for God to make a way for all of you to be there! (at She Speaks that is...although I'd love for you to be in CA, too)!!


Blogger Christie said...

Oh my goodness. Oh God's goodness!!! I just came to the blog this morning to see who won so I could congratulate the winner. And it's me??? I'm humbled and thankful. So excited to have won this! Wow. Wow! God is so good and knows I need this...looking forward to SheSpeaks more than I can explain!

Blogger Paul said...

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Anonymous Kim from Michigan said...

Thank you, Renee! And congratulations, Christie!! Yes, God knows every detail....follow Him even when it is hard and you will be blessed beyond measure. Praying for your ministry. :-)

Anonymous Cynthia said...

Congrats! Christie. I read through the entries myself and even though I didn't put my name in or have any connection to this yours was the one I said to myself,"this girl needs to go to SheSpeaks!" I went last year and learned so much that I am going again this year!

Congratulations again!

Blogger Josie said...

Congrats Christie,

I related to your post tremendously! I also am 28 years old and taking on leading the women at our church, who are also older than me, and I appreciated what you shared. Praying for your ministry and your next step. Praying we can connect at the conference (God willing) and possibly discuss/share ideas! God Bless You! Thank you Renee for the opportunity!

OpenID moreenough said...

Congratulations Christine I know you are excited. I pray that the conference exceeds all your expectations. Proverbs 31 Ministry is touching and changing so many lives with the She Speaks conference and Mr. Murphey these scholarships are such a blessing. Hope to see you at the conference Christine. Shine brightly, Melody

Blogger Cindy said...

Congratulations to Christie!! I so love hearing the whys' of a woman's heart!
I have been a WM director in past years, just now I am taking a break due to the illness and recent death of my husband but I rememeber those days with great joy. I wish that there had been conference's like She Speaks in years past!
My heart is longing to become involved again and find a renewed sense of purpose however in waiting for God's perfect timing I find peace.
Again, Congrats and praying that God speaks to all who are blessed to attend 'She Speaks' this year! Who knows maybe next year I'll be there too:)

Blogger Bev said...

I think it's awesome that you are offering these scholarships. Christie's entry was just precious and unpretentious about her desire to do Acts 20:24. The one word that grabbed me from Christie's post was "servant." Matthew 20:28. Congratulations to Christie. What a great pick!

Congratulations Christie! I know you will be blessed at She Speaks.

I attended The Women's Ministry tract at She Speaks last year and was amazed at how much I experienced God's presence. I went to She Speaks seeking direction on the calling God had placed on my heart. I left overflowing with God's Love and ideas for how to minister to the women God places before me.

My prayers will be with every attendee and speaker at this years She Speaks. Renee, I will be praying for you and Lysa as you prepare to minister to the women in attendance.

In His Calm,

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