Encouraging Words Wednesday

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9 (NIV)

Have you ever wanted to silence the voices of your fears? In my Encouragement for Today devotion at Proverbs 31 Ministries, I shared how I learned to do just that by helping someone else overcome theirs. Before I knew it, I had faced my fear of open heights because I wanted to help a friend's child conquer his. And that day, I conquered mine, too.

Without even realizing it, I acted on God's command and believed God's promise in Joshua 1:9 that tells me I can overcome my fears with God’s strength. I realized in a very tangible way that the same promises I claim so boldly for others are true for me, too.

Like God did with Joshua in today’s verse, each day we have the same opportunity to come alongside each other in some of life’s hardest challenges and highest peaks and say, “Don’t give up, you can do it. I’ll be with you and I will help you.”

Today is Encouraging Words Wednesday. The second Wednesday of each month we gather here for encouragement and commit to share the power of encouragement with someone in our lives. In believing the power of God’s promises for others, our confidence in His promises for us seems to grow as well. I like to call it the "encouraging words" boomerang effect.

Encouraging words have the power and potential to bring courage to the discouraged. Hope to the hopeless. Assurance to the insecure. Clarity to the confused. Strength to the weak. Calm to someone’s chaos. Comfort for someone’s sadness.

Encouraging words say, “I notice and I care enough to take this moment to tell you because you matter to me and you matter to God.”

So, today let's shift our focus off our fears, doubts, insecurities and personal struggles and help someone overcome theirs. All we have to do is look for someone who could use a kind word, a boost of confidence, a note with a Bible verse or a short prayer in it. Even just a simple facebook post or email saying what we really appreciate about them, or how you see God's heart in something they do will make such an impact!

Join me and let’s watch to see the difference this will make in our families, neighborhoods, work places and churches.

Lord, thank You for the power of Your words that give me courage to become who You’ve created me to be – to go to places You’re calling me to go and climb spiritual heights that are out of my reach without Your help. Give me Your encouragement and help me encourage someone else today. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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Blogger Trellis said...

I am a Pastor's wife and we've had so much sickness in our church recently. I don't know what the percentage is but we have alot of elderly. They have been really sick with some serious issues...just because of their ages. They are easily depressed & discouraged.They want your time and ear very often. They are some of the most lonely people I've ever seen.
I send out cards monthly to them. If I don't send out cards to all of them I call bi-weekly...just to say "hello" "I'm thinking of you". I also prepare a meal from time to time for the shut-ins. There faces light up like the sun.

There are many roles of being a pastors wife but this is justn so desperatly needed within the body of our church. My generation is not always ready & excited to visit or spend some time with the senior citizens but they deserve our time. God bless Proverbs 31 Ministries!!

Blogger Trellis said...

I also reposted "Encouraging Word Wendesday on my FB page as well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To encourage my friend that she is loved by God and that she can love herself

Blogger Dawn said...

I am planning to encourage my clinical instructor and fellow students. I am a 55 yr old student who has gone back to school to get my R.N. I believe that God has called me to be a Hospice R.N. and I am doing my best to answer that calling. I have one more quarter left and then I will graduate June 10th and take my state boards. Please pray for me! My final for this quarter is Monday! I have been a recipient of Proverbs 31 ministries for quite a few years and appreciate all of the authors wisdom and insight! Thank you to each one of you who contribute!

Blogger Terri said...

There is a friend in my small group who I know could use some encouragement this week. I plan to reach out to her and give her some support with the struggles she is going through.

I e-mailed this post to my small group, and I forwarded it to a wonderful lady who has been a huge encouragement in my life!

I am a middle school teacher. Middle school is typically one of the most difficult times in the life of a kid. Everything seems to be changing and there is a lot of confusion. Today I am going to make it a point to encourage every student I come across. This maybe just saying,'Good Morning" or "Great Job."
Thank you for encouraging me Renee!


Blogger GodsOwn/Bernice said...

So true Renee...The effects of encouragement works like an "boomerang" in the good sense.....
That is for sure my experience in the "cell-groups" of this amazing ministry of P31.i am beyond blessed by it in the years i am an member.....
Keep on the good work Thanks!
On my Fb i psted an link to your post

Will email it any minute to encouraging friends

Greetings and have an blessedday

Blogger GodsOwn/Bernice said...

