Last Week's Winners
My What Do You Crave? winner is Carolyn, who posted at 11:59am on this give-away post. You'll be receiving:
  • A "Made to Crave" bundle valued at over $45. It includes the Made to Crave book, DVD set and participant's guidePlease email your mailing address to

My Encouraging Words Wednesday winner is. Kristen Marie!! You will be receiving:


Anonymous Tonya said...

Renee, that was awesome. It's nice to hear that someone else has some of the same feelings. It's hard to talk to others about inadequcies. Thanks for sharing, Tonya

Blogger Rebecca said...

Dear Renee,

I read your comparison of how God mines for gold in our "dirt" and how we, as mothers (and grandmothers) can not only do the same with our little ones, but even in our own self-critical times. It was so helpful! This simple but profound illustration would have helped me through my parenting years, and will be helpful for my daughter and her friends, as they seek God's wisdom on how to be the mothers they deeply desire to be, but all too often feel exhausted and depleted by the searching for gold in some of their more challenging children. I also appreciated your blog directing me to learn more about the goBibles, which I had never heard of before. For my needs and those of my daughter, I thought the Voyager would be wonderful to consider for gifts I might share with those who need another means of refreshment in the Word, as it is easier to listen on-the-go than to have find a space of quiet for reading (especially given my daughter's non-stop actively engaged 5-year old and 20-month old!). I appreciate the opportunity to enter this event so that I might win your package for the week, and I would share the blessings with my daughter, Brooke, who is sacrificing financially to stay home and mother her children in obedience to God's call to do just that. Many blessings on you and your ministry! Rebecca

Blogger Karen said...

Thanks for sharing from the heart. I always find encouragement when I read your articles.

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