She Speaks - Women's Ministry Leadership Scholarship
Our 2011 She Speaks conference registration is underway! Each year the conference fills up and we're already a third full. But there is still room for you, so keep reading!

As Director of the Women's Ministry Leadership track at She Speaks, I've been given the amazing opportunity to give away one of several Cecil Murphey Scholarship that he so generously donated to our ministry. If you haven’t heard of Cecil Murphey’s amazing newsletters, you’ll want to click here to subscribe for free!

Karen True from is co-leading the Women's Ministry Leadership track with me this year and we've got several great guest speakers, too. Maybe you are hopping over from Karen's WMnet email announcing this give-away, and I'm so glad you did! If you want to know more about our annual She Speaks Conference for Leaders, Speakers and Writers click here. If you want to know how to enter to win, keep reading.

The purpose of this scholarship is to bless and encourage a women's ministry leader who needs renewed vision, great training, meaningful connections and intentional networking with other women's ministry leaders from across the country. The purpose of Women’s Ministry Leaders Track is to provide all of this so that hearts are refreshed, callings are confirmed and women grow in their passion and ability to lead women closer to the heart of God and!

Are you a woman who leads a women's ministry, as a volunteer or paid staff? Or, do you lead a women's Bible study and want to grow in leadership development.

Perhaps you know a women's ministry leader you'd like to nominate for this scholarship. Well, here's a little more about our She Speaks Womens Ministry track:

For Women’s Ministry Leaders
You know first hand the unique opportunities and challenges that present themselves when you lead a ministry in your church for women. You give and serve all year long — now is your chance to get filled back up with encouragement and training. You’ll have the opportunity to attend a Pre-Conference Intensive as well as the women’s ministry leadership track where you’ll learn how to:
  • Build a multi-generational ministry
  • Plan events with excellence
  • Handle conflict in ministry
  • Become an EXTRAordinary leader
  • Determine the best curriculum for your groups
  • Develop a dynamic ministry for moms
  • Discover God's dream for your ministry team
  • Do the Little Things that Make a Big Difference in Leadership.....and more
Click here to find out more.

And now, here are the rules for my She Speaks Leadership Scholarship Contest:

1. If you have a blog or facebook page, write a post on your blog or a note on your FB wall that tells others a little about the She Speaks Conference and why you would like to win this scholarship.

2. Be sure to include a link to my facebook page using @reneeswope (if post on FB) or to this scholarship opportunity post if you post on your blog.

3. If you did the above, be sure to also leave a comment under this post telling me you did.

4. If you do not have a blog or facebook page, leave a comment under this post describing why you would like to win this scholarship. Have your post up by Sunday, March 20th, 2011.

5. I'd love for you to visit Cecil Murphey's blog and thank him for this wonderfully generous opportunity. He's got a heart like Jesus and so much wisdom to share!

VERY IMPORTANT: The winner of this contest will be awarded a scholarship for the cost of one person’s registration for the 2011 She Speaks main conference.

The value of this scholarship is $595 which includes your conference materials, conference registration, 2 nights at the conference hotel and meals associated with the conference. Please note it does not include any travel expenses. Also, you will be assigned a room mate or you have the option to pay the extra charge for a private room. This scholarship is non-transferable and can not be traded for cash.

Oh, I hope to see many of you at She Speaks this year, whether you attend as a women's ministry leader, speaker or writer!! It will be so fun to see your face and hug your neck. And I'll get to introduce to you to my baby/book "A Confident Heart." She's being released at She


I also have some wonderful friends within P31 giving away some more scholarships this week!

  • Writers, visit my friend Glynnis..
  • Speakers, visit my friend Karen.
  • Event Planners, visit my friend LeAnn.
Last week's give-aways winners will be announced tonight here and here, and I'll share them on my facebook wall, too so be sure to keep a look out for them in case it's you!


Anonymous Marni Arnold said...

Thank you for the great opportunity, Renee!

I have done as asked on Facebook and tagged you to the link to my posting.

Marni Arnold

Anonymous Alyssa said...

Hi Renee,

My name is Alyssa, and I am currently a sophomore at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. Here's why I would like to go to She Speaks in the women's ministry track:

1.) Next fall, I will be leading a Bible study/discipleship group of first-year women, and
2.) I'm a new(ish) Christian, so I have little experience as the object of a women's ministry, let alone leading one! I really want to honor God and the girls in my group, but I definitely need some intense training.

And, here's why I want to win a scholarship to go:

1.) I'm a college student (enough said? haha), and I'm hesitant to take an extra loan to pay the registration fee.
2.) I would love to raise support to fund myself, but I'm currently raising support for a two-month service trip to an orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I decided to post a comment, to reserve my blog for updates to those who are sponsoring my trip to South Africa, but I've linked to it and you're more than welcome to check it out :) Thank you so much for sharing this scholarship opportunity!


Blogger Sisters Of Honor said...

Thank you once again for this opportunity. I have posted on my blog regarding this conference. You can view my blog at

Blogger girlfactory said...

