Road Trip with Hope
I had an amazing "road trip" with the women at Hope Church in Memphis, TN last weekend. My dear friend and mentor, MaryAnn, invited me to speak at their women's ministry kick-off dinner. She has an incredible team and they did a great job creating a fun and inviting event for over 400 women in their church and community! There were women from every season of life and from many different places along the road of faith.

The theme was "Road Trip" - taking the journey of a lifetime! I shared about my journey, which includes many years of following the world's map and getting lost along the way. It was so encouraging afterward to meet new friends and hear stories from women who have traveled such similar paths. I ran from God's calling to share my story for 10 years, but one thing He is faithful to show me at every event, is that I am not alone in my struggles and this road trip is so much better when we traveling with good girlfriends!

Don't you just love how they decorated for our "road trip" and what about that car? A funny thing happened as I was putting down my Bible to pray at the end of my message. I knocked the car over!! It is huge and it made a loud noise! We all laughed. Good thing I was done or I would have needed to call for some road-side assistance !


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