In my side bar is an link to this post!


What a great devotion. Just last night I heard your radio spot on encouragement. I think God is trying to tell me to focus on encouraging others rather than focusing on myself. I posted your devotion on my fb page and am emailing your devotion to a friend who recently lost her father. Today is the 2 year anniversary of my Mother-in-laws death. Instead of focusing on missing her I am going to focus on supporting my friend. Thank you for your ministry.


Blogger Joyful said...

Renee, your encouraging words here are just what I needed to read this morning. Thank you. As Lisa Smith reminded me this morning already, we have a choice not to fear. Praying for the courage to make that choice today.

Last night I was sharing with a friend that my appointments at the hospital today are opportunities to speak encouragement into someone's life. Maybe the Lord has me on this journey, placing me in waiting rooms, examination rooms, treatment centers because there is someone there, at this time, who needs to meet Him. Praying I will be that encouragement to someone today.

Love ya my friend,

Blogger Spiral Style said...

I have an elderly neighbor that just got home from a long hospital stay. I'm taking a meal to her and her caregiver daughter this evening.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Renee & Sheri,

Thanks Power Of Encouragement You & Sheri Gave Me To Move On. I Struggle With The Love And Understanding Of God Love.

My Encouragement Is To Almighty God ~ To Give Everyone The Right Words We Want To Hear.

I Hunger & Thirst For The Words Of Encouragement To Fill My Soul ~ From Almighty God & From My Pastors And My Church Family.

Thanks Again,

Take Care Okay.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I emailed the post to my Bible study friends to encourage them this day. mheard11@frontier.com

Blogger jharrison said...

I am going to encourage my extended family through song. My uncle died two days ago and I will be driving 4 hours to sing at his funeral. My God be glorified!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this devotion. It's true that we all need encouragement every day of our lives. I have encouraged a friend of mine who lives in Florida via text and I have sent the link with today's devotional to two friends. One in particular I think she will need it because she has just made a life changing decision which includes relocation to America. Thanks for sharing what's on your heart.

Blogger jharrison said...

I emailed this to my "True Woman 2010" friends!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will be encouraging my friend who is dealing with a few people dying in her life. I don't have FB but will tell my Bible Study girls about your blog. I know everyone needs encouragement so I will excitedly wait on the Lord to see who else He brings to mind.We as a family have been going thru a rough time with one of our children and I want to thank -you for the encouragement this morning. Sometimes this journey seems so hard but when you band with others it is amazing how much stronger you can feel. Thanx Nicole

Blogger Tracy G. said...

I copied today's Bible verse and sent it to my cousin who is having fertility problems. I also sent her the link to your blog and forward today's email to her! She needs encouragement, she has a surgery coming up and hopefully this will help with the fertility issues!

Blogger mommyof2 said...

I encouraged my husband today with a note in his lunch. I thanked him for something specific that he has been doing for me and told him I'd pray for his day. He will be surprised by the note since it's been a while since I've done that:)

I also intend to put this link on FB. Thank you for the devotion-seems I have a similar fear. Bridges are definitely not my thing:)

Blogger Walking by Faith said...

This comes at a perfect time because,as my husband and I are trying to get our spiritual lives back on track and make Christ the center of our marriage again, we have been talking about the need to encourage one another more often. He is currently using every free moment he has to study for a huge Professional Engineering test in April, one that has a big impact on his career. Not only that, but he broke his toe last week and has been in so much pain from it. I plan to leave a note in his study materials tonight with two verses--Proverbs 4:13 and Romans 8:28. I want him to know how much God loves him, how much I love him, and how capable he is of doing all things through Christ who gives him strength!

I also plan to send this link to my mom who is a new born-again Christian and someone who has encouraged me my whole life. It's my turn to encourage her as she walks a new journey with the Lord. This link will also be making it on my Facebook page, as well as my blog: morrowsunshine.blogspot.com. :)

THANK YOU for lifting us up every day through your ministry!

Blogger Bonhomie Jewelry said...

i have a friend who's been going through some difficult times with her son and i haven't seen her lately. i'm going to send her a message to let her know i'm here for her!

