How Can I Hear God's Voice?
The ticking of the grandfather clock grew louder as the room emptied. I became more and more aware of each passing minute as people left to go home. Only moments earlier the room had been full of friends and old Ben was merely an unnoticed guest. But as the people departed and their voices with them, the sound of the clock caught my attention.

Much like the ticking of that clock, God speaks to us, but often we don’t notice His voice amidst the shouts of our high-octane schedules and jammed “to do” lists. It’s not until we quiet ourselves that we can hear Him speak.

Author John Ortberg says, “Stillness is always the prerequisite for receptivity. Telephones and television sets cannot receive messages when they are too filled with static and noise. Stillness first, then listening. The order cannot be reversed.”

My best mornings are the ones when I sneak away to a quiet place to listen for God's voice. I wish I could say it happens every morning. But it doesn't. However, it's on those days that I pull away to a quiet place that I am able to hear God speak to my heart more clearly after I get up and enter into the hustle and bustle of my everyday life. Here are few things we can do to pepare our hearts to hear Him...

Choose time alone each day - Set fifteen minutes aside each morning to begin your day with God. As your relationship grows, increase your time together.

Create a setting for two - Find a comfortable quiet place for your time with God. I have a favorite chair near a window in my bedroom with a pretty chenille throw over it. Every time I walk by I imagine Jesus waiting there for me.

Prepare your heart - Listen to a worship song to set your focus on God. This helps get our thoughts off all we need to be doing. Music reminds us of Who God is and prepares our hearts to hear from Him.

Ask God to speak to you – Everything God wants you to know is written in the Bible, His love letter to you. As you read ask Him to show you what you need that day. If you don't know where to start, try reading one chapter in the book of John each day or a Psalm and a Proverb each day.

Pray - This is your chance to listen quietly and share openly with God. There’s nothing you can tell him that He doesn’t already know; nothing too big or small for Him to handle.

Remember – Journaling is like keeping a spiritual scrapbook. Record prayers asked and answered so you can see not only how God can changes your circumstances, but how He changes you!

Staying connected to God’s heart through time alone is the beginning of becoming the satisfied, peace-filled woman you long to be. So set aside some time to spend with the One who knows you best and loves you most! (And if you ever struggle with worry, hop over to my HeBrews Faith Cafe blog to read "Worry is Like a Rocking Chair" for some encouragement!)


Blogger Sisterlisa said...

(((Renee))) I had JUST had this SAME talk with my 12 yr old daughter LAST NIGHT. Perfect timing eh? ;O)

Thank you so much! We had a wonderful time together as I was able to teach her to listen for the Spirit to speak to her. He did and she KNEW it was Him. He placed something on her heart to write about and she was up until midnight writing. She will be typing it out today and I'll post it on my blog later. I'm thrilled to know He is speaking to her and that she is 'listening' to him.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,

Your devotionally these past couple of days have really spoken into my life. I have began to look around at my situation with appreciation, and determination to enjoy it, learn from it, and be faithful to God in the small things. My issue has been to hear God and follow through without question and complaint in the small things. Again, thank you for the inspiration.

Seeking a closer walk

Blogger Kelly said...

Hi Renee!
I wanted to thank you too for your last couple days of devotionals..I get the Proverbs 31 devotionals every morning and love them. I really liked yours today, especially about organizing your husband's side of the closet. My husband is going hunting this weekend, and I think I will take the time while he is gone to clean and organize his closet and dresser, get rid of mismatched, stray socks,'s one of those things I don't think a lot about doing, but your devotional inspired me to bless him that way. I too have been trying to get up a little earlier and spend more quiet time with God. I am convinced I can't handle daily life at work and in general without Him first thing in the morning!
BLessings to you!

Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

Thank you for the reminder to make a point of being quiet each day so we hear God's voice. My morning ususally starts out quiet, because of the time I spend with the Lord. I am in the process of learning how to hear that quiet, still small voice in the midst of a busy, noisy life at times throughout the day as well.

Lingering words...because He speaks through them. I have been thinking on Jesus waiting for me, a place for Him and I, to sit at His feet and listen, to be held close in His love. I am grateful that we can keep company all day.

Thank you... God uses you.
All's grace,

Blogger Jill said...

I was listening to the radio today on my way to church wondering if some of the things that happened yesterday were from God or not. Your message came on about the 5 ways you can tell if something is from God. Such a GOD MOMENT! It really spoke to my heart. Because I was in the car, would you mind e-mailing me a copy of those 5 ways you can tell if it's from God? I would like to keep them for future reference. There are sometimes when I really need to give life the "from God or not" test.
Thank you and God bless, JIll

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