I do have a facebook account but I am not very savvy at using it. I will try to post but I hope I can leave my entry here. I am an unofficial ladies ministry leader at the small bible church I attend. We currently do not have a Pastor, nor do we have any youth groups. You see, to the world or even to other churches-it may seem like we are "dying". But just like the life hidden in the vine during the winter, there IS life in our little church. It is my deep desire to continue to foster fellowship among the women, teaching them on Sundays, and spurring them on to pour themselves out for the great God we serve. We sing a hymn that proclaims "little is much when God is in it". I believe that with all my being. So, I hope you will consider me, not so much for me-but for them too. Thank you for your consideration.

In Him,

Renee-I have posted here:

Thank you for this opportunity!!

Believing Him~Pamela

I would like to have this opportunity.

My name is Ambar, and I am a leader of a bible study group in church also me and my husband are leaders of our youth group in church as well. I have been looking and reading about the conference and I would like to be part of one.
I know that God had call me to work with Women and I know that God is getting me ready with all the tools that I need.

Thanks for your consideration.


Blogger MarLo Huffington said...

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Blogger MarLo Huffington said...

I have been very thankful these past two years for the training and networking at She Speaks. I am led to attend this years Women's Ministry Leadership track. I truly believe God has messages stored up for me and am beginning to make plans for how I can attend financially but more importantly, how I can attend knowing my daughter will be well-cared for in my absence. Your prayers that He will take care of the many details necessary in order for me to be where He desires is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you again!

Blogger Jagette said...

I have posted an article on my blog

Hi Renee,

I have posted regarding the scholarship on my blog:

Thank you for considering my entry!

Blogger Tricia said...

I just posted on Facebook! Thank you for the opportunity to attend the conference.

Blogger Tricia said...

I tried to tag you on my Facebook (triciapoo) but I don't know if it's showing.

Blogger findingpiece said...

I just want to THANK YOU for this scholarship opportunity. :)

I do not FB anymore, however I do blog.

My post is scheduled until tomorrow.

I know whomever is chosen, God will use to bless others! ;)

With Thanksgiving,

Jaime Rafferty

Blogger Christie said...

So I totally have a knot in my stomach as I write this, because even signing up for the possibility to win a scholarship to this conference scares the living daylights out of me. I want to attend this conference to learn more about how to be the woman and leader God wants me to be. I am also going through a spiritual desert, and need to drink His Living Water to get His strength back.
I am a 28 year old woman who is the Woman's Ministry Leader of my church. I'm leading women who are my mom's age--one of them IS my mom! I know that age isn't everything, and that God equips those He calls, and I know I have a strong calling to be in this position, but's still intimidating. I've been on the team for 4 years--maybe 5, and have been the leader now for 2 1/2 years, but the whole leadership thing is intense, and I don't think I'm doing a very good job at it. I know I could be doing so much more to serve HIM, and thus the women in my church body. The chance to learn more, so I can best lead my Sisters in Christ, is one I can't pass up.
In the last week, one of my dear friends and fellow Women's Ministry Team members spoke with me about her calling in changing the focus of our team to one not of service to women of our body, but one where our body of women serves! As I'm really feeling parched right now, and unsure where to go next with our ministry, I know this is God calling us through her. When I first became the leader of our group, it was established and already going strong. I've been okay at keeping status quo, but to change into a new, God-led direction is something I don't feel completely equipped for. I'm decent at planning social events, but when it comes to leading these women in service for Christ, I am scared.
Thank you for considering me for this scholarship--and a chance to help revitalize our Women's Ministry!

Anonymous Tammy Clough Sinclair said...

I posted on my personal facebook profile (Tammy Clough Sinclair) and on my ministry page (LET Ministries). I would cherish the opportunity and use what I learn to further the Kingdom work! = )

Blogger Queenie said...

Thank you for the opportunity Renee.

I would love to win this scholarship for so many reasons. The main reason being that I loved She Speaks last year and have learned so much from all of you. Last year was my first event and I have taken the Next Step classes as well. Amy was my leader. I am the women's ministry leader at a small church in Florida. We don't have any extra funds for women's ministry so I find myself pulling from my own pocket very often to supply the extras needed for our women. I don't say this to be a downer it is just that I paid out a lot of money last year on growth opportunities for myself and our ministry. This year my son is getting married and all of my extra money will be going toward helping him get set up in his new home and with wedding details. A scholarship would be a tremendous blessing. I love bringing the new ideas and thoughts back to our team and our ladies at HBC.

Thanks again for the opportunity.


Blogger Kelly said...

I have written a blog about She Speaks, you, and the scholarship at thak you and Cecil for this wonderful opportunity to further our ministry.

Anonymous Heather King said...


What a great opportunity! Thanks for offering it to us and I hope all of you who desire to go will be able to do so.

I posted about the opportunity on my blog here:

~heather king~

Anonymous Monica said...

I am very excited for this opportunity! I looked into the conference the other day and knew we could not afford it at this time as we are on the Dave Ramsey plan! I have been a facilitator in Women's Bible study at our church for several years. I have also served in Mops as a table leader/service coordinator. I have recently felt God calling me out of both of these ministries, not understanding why. He was so good to take me to Job and remind me that I may not understand but I cannot let that overwhelm me. I just need trust Him and be obedient to what He is asking of me. I know that He is continuing to grow me in areas of leadership and perhaps my character, trust, skills need to catch up. I also know that He has placed a passion in me for woman and service, especially leadership development combined with service opportunities. I believe that whether we are leader's in our home, work or church we need to know who we are in Christ and have confidence in that above all else. I have also felt a strong leading into writing and I have no idea where even to begin! I have written a couple things and have recently looked into submitting them to Proverbs 31. I would love the opportunity to be able grow in this area and continue to develop the skills necessary to become a confident leader in the areas I feel God calling me to. I am not a blogger and rarely go on facebook, I will attempt to put a link on! LOL I hope my ineptness with computers will not hinder the possibility for me! Thank you again for this amazing opportunity!