Blogger Bonhomie Jewelry said...

i've linked to you with my own "encouraging words wednesday" post and added the button!


Blogger jennifer said...

I have a friend going through a nasty divorce from a man who was hitting her and they had alot of other problems. She has let alot of men use her. I used to be the same way and it breaks my heart but I am steadily telling her God is there and He loves her. I am praying she can grasp this as I eventually did.

Blogger Meg said...

I am going to encourage my children today and anyone else I come into contact with. I have a friend that lost her mother last Wednesday and I am going to call her today. Thanks, Renee! I will post a link on Facebook also.

Blogger Juli said...

Needed your words today! Thank you...

Blogger bunny said...

Whenever I can I encourage friends at church or friends I have known for a long time and family. Lately I have been encouraging my sister whose marriage ended after 26 years.

Blogger A Journey For Life said...

I so relate to fear of heights, but mostly with fear of speaking in front of groups. Yesterday was our first mom's Bible Study lead by me. It certainly takes me courage to do that, as I don't like to be center of attention, speak in groups, etc...but I know the importance and need for one. I kept telling myself I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I am going to thank my friend as she leads by wonderful example when she leads our MOPS group and I am going to share this devotion with my many mama friends.

Blogger Joyful said...

Renee...I had to come back as I just read your devo. I had heard the story you shared previously, but why I came back was because I so identify with your height horrors! I always joke that I'm so afraid of heights, it's why I don't even wear high-heeled shoes!

Love ya friend,
PS. Do you think that's why God made us shorter in stature? He knew we'd even scare ourselves! Hee Hee.

Anonymous Georgia said...

Renee: Allow me to encourage you today. Thank you for sharing your devotion today -- I really needed it. Thank you for allowing God to use you! Georgia New Bern NC

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I plan on encouraging my 14 year old son today. I made him go to school today even though he is not feeling well. My husband has been speaking a lot of negativism to him lately and he is such a sensitive child that I think this is what is making him sick. He thinks his dad hates him. I tried to speak encouraging words to him this morning but I think they fell on deaf ears. I will be praying for him all day today and will continue to encourage him when he comes home. Nanci

Anonymous Tammy Duncan said...

I have a bible study friend that really needs encouragement to come near to God and let him fill her with his presence and acknowledge all of his gifts he offers her!

Anonymous Emily B (emleepc@yahoo.com) said...

I'm sending this devotion out to lots of family and friends today, and I'm going to focus on encouraging my husband and family especially this week.

What a great idea!

Blogger cookup said...

Hi Renee, I had emailed the scripture verse to my dear and wonderful friend who has deal with so much in her life. She has always been an encouragement to em in spite of her shortcomings and i know through the many difficult times she experienced i was there for her, but I know God was ALWAY there for her. God gave her encouragement through family and friends and God still does.
I would love to win your pack so as I can share them with her. Fran

Anonymous Cindy said...

I am going to encourage my friend, Michele. She is battling breast cancer at this time. She is a mother to two small girls. I plan on sending her encouraging words and bible verses via text. I also plan on sending her cards of how she is a wonderful woman and God loves her and will be there through this. I am a full time working mom of three and even though I am busy I find that it only takes a moment to send someone a message to lift them up & let them know you love them and you are praying for them!
We should all take time out to do this.

Blogger Eric said...

I have challenged myself to send 30 encouraging cards in 30 days via mail to encourage 30 different women. I know I love receiving an encouraging word in the mail! I am a little over half way through, and God is showing me daily how an extra few minutes of my time each day can greatly brighten someone's day :0)

Thank you for your devotion on encouragement today!!

Hebrews 3:13 "But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,”..."

Anonymous Meg said...

The previous comment was from Meg, not Eric... lol I didn't realize my husband's google account was logged in.

Thank you so much for writing this! I woke up tired and not knowing how I was going to get through the day without biting someone's head off. I had a bad attitude. However, this verse was perfect for me today. I need to lean on God's strength and not my own. Thanks for speaking the truth!

Anonymous Barb said...

Renee-each morn @5:45 i rise to pray & read P31 devos. You girls make my day every day! I then text ur(or other scriptures)messages to 30 of my friends. For some, i am their alarm clock. Some forward the mesg to family & friends. Some days I get amazing responses. I am sooo blest to b able to encourage! God is soooooo GOOD!

