Missing You!

This post is for all of my Cayman Brac girlfriends who went home today. I miss you already! My day started with a prayer for you as I listened to your plane take off the runway outside of my window.

Our family enjoyed a beautiful day on the beach and at the pool, but it was so quiet and empty without you! Not seeing your smiles as I passed through the dining room was so sad! Didn't we have such an amazing weekend - snorkeling, hanging out in hammoks, dodging hermit crabs, touring the island by land and sea, having high tea, a fashion show and some seriously amazing worship time with Ms. Babbie and Charles!

I passed by the burial site of our "baggage" and prayed that none of us would ever take back what we left on the Brac! Tonight as I got ready for bed, I started singing, "I'll be standing in the gap for you, know that someone somewhere is praying for you, calling out your name, praying for your strength, I"ll be standing in the gap for you..."

I am praying for you and I anticipate with all my heart the amazing things God is going to do in your life as you become a women who listens to God, looks to Him for all that you long for, and follows after His heart with all of yours!

Here a just a few of the memories I captured on my camera this weekend. I have some really neat ones Meggie took that I'll post when I get back home. If you have any to share, please email them to me. Also, I'd love to hear how God set you free through this weekend's retreat. So please post a comment with your thoughts, prayers and memories here on my blog if you want to!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Renee, thank you for an incredible weekend. When you talked of the lady at the well, you were speaking to my heart. I needed a boost and you were the messenger of the Lord. I had a good time fishing with your family also, I'm sure your boys with be great fishermen (or fishers of men) one day. Miss you too, Lynda Webb

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