Monica Turley

Blogger Jagette said...

I work with the Ladies Bible Studies at our church. I help with the odd jobs that need to be done so the facilitator can lead the class–roll, prayer sheets, coffee, water, turn video equipment on, etc.

I call myself the "Goofor" or the Heinz 57 variety person.

I also work with the facilitator's, when they are selecting the current Bible studies.

I set up the room by arranging tables, chairs, video equipment, DVD's out and ready, be sure there is plenty of coffee made, have ice water. I do get to hear some of the discussion. I enjoy what I do and when I can do something for the Lord, I want to do it.

Blogger Jagette said...

I forgot to put that I have put an article about the Scholarship's on my blog. and comented on Renee's Facebook page.

Blogger Jackie Brown said...

I posted on my blog. and asked you to be my friend on Facebook. I've posted a link on my facebook as well. Blessings.

Blogger Child of God said...

I posted the opportunity on my blog ( This is the first time I've heard of the She Speaks conference. I hope to attend one day.

Blogger findingpiece said...

The finished blog post.

God bless for this AWESOME opportunity! :)

YAY She Speaks! ;)

Blogger Shelly said...

Hello Renee!

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I am amazed at how wonderfully and beautifully God is working through Cecil Murphy and you.

You both are such Godly and generous people. Thank you for allowing Him to use your resources in this way.

Please take the time to review my submission with the appropriate links at:

OpenID careyscotttalks said...

I'm so grateful for all the scholarship opportunities! Thank you! I have posted on my Facebook Fan Page (Carey Scott Talks) and added @reneeswope in the post.

Thank you and bless you! Carey Scott

Blogger A Journey For Life said...

I am so very interested in this conference and thank you for offering a scholarship. I am praying on it and also praying for others that are attending! I am due to give birth to my 2nd child any day now and the timing is perfect for the dates of the conference. However I need to find help with someone to care for my children (as I have no family near and my hubby works crazy on call hours) if I am able to attend, but I believe if it is God's will it will happen. The reason I feel I need this Leadership training is because this month I started a mother's Bible study at our church. I want to feel more confident about sharing His word and how to best lead. There were no Bible studies just for mom's and it is something I feel passionate about and feel the community I live in needs. I have attended several Bible studies over the last couple years and I know from experience how much it has helped me spirituality to be a better person and a more faithful servant. I have no past experience in leading and do feel this is what I need in order to be better and to offer the best study I am able to do. I am also a part of MOPS, which is something I also feel has helped me in my faith walk. I hope to learn more GOD, myself, and to learn how to help others and be the best leader I can be to other's to help them on their faith walk.
Also I am interested in learning to write and share His word with those through my blog, but do not know how to start to go about it.
In addition this year I became the Membership/Guest Ministries Coordinator at our church. Part of my duty is to help our new guests connect to church while providing information to new members on different ministry areas in our church. I appreciate your time and offering the scholarship. Looking forward to possibly meeting amazing woman at the conference. Blessings, Jennie!/jennie.woelpern

Blogger Melica A. said...

hello Rennee, I am a womens ministry leader in our church. I would love to attend the conference. While in NC last year I ran into one of the speakers. We were in town for my husband to preach and stayed at the Embassy. We were checking out as the conference was checking in. The lady was so inspiring to me at that moment that if I had the finances to stay a few days to attend the conference I would have. I even sent you an email a few months ago and asked if you could bring the conference to the PA area. I am a mother of 5, my oldest will be attending college soon and just don't have the finances to travel. If I am unable to win this contest please pray that the Lord will send a blessing my way so that I can at least hear the classes.

Praying for you and all who are in your ministry. Be blessed


Blogger Sherry said...

I posted my entry in a Facebook note. I tagged you in it! Thank you!!!

Sherry Wolfe

Blogger Amy said...

Hi, Renee!

Thanks for the opportunity to attend She Speaks! My entry is posted at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,
I posted on my FB page both about the conference, and the scholarship. I pray that if God wants me at this conference, He'll open the door.
Many blessings~
Julia Charleston

Blogger Angela said...

Wow what an awsome opportunity! Thank you. I've posted on my blog thanks again!

Anonymous Melody Eschete said...

I am working on spreading the word and my enthusiasm about the She Speaks conference. I have put links to your blog, the confernce web page and the Proverbs 31 web page on my FB page. Thank you Renee for the opportunity to reflect and share my desire and spreading the word about Cecil Murphey and his generous scholarships.
Living with passion, Melody

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would be very interested in the scholarship because I know that when God calls us to Kingdom work it is never accomplished alone. There is strength and wisdom to having other believers coming alongside of us, encouraging us to take hold of every ounce of purpose to which we were called. As scripture says, "Woe to the person who is alone."