Anonymous Barb said...

Renee-each morn @5:45 i rise to pray & read P31 devos. You girls make my day every day! I then text ur(or other scriptures)messages to 30 of my friends. For some, i am their alarm clock. Some forward the mesg to family & friends. Some days I get amazing responses. I am sooo blest to b able to encourage! God is soooooo GOOD!

Blogger Regina said...

Hi. I loved reading your devotion this morning.My husband,39, died suddenly last year of a heart attack.I have 4 sons plus a boy we took in. My friends are constantly telling me that I am such an encouragement to them. I repost Proverbs31 devotions/scriptures daily on my facebook page & have so many people send me messages that I always post what they need to hear. I know everything that I have gone through can be used for God's glory & as an encouragement to others. My prayer is that I always honor God & am able to encourage others to "hold on" even when they feel like giving up! Thank you to all the Proverbs31 team for helping us daily through your writings.

I am sending a note of encouragement in the mail to one of our graduated youth who is now in the military.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you for the encouragement you brought to me today! My friend - stressed out mama - needs encouragement today so I will forward this on to her. Thank you!

Blogger Sandy said...

I have a friend who loves Jesus so much! Lsst year her husband was in rehab for 9 months for drug addiction. When he came home it seemed like a fairy tale romance and a happily ever after ending. I am so sad to said that was not the case and she is once again alone with her daughter.

She is so encouraging to me because she has never given up. There are very few days she complains and when she does it is for a moment and she is once again sharing how God is sustaining her.

This week I have tried to tell her how very special I think she is by send her e-mails of encouragement and some really silly e-cards to lighten her day.

I learn so much from the devotions on Proverbs 31 about sharing my faith and growing in God's love. Thank you for sharing.

Blogger Sandy said...

I have a friend that loves Jesus with all her heart. Last year her husbanc spent 9 months in rehab for drug abuse. When he came home it was a fairy tale romance with a happily ever after ending; or so we hoped. Sadly he has reentered the drug world and she and her daughter a once again alone.

I very seldom hear her complain about how hard her life is. If by some chance negative words are spoken she quickly follows with how God is helping.

I have tried to encourage her this week by sending her e-mails that let her know just how special she is to me and to God. We enjoy a good laugh so I have looked for silly e-cards to make her smile.
I know God is helping her and I admire her strength.

Thank you for sharing, it helps me so much.

Blogger Andy & Jill said...

I want to send cards encouraging a woman from church receiving a bone marrow transplant as well as my aunt who has had several tragedies in her family in the last few years. Thanks for helping me think of encouraging others instead of just wishing for it for myself!

Blogger Melissa Nesdahl said...

I'm encouraging my daughter's dance teacher this week. Because my wee one got sick, I didn't get the note written. Here is the link with why I so adore her.


Blogger Klarissa said...

Encouragement really does help and means a lot to the person who needs it! I know this personally. I am the secretary at my Church and often get the opportunity to encourage those I see in the office and talk to on the phone.

I also have been on the receiving end of encouragement. My husband died about two years ago and for me it has been a very long and hard journey, everyday is up and down.

If it weren't for the encouragement of those around me and a few faithful friends in my life who have continued to stand by me and assure me God is always there with me I'm not sure how I would find the strenght to make it through this journey that God has placed in front of me.

I thank them often and find that in my journey, I have encouraged and strengthed them also.

Blogger Leah said...

