Abundantly More
When God called me to travel and speak I struggled with leaving my family on weekends. I didn't want to be away and I hated to fly. What if something happened to me and I didn't get to raise my children? What if something happened to them or my husband while I was gone? I shared these fears with my friend Marilyn who also traveled some with her husband in ministry. She encouraged me with these words, "Renee pray that God will bless your family in a way that would only be possible if you said yes to this calling on your lives." God has answered that prayer in amazing ways over the past several years, abundantly more than I could have imagined!

This weekend, He has taken my breath away with His invitation to be here on the island of Cayman Brac speaking at the "Barefoot and Breaking Free" women's retreat hosted by Mary Brandes, her retreat team and her family. I wish you could be here with us!

I want to remember each moment, each woman, each story, each adventure so I am going to indulge as I share our photos and our memories here on the Brac!

We left Charlotte on Thursday and traveled to Grand Cayman. When we arrived, we had to claim our bags and then go through customs. Then we checked everything in again and boarded a very tiny prop plane. We enjoyed a breath-taking view of the ocean as we flew over the Carribean to Cayman Brac. The plane was so tiny that I could ask the pilot questions while we were flying. Well, I could if I wanted to but he couldn't hear me because propellars were right outside our windows! It was a little loud for Andrew!

We arrived on the island of Cayman Brac Thursday afternoon and within an hour JJ and the boys were in the water learning how to snorkel. I was setting up my things and preparing for the women to arrive later. That evening we had dinner together and a short opening session with introductions to our worship leader - Babbie Mason, and our speaker - little ole' me!

Babbie is an amazing woman full of heart and soul. She's an award-winning songwriter and singer who reflects Jesus through her laughter, stories, words and songs. We are so honored to be serving in ministry with her and her husband, Charles, this weekend. They are so much fun.

Friend, there are amazing things in store for us when we say "yes" to God! Hmm, my friend Lysa wrote a book about that! What is He asking of you today? Say yes, say yes! I am so glad I finally did.

PS. We went snorkeling on Friday and I posted some fun photos on my Faith Cafe site.


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