Are you still there?
Yes, I am still here! We got back from the Cayman's really late last Tuesday night . We were stuck in customs for over an hour in Charlotte. Then we ran to grandma's to pick up her favorite grand-dog Chelsea (our dashcund) that had been staying at her house. Her second favorite, Daisy (our beagle), was still at the kennel since we couldn't get to her in time. But I picked her up first thing Wednesday. I missed my poochies!

I unpacked, did laundry, scrounged up some food and answered a gazillion emails Wednesday and Thursday I also got ready for radio recording Friday morning. I had 10 shows to finish writing and practice but with God's amazing grace and my wonderful production team, Jill and Marc, we had a great recording Friday. I saved some bloopers that I'll link as soon as Marc sends them to me. It's amazing what it takes to get one good show. Lots of laughs and effort!

Then JJ and I packed up and took off for our anniversary weekend at the Cove in Asheville, NC where our friends Lysa and Art TerKeurst were speaking at a marriage retreat. Wow, it was incredible! We had so much fun looking back over the past 14 years at all that God has done in us. We had a relaxing day Saturday walking on the trails and talking about our family signature - to love well (1 John 4:16). That is something Art and Lysa challenged us all to create. It was encouraging because JJ had already been working on something similar and it all fell into place for us. It's like we had the pieces and now we could put labels on them.

That night Lysa and Art talked about "Great Sexpectations!" and we had a romantic evening implementing their suggestions! It was all going so wonderfully well....until I woke up at 3am NAUSEUS!!!!!! Oh my, could I be pregnant? It must be twins - I feel so sick. Nah, it couldn't happen that fast! Crazy what you think when you are sick and delirious!

Well, I worshiped the porcelain throne from 3:30 - 10:30am at half hour intervals. Oh, how romantic. I have never been so sick! JJ was the sweetest prince trying to rescue me in my misery. Check out time was at 11am but he made arrangements for us to stay until 2:30pm when I was willing to take a risk and get in our car for the 2hour drive home. Poor thing had to listen to me moan and groan most of the way back. He even kept the radio off so I could sleep.
I say we need a do-over for our anniversary, ya think?

Well, we're home and we're settled in and I am finally feeling normal again. Who knows what hit me! JJ never got sick and we didn't hear of anyone else who got sick either. I am so thankful I didn't get sick until the end of the weekend. It wasn't my plan but I trust God's plans for us. He sure did give my sweet husband the chance to live out loud the very things he was hearing this weekend about lovin' sacrificially! You're my greatest gift after Jesus, honey - love you!


Blogger Maggie said...

Hey there!
I just emailed you this morning to see how the retreat was and then came here and you were back! I am so happy it was great, and so sad you got sick. I agree you get a do-over! Hope you are much better. Love ya lots.

"Great Sexpectations" - heavens to murgletroyd! You've just reminded me of a blog comment Lysa left me about whether I was heating it up here in cold New York. I cannot keep up with you P31 women! (Oh, wait a minute, I'm supposed to be one of "those" as well!)
Now, when you get the chance, give us an update on your love story- are there any more chapters you're going to write?!

Ren-eeeh-ay (said in a sweet sing-song voice)-
never mind "when you get the chance, give us an update"...where is that next chapter?!?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was so good chatting today, I sure miss you my friend. I am off to pick up that book you just recomended by Andy Stanely, I just finished reading the one he wrote on small groups. Have a wonderful day.
The Turtle

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