I am a Stephen Minister at my church and I will be meeting with my Care Receiver tomorrow. She desperately needs encouragement because she is going through a very painful situation in her life. It is always challenging for me each week, to find the right words to say to help her. I have to depend completely on the Holy Spirit to speak through me to her, I cannot do it on my own. God truly knows what she needs to hear and I need Him to show me. Thankfully, He does!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I go to a Recovery group at my church and there is a 20 year old girl that got mixed up with an older and I mean older man like her father's age. (AKA a pervert), that started while she was not of age so now that we have the scene set you get the picture. She has finally through our encouragement gotten out of this "relationship" confessed to her father and mother but still feels badly that she may have hurt his feelings. The enemy has put on her false guilt and shame and even thought she knows these are lies NOW she is just becoming aware that she was abused in many ways and is really struggling. Her father is encouraging her to get counseling. Last night at group she confessed to us all and showed us that she cut herself. I am so heartbroken for this sweet young friend. She has been there for me so much through my trials with my own daughter which is a whole other story. I am going to text this sweet friend and share what Sheri Rose writes and says you should write to yourself "My chosen daughter, you are royalty even when you don't feel like a princess......" I am praying for her that this will help encourage her and remind her who she really is in Christ and she will remember who she finds her true identity in. I am also going to give her the name and number of my fabulous life coach who is so sweet and godly and loving and just who my young friend needs. She has such a hard time articulating sometimes when she is in front of people and my life coach "meets" with you on the phone so it is so non-threatening. I pray this will help her as she puts things off, like applying for a new job that is at the same place she is at, and finding a counselor, etc. So she needs more than healing. I think a life coach is just the thing that the Holy Spirit is encouraging me to lead her to. I know my friend can help her. She has helped me since October more than my newest counselor has in over a year that I have seen once a week who is a Biblical counselor. My life coach is married to a Biblical counselor and has extensive training, don't get me wrong. She always encourages me to the Lord and prays with me and for me. She lets me listen to what God is telling me. She doesn't tell me what to do, she let's God do His mighty work and then says good girl!! HAHA She often interjects when needed but lets me work it out with the Lord. I cannot wait to text my friend. We do not share email addresses. It is all pretty confidential. But we will share numbers so we can text to encourage one another during the week if we are in despair or struggling. So I cannot send you any proof or facebook anything to you. But I can give you my email...it is kjmassey78@yahoo.com I get Prov. 31 devotional everyday and it hits me right where I am at no matter if I read the wrong one or what. God is amazing. I just want more of Jesus. I want my hands and palms opened up to Him and nothing more. I just recently tore down my high places in my home and this sweet girl came and helped me. What a sweet time of fellowship and prayer followed. It was the nursery that I had decorated for my 5 month old grandbaby. My daughter was my idol. I am happy to say that she is not any longer. I know she gets the Prov. 31 Devotional. I sent it to her and told her she could subscribe. Praise be to God, she did!!!! These last days have made me laugh out loud at how God has told me Kelly, I've got this. I do not need YOU! Sit back and watch the hand of God. My heart is full this morning after reading the devotional and your blog. I am a prayer warrior and love to encourage others. I so loved it when you jumped up there with that little boy and helped him finish the climb. I knew you would!!! You are awesome. God Rocks, doesn't HE??!!!! No pun intended!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am going to forward this devotion to my friend who needs some encouraging.

Blogger Kristen Marie said...

I am encouraging a girlfriend of mine as a buisness owner and in her rediscovered faith in the Lord. She has been struggling with alot of things in her life and she has had numerous life changes recently. Ihad a great discussion with her early this week and have been daily sending her little texts of encouragement, calls, and in person words of encouragement to spend time with her creator, to let her know I lvoe and believe in her, and to encourage her that God does have a plan for her life.

I "shared" on fb, heres the link : http://www.facebook.com/notes/renee-swope/encouraging-words-wednesday/10150125480712164#!/profile.php?id=194400032

I forwarded to a friend who LOVES prov31 minitries and could use some encouragement today. :)

THANK YOU for your encouragement! :)

OpenID slds56 said...

I was laying in bed this morning and the Lord brought to mind an older lady in our church. She has a lot on her plate but she is always so encouraging. I am going to send her a card and encourage her.Your post today was confirmation to me that I need to encourage her.

OpenID slds56 said...

I would like to encourage Dawn who commented here today. You go girl. I will be praying for you. I am fifty five also and God is really been speaking to me about doing something else. I don't know you but I am proud of you for following after the dream that He has put in your heart. I am sure that it has not been easy.

Blogger lisasmith said...

I'm committing to act on God's voice and encourage Andrea this week. Thanks for the nudge!

And, I'm grabbing your button :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your devotional on Encouragement was just what I needed today. There are many people who need a word of praise or help to make it through the day. When we look away from our doubts, fears, and weaknesses, we can be centered on the Lord and how to help those in crisis or need. My husband needs my words and actions to help him realize how much he is loved by God and me. Thank you. Kathy

Blogger jem said...