It is good to be salted with fire and that is what She Speaks provides. A contageous fire to do the will of God.

This I know: Those God calls, He also equips. This conference will undoubtably equip ladies to serve more effectively. The Bible says if you see that you lack wisdom then ask for it. Well, I'm asking.

I'm a stay at home mom of 6 that is called to write Bible studies. I work with a impoverished children that are desperate and hungry for discipleship. There is an audience before me of youths and parents that I need to muster up my resources to serve a higher quality of spiritual nourishment.

A lot of the children I work with are one step away from homelessness. The odds are against them in so many ways but God's favor over them is so rich. He truly has chosen the poor of the earth to be rich in faith.

Most the kids live in a motel near our church. There is so much crime at the motel that the city recently tried shutting it down through a lawsuit. It was a big story in these parts as the drama unfolded in the courtroom. Drugs,lice and bed bugs are rampent. And yet their favorite thing is church.

Recently, one of the girls died in a car accident and I committed to her mom to start Redeem(h)er in her honor. A Bible club for kids in the community. Our first Bible study is suppose to be "Spot Light: God Wants to Use You! Can You Take the Heat?"

It's a study about the glory of serving Christ..... and the cost that is attached to it.

Anyway, I am certain the potential is there. So much so that it is almost painful. I just need practical help in developing it. So please prayerfully consider me.

For Him,
Kara Akins

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to attend this conference since I first heard about it 3 years ago.

My "kingdom purpose" (what I am here for) is:
To connect women in intimate relationships for accountability, mentoring, fellowship and discipleship.

I have been working with my church's women's ministry program for a couple of years, but I just did not have the skills I needed to build up a team. (And we all know that doing it alone is the fastest way to burn out!)

I would love to make connections and find the resources to bring back to my church to help build our women's ministry into a team that is reaching women and connecting them on a deeper level.

Julie Donahue
Roswell, NM
(I posted on Facebook too, but since I just requested you as a friend, I don't know if it will post to your wall.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me again! I can't access my google account. I need to include my e-mail:
Julie Donahue

Anonymous Angela Kelley said...

Angela Kelley - 39
I am a single mother of three teenagers. I have been involved in women's ministry for over 10 years now. I have so much to give and now that my youngest child is soon to be off to college God has laid a huge burden on my heart to get into women's ministry more and more. I have a lot to give back to women both spiritually, emotionally. I have a great sense of humor and feel very comfortable in a leadership role as well as speaking before large groups of people. I have gone through and lead women's alcohol recovery groups through my church. I have lead various Bible studies over the years with emphasis on women as single parents or women in abusive relationships. I am involved with our praise and worship team and currently our pastor has put me in charge of finding volunteer work for us to do as a church body out in our local community. I also have a lot to learn about leading and caring and nurturing women. Money is very tight on one income and a scholarship would be an amazing blessing.
I will post your link on my Facebook page.
Thank you for your part in this ministry.
Angela Kelley

Anonymous Heather Eads said...

You are such a blessing to give someone this opportunity!

I have always felt I had a call to help women, but since November 2008 it has been something I think about daily. Recently, I became a certified lay speaker to assist me in this call. I also started a women's group called Her Blessed Life (our first meeting is March 27th). Through this group I hope to help women overcome their past and know that they are a loved child of God regardless of what their past includes. I am just starting to write devotions that I hope to share with my group and possibly elsewhere, but I really need help with how to write! I LOVE LOVE to read and I am a total book/reading nerd, but the writing part doesn't come as naturally. I have a lot of ideas in my head, I just do not know how to pull it all together on paper and to speak it.

I feel God is calling me to speak to women - possibly about being a Christian woman who has gone through divorce and generally on the topic of overcoming our pasts.

I know there will be many wonderful applicants, but I would like you to choose me because I have so much respect for all the women of Proverbs 31. I read the blogs, look at the facebook pages, read the books that have been written, read the articles and have attended a conference of Lysa TerKeurst, and I think all of you are wonderful women! I rely so much on all of you daily to assist me in my walk and call and I know that if I attended your conference, I would be learning from the best Jesus girls out there!

Thank you for your consideration.


Heather Eads

Blogger voguemusic said...

I am the pastor's wife and Women's Ministry Director of our small church. We have been meeting in our home for many years, but, praise to God, are anticipating holding our first service in our newly constructed building on Easter Sunday. God has allowed me to begin a women's ministry in our community that is very much needed, since I learned that sadly other churches in our area do not have women's groups. God has blessed our efforts and some women participate in our group and our Bible studies, but attend their churches for other services. With our new building, a whole untapped area of women await and although I am not shy and have spoke and sung before large churches, etc. in my life, I do not want to attempt to grow this Women's Ministry in MY power and plan, but want to rely on God and those He has spoken to before me and would welcome any assistance, guidance and even cautions from attending "She Speaks." My husband is bi-vocational and our church funds are limited, especially in light of the construction, so for me to attend this awesome conference and gleen valuable information would otherwise be prohibited for me. God is faithful and I feel resolute in my call from Him regarding Women's ministry...but that's another story! Thank you for making this scholarship available and I know God will bless and use whomever receives such a blessing.
In His love,
Vicki Michener

Blogger Sharon said...

