Hide and Seek
I write, then I disappear, then I write some more and disappear again. You might call it hide and seek. My husband and children might say we play it at home, too. Now they see me, now they don't! I am kind of an all or nothing girl. When I am preparing messages and in a busy season in my leadership role at the P31, I hide to seek Him and complete my assignments. Then in the afternoons, I come back out to play with my friends and family. I am trying really hard to find a balance. Maybe I need to pick a day to write on my blog and then I could be more consistent. If you have any suggestions as a seasoned blogger, I would love to hear them!

So what have I been doing? The past few weeks have been filled with work, preparing messages, caring for my family and traveling. And now I've added some "bling" to my message this week! I just finished a new power point series tonight (actually this morning - it's 1:30am) for three sessions I am teaching this weekend in Henderson, NC. I don't usually do power point, but my friend Mandy offered to help me get started after I commented on her power points recently. She and my friend Melanie spoke at a MOPs event last week and I went to hear them. It was great!

This weekend I am doing my journey series for a church I spoke at two years ago so I developed two updated/new messages. The messages address two of our biggest roadblocks: comparison and control. Do you ever struggle with those. My deepest desire is to be a women who is totally content in Whose I am and who I am and what I have in any season. I can tell you that for me comparing and controlling eliminate any hopes of ever being content! It's not a stretch at all for me to come up with personal stories about these topics.

Thanks for not giving up on reading my blog - even when I have long stretches of hiding. Your encouragement means a lot! (I did just post a devotion I wrote for P31 at HeBrews Faith Cafe) . I plan to write the next chapter in our love story next week. I was hoping to do that for our anniversary but you know where I was that week if you read my last blog.

I love having friends like you from all over the world to walk this adventure with me. I'd treasure your prayers as I travel this weekend and my family heads in the other direction to go camping with 60 fathers and sons. JJ is planning that adventure, so he'd appreciate your prayers, too. Thanks my journey friend!


Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

Thoughts and prayers for you and your guys this weekend.

Blogger Bonita said...

When you get balanced all figured out please do let the rest of us know! Your talks on comparison and control sound like something I really need to hear. I'm sure they will be a blessing to your listeners. Praying for you and your family.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs. See you soon. My prayers are with you.

Cris the turtle.

Blogger Lori said...

Wow Renee - I have enjoyed reading what you have been up to - I found your blog thru an email that was sent out - its hard to believe we lived together 3 years in college - that seems like another lifetime ago! you have always been in my thoughts and one of those people I would like to see and talk to more than I do. Glad to see you and your family are doing so well.
Take Care
Lori Martin


Some blogging advice from a seasoned (although now sporadic) blogger:

Don't post unless you have something to say.

Sometimes you will have lots of great posts churning at the same time. Develop them in your head (while living your life, not sitting in front of your computer); jot down notes if necessary. Some of the work will be done in advance. Type and post later, when it's convenient - in multiple sessions if necessary.

If you have lots of non-time sensitive things to post, save some as drafts and publish them on future dates. They'll cover you later when you're really busy.

One more blogging bit of advice:

When the desire to post about your romance with your hubby strikes, drop everything and get that story written! (smile)

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