I love the idea of Encouraging Words Wednesday, I shared it with an online community I'm a part of that helps women to organise their lives and to let go of physical and mental clutter so I know words of encouragement can mean a lot to the members. Here's a link http://www.facebook.com/#TheFlyLady

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good afternoon,
I have a friend named Cindy who is struggling with some self doubt. She had a tough work feedback session with a boss who is not very supportive lately. I want to lift her up, she is a good woman who works hard and is appreciated by me at work. Thank you! I have been working on lifting her up, I will pray for more ideas and God's love for her too!
Mary B in Virginia

Blogger Angie said...

I am going to encourage my 18 year old son. We home school and I have just 93 more days before his life moves on to work and, later this year, military life.I want to send him off with the best outlook and encouragement possible!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first email that I checked this morning was from Proverbs 31. I was so excited and inspired by "Encouraging Words Wednesday". I sent a message and a bible verse to many of the women that are important to me with a note telling them that I love them and I hope thay have a great day!

Blogger Michelle said...

Commit to it- List one person you're going to encourage today or this week and how you're going to do it.

Well, I am house bond at the moment but always try to encourage my family in the home but I am very active on Facebook so, I always encourage my family and friends there. It is a powerful tool the Lord has given us--one sentence of encouragement can pull someone out of the dark slimy pit. Praise God that He gave me the gift of encouragement. I feel like a Johnny Appleseed :-) I would love to win the Encouraging Words gift pack. Thanks for the chance and be blessed today, Renee.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

let a family know that has been sick that we are praying for them and took them a meal.

Blogger cjmarie said...

Monday, I decided I was going to see how many compliments I could give. I started by messaging all of my facebook friends sharing with each what I loved about them. I received so many thanks back and people who said that came just when they needed it. God sent it to them just using me as the vehicle.

Blogger Colleen said...

A young woman whom I do not know works at an animal shelter in the city and has spent a lot of time trying to reunite us with a cat that used to belong to my son. After we made a heartbreaking decision to let her go to an adoptive family, I sent this young woman an email and thanked her again for all her time, and I told her she had a wonderful heart. I added, "Bless You". I know it is only a little thing, but I pray she was encouraged by it.

Anonymous Kina said...

I offered a word of encourage on a blog to praise and worship God through song whenever your heart is troubled. Thanks for this devotion!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I was molested when I was five raped at eight years old.
I've never had family emotional support and have lived with PTSD for many years.

I've forgiven my abusers.

My mom recently, unexpectedly died. Last March.I have lived with her my whole life.
The one year is coming up and today I was told her homes have been listed up for sale. I don't have a place to live and also there was a gas shut off letter on the door that they shut the gas off and while talking to the gas company my microwave blew out!

I was diagnosed with a fatal lung disease that the only cure is a lung transplant and my dog who i loved like a child died in December.

And my best friend Wendy died a couple of years ago. we were friends for our whole lives almost 40 years.She too was sexually abused.

On a positive note I recieved my order from Made To Crave both the book and study book so maybe it will be alittle easier to work on that! I did buy two sets and gave
a set away to help someone else.

I love to read and would love to win your book for some encouragement.

Ya know, I have to say when I saw Do you want to be well I didn't like reading that.

I have sought for help for many years. unable to even get any counseling. I wasn't allowed.
or the counseling that was available through medicaid is horrible. I called a few days ago and they can't see me for at least 10 weeks!

I would really really appreciate your prayers that would be the best encouragement knowing someone is really praying for me.

Thank You.

Blogger Jennifer said...