Thank You Renee for allowing us the opportunity to apply for this scholarship to attend your She Speaks-Women Conference. As a seminary student and a Women's ministry leader within my church, I would very much like to attend your conference. I feel led by God to reach out to women who are in need and would like to grow in their wlak with Christ. I am in my first year at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio and am working towards my MDiv and would like to serve God by working with women. He hasnt opened the doors yet but I continue to pray for guidance and discernment for his call for my life.

Thank You for this opportunity.

In God's Love and Service,
Sharon Harpest

Blogger Michelle said...

I would LOVE to attend this conference! Thank you for offering us such an incredible opportunity!

Here is my blog post:

Anonymous Michelle Pigg said...

Hi Renee,
Wow, what an awesome opportunity and how timely I might add! I started a Women's ministry at our church in Monroe, NC 2 years ago with no previous experience just a calling from the Holy Spirit to go. So, off we went.
My heart's desire is to see women go beyond salvation and basic Bible stories to doing life with Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Wish someone had shared this with me when I was younger. It just makes life so much sweeter and so much easier with dependable, reliable guidance from the Master.
We have seen women come to know Christ, find that intimate relationship, find prayer partners and dig deeper into God's word. Now, it's time to take it to the next level - HELP! There are so few women's ministry leadership conferences and networking opportunities with experienced leaders of growing churches.I would be so blessed to have this opportunity.Thank you!

I posted this on my Facebook and tagged link to my posting.
I have been setting up teas at assisted living homes. I share tea with them, have a devotion, talk a bit about tea and do Tea Bingo. I bring tea baskets for prizes that a few of my friends have been doing for a couple of years- a tea basket ministry and had shared baskets with different groups and now we assemble baskets for prizes at assisted living homes. Thank you for givine us an opportunity to win a scholarship. and also facebook Tea Travels

Blogger The Murray Family said...

Hi Renee, thanks so much for the opportunity to tell you my story and why I'd love a chance to attend the She Speaks Conference. Please check out my blog when you get a chance.


Anonymous Christine Distelhorst said...

What a great opportunity!

For some time now, I know that the Lord wants me to start something with our younger women. We really do not have anything for them and that concerns me.
We (The Leadership Team) have been looking at ways to reach these precious women. Coming to this Conference would be such a blessing.

Anonymous Christy Johnson said...


Here's the link to my post on my blog:

I honestly don't know how you will choose! Everyone's comments are so worthy!

Blogger Shanda said...

Thank you, Renee for this opportunity.

I have spent most of my life overseas (first a missionary kid, then a missionary, then the wife of an international business man) have have been deeply involved in women's ministry all over the world. However, we are now back in the US as of three years.

I am now a pastor's wife at a rather large church and deeply involved in the women's ministry. Upon returning the the States, it seemed natural I would be involved in the missions department but God has laid on my heart that He wants me to continue serving in the way I have always done: ministering to and teaching woman.

I would love to win a scholarship to She Speaks. As I get more and more involved at my church, I see so many areas that we need to improve on and this would help me with ideas and trends of working in a mega church. We have many spiritually mature and talented women just waiting to be used and this would give me the opportunity to learn and also share with other women in ministry.

Presently, my husband and three kids are all in university and, without some help, I do not have the funds to do this on my own. So I humbly as that I be considered for this scholarship. I know our whole womens ministry would be blessed as well as I would if I could attend the conference,

God bless you in your ministry,


Blogger Penny said...

I am a women’s ministry leader in our church. This is the first time I've heard of the She Speaks conference. I hope to attend one day.

I know that He has placed a passion in me for woman and service, I would love the opportunity to be able grow in this area and continue to develop the skills necessary to become a confident leader.

I would love to make connections and find the resources to bring back to my church to help build our women's ministry into a team that is reaching women and connecting them on a deeper level.

I don't blog but I have posted a link to this site on my facebook but don't know how to link you to it!

Thank you again for this amazing opportunity! And blessings to whoever wins!

Be God's, Penny Sprinkle

Blogger Kelly said...

Renee, I have posted another blog after the She Speaks entry, so please go here:

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity.


I would like win the She Speaks scholarship because I believe God has been expediting His calling most especially this year. I am overflowing from my heart to my head and to my hands to share what God is giving to me in words and ideas for encouragement of other women. I continuously write articles and short examples, yet I have no medium to share these with others. I do not really have a clue how to go about writing it just pours out. I felt like Abraham's Sarah when God called me to this work, I nearly laughed out loud. Yet the affirmations continue, and I have a huge learning curve ahead of me. I am so grateful Proverbs 31 and for Cecil Murphy's blog, there are invaluable resources generously presented for all willing to visit his site. I truly believe if it is God's will I will be chosen, if not I will celebrate with the one who is chosen. Thank you for the opportunity. May God richly bless your ministry and the winner's calling. Thank you for all you do!

Blogger Sharmen said...

Renee, I just linked the She Speaks Conference and your blogspot on my FB page asking for prayers to win this scholarship. I am the 'volunteer' women's ministry leader at my church because no one else would take it on. We have so many women in need of the confidence and love that Christ can give, and my desire is to lead women down the path to seeing Christ as their everything. Having gone through two overseas deployments with my husband has 'taught' me that Christ truly can be our everything. Thank you for your radio spots that encourage me and make me look at my world with spiritual eyes. Sharmen Oswald

Blogger Andrea said...

