My friend Leslie Nease is on Survivor and I have been meaning to tell you. She is an amazing woman, a Christian radio morning show host, a wife, a mom and a friend who lives her life out loud for God's glory! She has made it through two weeks and we are all so excited here in Charlotte. Be sure to watch tonight.

On the past two episodes Leslie has given God major air time by proclaiming her faith in Jesus and refusing to be part of a Buddhist worship service. Last week she shared how hard it is to be there and not have her Bible. Then she was chosen to receive a clue about a hidden immunity idol in their camp and she said it was God's way of helping her. It has been so encouraging but I also know she is getting some major criticisms from non-believers so please pray for her and her kids. If you want to know more about Leslie, click here!


Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

It was sad that Leslie got "kicked out" on last's night show, but what a witness she has been through the past few weeks. It's easy to shine your light among your Christian friends, but much more difficult when put into situations that test our faith.

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