It is funny because I read this shortly after having the opprotunity to encourage a friend of mine...only to have her be an encouragement to me in a way I hadn't expected. It was beautiful...and this one experience may have very well been life changing for me. It is so beautiful how God orchestrates these things...at times like this, where in two different lives, two differnet hearts, two very different situations, we can be shown that despite the differences, we are both needing the very same thing...this is the fingerprint of God being visible...I love it! I will definately be sharing this with her, and on my facebook page, and I am committed to being an encouragement to her in her time of need...and I am blessed that we can share this time together with faith in God's power.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was going to comment to enter, but after reading Trellis' comment (#1), I want her to win!! I see the same need @ my church with the elderly/lots of sickness, depression, discouragement...it truly takes a concerted effort to try to touch each one on a regular basis. THAT is inspiring!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not have facebook or a blog but I have several friends that I always forward the Proverbs 31 devotionals because they encourage me greatly, and my friends tell me they love receiving them. I have two friends facing major trials in their life: one in her last months of her battle with breast cancer and thankfully a dear christian woman. The other waiting to hear results from a biopsy with suspected breast cancer. I have sent emails to an army of prayer warriors for these dear ladies. My 84 yr. old father has prostate cancer and I recently was blessed with his accepting Christ. He lives in another state, and I send him a card of encouragement each week. It truly is a joy to encourage others and takes our focus off self and makes our own struggles seem so small.

Loved this posting and blog.

Many Blessings and sweet joy to you, Renee, for all you do to encourage us to reach out to give of ourselves to others.


Blogger blessedoriginals said...

I plan to share this verse and many more with my husband this week. He is going through a very rough time right now and he needs all the encouragement he can get. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was encouraged by today's verse. My husband and I are leaving our boys with my mom while we travel 8 hours away to attend my husband's grandmothers funeral. I've been very anxious about leaving them, but this verse has reminded me that I have nothing to worry about. God is in control.

I am going to pass the encouragement onto my brother. He is a single father of four and struggles with alcoholism. It's a daily battle for him and I want to encourage him by providing a Godly example and by reminding him that he is loved.

Anonymous julie heckman said...

Thanks for reminding us to encourage others. Doing a bible study by Jennifer Rothschild and we were talking about who God says we are, this confirms our need to encourage others in who we are in Christ. I will be sharing with them this week

Blogger Barb said...

I will be praying for my children ,granddaughter,my mom and my friend Mike. Thank you Renee and blessings!! Barb Wall

I shared encouragement with my mom this morning as shes going through a major decision right now. I let her know God would be there to give her wisdom & I would be there praying for her.

Anonymous Sharon said...

I was so encouraged by your devotional today that I shared it with my 3 sisters! What a blessing! God bless you!

Anonymous Tiffany G said...

I have 2 dear friends who are having rough times in their lives. I sent each of them a special text of encouragement. I also shared on FB!

Anonymous Dori said...

Renee - I posted today's encouragement on my Facebook page to encourage my friends!!! Thanks for your encouragement to me! I am also going to send emails to two ladies I spent the day with today to thank them for their friendship!
God Bless!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to encourage my 10 yr old daughter-she's such a wonderful, loving girl and I want her to have the confidence I lacked at that age. She is loved and treasured. I want to encourage her by my words and more importantly, my actions. I want my actions to tell her I love her and believe in her.

Amy v.

Blogger Karen said...

Hi, Renee
Found your blog from the P31 devotions I receive as emails. My husband is a wonderful encourager and I'm starting to learn the power of encouraging words. Doesn't take much effort, just a few words given by God, to make someone else perk up! Linked to your post. My Mom is ill and she needs my encouragement, so she is the main person I will encourage. blessings on your day!

Blogger Christie said...

I want to encourage my husband. I am afraid I let my desires for more get in the way of appreciating him for loving me as Christ loves the church.

Blogger Tricia said...

I just posted on Facebook about She Speaks Conference! Hope I win! Thank you for the opportunity.

Blogger Jackie Brown said...

I posted my entry on my blog and facebook. Thanks, Renee.

My site is under construction and some of my links aren't working. You may have to go to my homepage at www.momonamission.me


Blogger artificial twins said...