She Speaks Conference sponsored by Proverbs 31 Ministry is a conference where women in ministry can be renewed and revived in their calling to serve God. She Speaks Conference offers women in ministry many tools and knowledge how to impact women in their own church, community, and the world of all ages.

I would like to win the scholarship to attend this wonderful event because God has been preparing me for women's ministry through involvement in the True Women Movement. I have a deep yearning inside to make a difference in the lives of women. This conference would give me the encouragement and leadership skills to develop the call God placed in my heart. I want to learn speaking and writing skills that will be effective. As I sat in church looking at the young women, I felt a deep desire to draw them in to the women's ministry. I believe God's timing was perfect because He showed me the video on 20-something and getting them involved. By attending She Speaks I will be able to answer God's call and be confident in that call.

I also posted this on my wall in FB Andrea Chapman

Blogger Sharmen said...

Renee, I just linked the She Speaks Conference and your blogspot on my FB page and asked for prayers to win this scholarship. I am the 'volunteer' women's ministry leader in my church because no one else would take it on. There are so many women in our community who need the confidence and love that Christ can give so that they can live thier lives more abundantly. I want to lead women down the path to see Christ as their everything. Christ ever so gently 'taught' me that He could meet all of my needs when my husband was deployed overseas, not once but twice. I want to instill in women that they really can do all things in Christ. Please pray with me as I say yes to God's nudging when no makes more sense. Thank you for your radio spots that encourage me and challenge me to look at my world with spiritual eyes.

Anonymous Debbie Dovel said...

I would love to win the scholarship to the She Speaks Conference, as I am a member of the women's leadership team at my church and recently began leading a "Made to Crave" bible study there. I was really nervous at first, but now am feeling more comfortable in this role, but I can see where I have so much to learn about connecting with other Christian women. I really feel like it is God's calling in my life to be in women's ministry. I have experience some things that I feel like I can share with other women to help them deal with their pain, but I need to learn more about how to do that in a way that reaches out to them and glorifies God. We will be starting a First Place 4 Health weight loss group when Made to Crave is completed, and I would really like to be able to learn to be the best leader I can. I think the She Speaks Conference would definitely help. Thanks for your consideration! -- Debbie Dovel

Blogger ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...


I would like to nominate a very special woman for this scholarship.

I led the WM at our church for over 6 years, and was sad that a work transfer moved our family away. But God had new plans for us and for the ministry!

I had the honor of attending the retreat hosted by the new WM leader at my old home church, and we took time there to "pass the mantle" on to her and pray a blessing over her.

My heart's desire is to see her continue to grow the ministry and to experience rich blessings as she serves so selflessly!

So please, choose Stacy M. for this scholaship!

In Him,

P.S. Posting to FB. :)

Anonymous Alicia Canestra said...

My blog is posted on my facebook....hopefully I properly tagged it for you!! :) Thanks for the opportunity!! Warmly - Alicia Canestra

Blogger JottinMama said...

Just felt like I was suppose to leave you a comment - letting you know I've been praying that the Lord leads you to the right pick for your scholarship giveaway :)
The Spirit will lead you to the right one!

Blessings to you!

- Kate :)

Blogger Pat said...

I have already registered for She Speaks bust still plan to do a post!

This will be my 4th year and being with you ladies has become an annual event that encourages me, fuels my passion for women's ministry and gives me a chance to HUG YOU!!! :)

Blessings to you ladies on the contest.

It is so worth the effort.

Hugs Girl,

Hello Renee my name is Tuesday Tate (hopefully this works - 3rd times a charm - @ least that is what they say. I am letting U know I added my interested to attend & recv the SSC scholarship to my FB page. Blessings to U.

Anonymous Amy R said...

Good Morning! My name is Amy Reeves. I am seeking funding to attend the 2011 She Speaks Conference. I have a very powerful testimony that I am called to deliver to women. I have been on the womens ministry council at my church for the past 10 years. I also serve as Group Coordinator for Mended Little Hearts of Mississippi, a nonprofit organization that provides hope, support and education to pediatric heart patients and their families in Mississippi. I work as a Purchasing Agent by day and after work am an aquatics instructor teaching six classes of ladies a week. I even sneak Jesus into the pool by choreographing to Christian music! In my spare time (my lunch hour) I teach Bible studies at my office. I am wife to my husband Mickey, mother to my 10 year old daughter Amelia and two year old son Jordan. Jordan was born with two congenital heart defects, various GI defects, Celiac disease and last week we learned that he is deaf in his left ear and not sure of the damage in his right. He is called the "miracle man" by his doctors at Blair Batson Hospital for Children because there is no good logical reason that he should be alive today. But you and I both know why he is here- two words-Jesus Christ.

We have recently had to file bankruptcy due to the overwhelming medical expenses. We had a beautiful home that we gave up. Home is where we all are together. I would do anything for my kids and as painful as this is would do it 10 times over.

I feel called to help other women. All my trials have done is make me closer to my Savior and there has been a lifetime of them. Jesus had so blessed me and it is time to share it and just let him spill over on other ladies.

Because of my finances it is impossible for me to come up with the funding on my own. I do feel as though I should attend. I know that if I am meant to attend a way will be provided. Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Renee this is Tuesday Tate again. I just finishing reading CeC blog. Good stuff. I hope U received my other msg regarding my post on FB.

I am an ordained minister. Left Corporate America about 12yrs ago to start my own business - at least that is what I thought. I soon realized God had other plans. My call to ministry soon overtook me and I have never looked back. Have tried my hand at a # of things including starting a business but no matter what I do - it always comes bk to serving - helping - encouraging - inspiring people to purpose.

I currently serve as an elder at my church and oversee 20+ ministries in their development, processes and procedures.

As I shared on my FB page, receiving this scholarship would be an amazing blessing towards me moving forward in all that God has for me. The conference address all that is me (minister, leader and writer) & where I am @ & where I am going and it is all in 1 place -AWESOME. So glad - excited - that I found SSC.

Blogger Kathy S. said...

Okay Renee,
Here is my post:


Blogger Sweet Peas said...

Hey Renee,

I friended you on fb and here is my link. Not sure if I did this correctly or not:!/profile.php?id=1393595707

I saw that you were giving away a scholarship to the SHe speaks conference. I tried to win the one that Lysa was giving away but did not win. I just got back from a mission trip to Lima Peru from March 10-18. We arrived back in the states on Friday afternoon. My story begins... I came across the proverbs website in March 2010…I can’t even remember how I came across it but I was sharing it with one of our agents who was struggling with trying to balance between work, being a mom and being a wife. I then found myself drawn to the SHE SPEAKS link. Let me backtrack a little. We had just moved to Mississippi (where my husband is from) after being in the military and moved in with his parents because our home in TN did not sell….if you are wondering, yes we are still living with them after 14 months but god is good. We have 4 year old twins (boy and a girl). This past year has been filled with lots of eotion, tears, frustration, little patience, and humility all at the same time. I love to lead and as my husband says have the gift of gab. I wanted to attend the conference last year but we did not have the money and t be honest I never mentioned it to my husband because I thought he would think I was crazy. Well over this year he has had a calling from God and he is in school at William Carey for Biblical Studies and wants to go to seminary next year. Back to last year again…we joined our church and they did video testimonies and my testimony was played for the church and then on tv for the hattiesburg and surrunding areas to see. Nothing like everyone knowing your life and where you have been. So when I came across the She Speaks site my testimony had already been shared with a lot of people. The night I shared this site with a friend I prayed that if God wanted me to share my testimony that he would open doors. Well the next morning I got a message from the women’s minstry team about sharing my testimony before a women’s event the next week. I always knew that God answred prayers but this was the first time that my prayer was answered so fast. God is opening doors now and I want to learn how to speak insuch a way that Women will be drawn to our Heavenly Father. I had the opportunity to meet Lysa at our church (temple baptist, hattiesburg, ms) in Janary....what a joy! Can’t wait to meet you in person at the conference! I could go on and on but that will be for another day.

Anonymous Terry Beveridge said...

Thanks so much to you, Cecil, and P31 for allowing this gracious opportunity to all who are desiring the Lord to work in and through them for His good pleasure!

My reason for applying for this scholarship is the invaluable opportunity to be able to obtain sound direction and gain godly insight of the leadership role which is now before me.

A little background...
In November '09, God graciously opened the door for our small in-home Bible study group to become the flock of a new lampstand, of which my husband is the pastor (his pastor-teacher gift was realized later in life and he was ordained in '08). Due to my new position as an (almost 50 yr. old) 'pastor's wife', I diligently began searching for sources which offered Biblical help and solid direction. As the Lord would have it, I "happened upon" Proverbs 31 Ministry. I came across this She Speaks opportunity while browsing through a P31 email recently. P31 and everything it includes -- what a pure delight! Completely down-to-earth, real living, day-to-day encouragement! Such an awesome web ministry!!
...where was I going with this?... oh!

Well, the Lord wasted no time in allowing me to serve Him in our new little church as the leader of our Ladies Weekly Prayer/Bible Study Group and a monthly Ladies Prayer Meeting, as well as one of two teachers for Sunday School and the Wednesday night children's Bible study. As you might imagine, I've also found myself in a position of coming alongside the younger (and older-than-me) women - not just with encouragement but also with offering advice for the testing / situations in which they found themselves. Plus now some of them have started approaching me requesting more "ladies gatherings", picnics and the like... oof!

My deepest desire is to be able to gain the knowledge and confidence to lovingly and effectively lead the women while pleasing God and glorifying His Son through His strength in everything He's already given, is giving, and is going to give me to do.

So, with all this said, just to be considered a potential recipient for the WMLS would be a huge honor and an amazing blessing. Thank you, again, for y'all's graciousness!

a sister in Christ who is neither a blogger nor a facebooker (but is apparently long-winded...)
Terry B.

Anonymous Cassie Weller said...

Hi Renee! I have left both a Facebook note and a link in my personal blog pointing others to this great opportunity. Thank you for your faithfulness to God's calling and prayers/blessings over you and yours!

Anonymous Kandee said...

Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity!

I posted my entry to my blog and included a link to yours.