The "ministry of encouragement" is one I share with you wholeheartedly. It's actually the crux of my personal mission statement, based on II Corinthians 5:18: "To be an ambassador of reconciliation through words of encouragement."
Today I have the humbling task of taking my teenage daughter to the funeral of a young friend who perished in a fire last week, along with her older sister. I am praying that God will give me just the right words to encourage someone there today.
I try to follow the example of Lee Iococca, who said, "If you have something negative to say, say it in person. If you have something nice to say, write it down." The written word is a powerfully tangible and lasting thing. Just yesterday, I forwarded a note of encouagement to our school superintendent, who as you can imagine is the first to hear complaints, but perhaps the last to be appreciated.
For my daughter, who has just turned 16, we are (secretly!) collecting written words of blessing and encouragement for her as she fast approaches womanhood. I trust that these sweet words from teachers, friends and others who have helped shape her life will be a continual source of encouragement to her in the coming years.
Finally, I did forward your devotional to my sister-in-law, who is coming to the end of a 4-year lawsuit in which we pray for God's victory.
Thank you so much for the reminder of this very signigicant ministry!

Blogger kate said...

I read your devotion today on Words of Encouragement, at just the right time. I lost my dear husband a few months ago to a horrible accident, and am now raising our 2 little girls, age 5 and 8, on my own. We had a wonderful awesome special story as a family,and I don't even know where or how to begin to grieve. We have some great friends around us, but sadly, all of our families are out of state. We fostered and then adopted our youngest daughter, who has some developmental and behavioral issues. So these days, I am just trying to get through each day with the help of God. He has been so awesome to us, and is taking care of us. I am closer than ever to him, though horribly poor with my quiet times and devotions. Thank you for your "realness" about motherhood. I feel like a terrible mother these days, and am leaning on the Lord for help.
Thanks and sorry for the ramble...

Blogger Judy said...

I would love to be entered into the giveaway! I would like the Voyager GoBible if I win. Thank you for the awesome devotionals! They always seem to fit in what I am going through at the time. God is good!

Blogger cortes51004 said...

I would love to hear some words of ecouragement that I can share with my aunt that is dying of stage 4 lung cancer that has mestasis to her brain and lymph nodes. Thank you Stacey Cortes

Blogger cortes51004 said...

This is Stacey Cortes again I have wrote two long blogs with my situation and they have not posted, so i will give a short version. My aunt is 51 and diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had mestasis her brain on March 3 2011. At first she was given 9 mo then she had 4 radiation treatments and they told her that it wasn't working and gave her a couple of weeks. That was on March 9. My pastor meet with her and my uncle in the hospital and shared the gospel for about an hour. Every chance i get i try to share some verses with her. I will share todays verse with her also. I drive 120 miles round trip to take care of her everyday. I have my CNA license so she feel very comfortable with me there. In this situtation alot of people have become closer in their relationship with God, including myself. God is so wonderful for that. Last night she said that her time was near to go to her home in the sky and meet God.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a military wife to two girls ages 4 and 2 with another on the way due in Nov. I find your stories so encouraging for me especially as I journey through mommyhood most days on my own because my husband is deployed. If I won, I would love the GoBible Voyager and I would have to be selfish this year and keep the gift for me for mothers day!!! There are days that I want to quit and give my husband my pink slip at the end of the day, but I can't. There is no one else when he is gone and my girls need a spiritually filled mom!! Thanks for reading and Happy Mother's Day to you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I woiuld love to win the Confident Heart Friendship gift pack. I would share with my cousin who is my best friend and sister in Christ. We walk together and talk together, I love her!

Anonymous GinaK said...

Renee, your message touched a sensitive, private and painful spot in my mind and heart. I also am constantly comparing myself to other mothers, asking why they seem to have everything in control and handle things with such ease and precision. I truly want to be a God's word driven family and have tried on so many occasions to start this daily practice only to be met with attitude or eye rolls. When I've reached my fill of trying to divert these reaction I usually say to myself "FORGET IT", if they don't care then why should I?
I know this is not how God wants me to handle this but sometimes the frustration is more than I can handle. My roll as a mom is to nurture, love, discipline, be a good example, role model and I am just not that good at it. Or I might be, but am being too hard on myself. Whatever the case, when I read your thoughts on Andrew Carnagie, I realized that I too am looking to closely at the faults instead of the virtues.
I like this perspective of digging deeper and seeing my daughter for who she is rather that wondering why she isn't acting the way I think she should be. I also like the golden nugget idea. Perhaps allowing her to make the right decision instead of constantly trying to drive the point home will be a better approach.
Renee, I woke up today in my usual overwhelmed funk but after reading your message, I feel better, maybe even a little less overwhelmed with a new perspective. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

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