My prayers are with all the ladies who have entered and with all the ladies planning and attending this year.

Grace be with you!

Thank you, Renee Swope and Cecil Murphey for giving us all this chance by offering a scholarship. I know that the right person will be selected and that God will pave the way for her to go.

My reason to attend She Speaks is posted on my blog at

Blessings to you for your service to our King,

Amy Dotson

Anonymous Tammy Nischan said...


Have a blast in Atlanta with your family! I linked to you on Facebook with my entry for the scholarship! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am working feverishly on my book proposal and am praying that God will open the door for me to attend She Speaks again this year, not only so that I can present my proposal to a publisher, but also to share in the release of your book!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO! So happy for you!


Anonymous Tammy Nischan said...


I wanted to let you know that I also posted on my blog about the She Speaks scholarship opportunity!

Thanks again for offering such an incredible gift!

Love you,

I just love it that all of you who are a part of this ministry are living out Isaiah 66:2 - humble and tremble at His Word.

A brand spanking new emptynester here looking for opportunity to love and minister to my world.

I have left a link at my five-year personal blog: AND I left a link at my four-year daily blog: where I am Reading Through the Bible and posting daily with twenty or so women over the past four years. I also left a link on my facebook!/beverlybrandon AND on my twitter: @BevBrandon

My husband & I are currently looking for a new church and ministry position. Waiting on a very Good God! I have led women's ministry and Bible studies and mentored women over the past couple of decades. I long to finish well! God continues to re-write the text of my life as I long to continue to open the Book of my Heart to His Eyes, 2 Samuel 22:25. Would so love this grace, this opportunity to hear the Whispers of God saying "this way, walk in it." Isaiah 30:21.

And for whomever you choose, John 1:16, may He multiply Grace upon Grace on all of you.

My Gratitude to you for leading well, Daniel 12:3. Love, Bev

Blogger Cindy said...

Thank you for the opportunity to receive a scholarship to the conference. I have linked to your blog and spoke of the opportunity for anyone in womans ministry on my Facebook page. I do hope to see my name, but then we all do =D. Be blessed this Lord's Day!
:) Cindy Hannon <>< (Happy in Him!)

Blogger vcradlebaugh57 said...

Thank you Renee, for the opportunity to win a contest that gives away a $595 scholarship to the She Speaks Conference 2011. I did write a note on my face book and tried to follow your directions, though I'm not sure if it is was done correctly.(I'm still thawing out from the ice age and catching up with modern technology.)

Anonymous Virginia Cradlebaugh said...

Thank you, Renee for the opportunity to win a scholarship contest donated by Cec Murphy to attend the She Speaks Conference 2011. I have written a note on my FB page and tried following your directions. However, I'm not not sure if it was done correctly.(I'm still thawing out from the Ice Age and catching up with modern technology.)

Renee, I have blogged about why I would love to win a Scholarship to She Speaks, I have also entered a comment on Cecil Murphey's blog! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Much Love,
Valarie Garvin

Blogger Kristen Marie said...


My blog post.....

Also tagged you on facebook. :D

-kristen marie

Anonymous Yvonne said...

As a leader for the women's ministry for my church, I have observed women come to church but do not take an active part in the ministry. I have a desire to see women involved and using their God-given gifts and talents.
God provided the opportunity for me to faciliate a women's ministry at a subsidized housing community. Getting the women to participate was a challenge. I believe the She Speaks Conference will afford me the opportunity to learn how to reach women of various backgrounds. Also, through this conference I am hoping to gain tools to help me be a more effective facilitator.
I am a single mom with a daughter in college. Any extra monies from income goes to her for expenses. I want to attend this conference and receiving a scholarship will help me to get there.

Hello Renee....

Thank you so much for offering this opportunity to receive the gift of a Cecil Murphey scholarship for this year's She Speaks Conference. I have never been to any Christian conference (yet) and just learned of this one last year.

Please follow the link to my blog entry at

I am also connecting people to the She Speaks conference through my facebook (found by my email and buttons on the right margin of my blog.

Can't wait to meet everyone. I am sure that Jesus will help you decide which woman to select and she will be AWESOME!


Blogger Lisha said...

Hi Renee,
I have written a blog post about the She Speaks conference and why I would like to win a scholarship. I do not have a facebook account, but you can check out my blog post at
Lisha Hunnicutt

Blogger Lisha said...

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Blogger Bronda said...

Hi Renee,
hope this link works :) I made a note on fb for the scholarship entry! May the winner know that they are so blessed. May each woman that has a desire to attend know that their way is made by faith and in due season! Thank you so much for this opporunity.


Blogger Josie said...

Hi Renee,

Thank you so much for this incredibly generous offer. I have been away for some time, and desperately trying to keep up with these opportunties. So thankful to Mr. Murphy as well. I have posted on my blog a link to this scholarship, as well as why I would love to be considered!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,

It is probably too late to post but still wanted to thank you for the scholarship opportunity and would love to have a chance to win. I do have a facebook account but am not quite up to speed with it.

I am relatively new to women's ministry and attend a small church just starting a women's ministry and would love to get my hands on any training that I can. I am an at home mom that babysits a little so money is a little tight and the scholarship would be a wonderful help!

Thanks again!