Seeking Significance ( and our 4 winners!)
Never envy a significant place of service. Instead, make the place you serve significant. ~Rick Warren

Woke up this morning trying to remember where I had put something, last year. So I went searching for notes and files I need to meet a She Speaks Conference deadline today. Ended up cleaning out a whole kitchen sized trash can full of paperwork and notebooks I've collected for years. Even had my She Speaks 2007 notebook with blank outlines I'll never look at taking up room on my way-too-crowded shelve. Oh it feels good to know where things are now.

I'm dying to get back on here and share with you the winners and what God's been laying on my heart for today's post. But I can't yet. One of the balancing life and ministry boundaries God set for me is that I can't blog until I've met my family and work commitments. Although blogging is part of my ministry, it's more pleasure than work.

God knew just how much I want to be here and what I've already started in my post. And that is why I think He gave me this quote from Rick Warren today, to share with you. I can't wait to share why it's so significant to me...and to us.

What place of service will you make significant today?


Last Week's Winners!

Brandie Colbert - you will receive the Encouraging Words Gift Pack from Monday's post which includes A copy of Letters from Leanne, $5 Starbucks gift card, a pack of pretty cards, a notepad to give away and 20 verses to personalize and send to a friend. We have your email from your comment so my assistant Leah will be in touch to get your mailing address.

Linda F. - you won the Godly Girls Eraser Gift Set #1 from Tuesday's post, which includes a $10 Gift card to Walmart to buy some Maybelline Eraser Treatment Makeup and a copy of Self-talk, Soul-talk by Jennifer Rothschild . We have your email from your comment so Leah will be in touch this week.

Erin - you won the Godly Girls Eraser Gift Set #2 from Tuesday's post , which includes a $10 Gift card to Walmart to buy some Maybelline Eraser Treatment Makeup and Me, Myself and Lies Bible Study by Jennifer Rothschild. We have your email from your comment so Leah will be in touch this week.

Teri Lynn - you won the "(R3) Refresh, Renew & Recharge Gift Pak" which includes 2 tickets to my R3 women's event in Williamston, NC Feb 19th (can't wait to meet you!) and my Rest Assured message on CD. Don't have your email so please email Leah by 1pm on Tuesday at or we'll need to choose another winner. Thanks!

More winners....Jill Beran, who you met through my devotion last week, is sharing more of her story on her blog today, and she's giving away another copy of her book Letters from Leanne, too. Click here to find out more and enter to win.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for your honesty i guess i look forward to your blog so much that i didn't realize that it is a release for you and not work.
but just so you know i feel like i need to read your thoughts so i can start my day with god a part of it. so get your work dine and come play with us on your blog...
thanks for reminding me that sometimes there are other things of importance out there too. :)

Blogger shannon said...

It is a goal of mine to make it to the she speaks confernece (I am interested in the she writes). It would be my first time, I would be going alone, have to travel, leave my 3 young children, but I feel so pulled to go I can't explain it.
love your blog and your ministry!
shannon@ The Inspired Page

Blogger Renee Swope said...

Anonymous - you are such a sweetie. I hope my Rick Warren quote will help you pull God into the middle of your day!!

I love writing here. It's a big part of my need for connection with women - encouraging each other. I'm just not a fast writing. I write, re-write, read and condense, so it takes a little time.

But it is a true place of pleasure and filling both my need to connect in community with God and other women. It's also when I sense and understand more clearly things God's revealing to me, and feel His presence. I'm always praying for more time to write. I just know for now with a toddler and teens and full-time ministry at home and P31, He's calling me to better balance my time online -- at least for a season.

Here's an example of me not staying in my boundaries. I started writing my blog post last night during the Grammies. I was in my writing sweet spot when JJ asked if we could plan our weak and meals. I just kept writing. I didn't want to stop talking to you all to talk with him (you see I picture you guys right there with me when I'm writing). Then the Holy Spirit tapped on my heart and nudged me to shut my laptop because I'm JJ's first. Bless my husband's sweet heart, he's so patient. Well, we got our week and meals planned :-> and that is a good thing b/c it really helps our days to be less stressful. But my blog post isnt' done and that is a bummer for me.

Well, I enjoyed talking. I'll back soon to continue our conversation soon.Hope you are having a great day!

Blogger Charity said...

I have actually been dealing with this lately. I want to blog, I want to read, I need to manage my business, I need to take care of my kids, I want some quiet time, I need alone time with the hubby...and on and on.
I always wonder how these super-women do it: blog, minister, write, webcasts, family...where do you draw the line and prioritize?
Thank you for being so honest-sometimes I feel like I am sitting at a table sipping coffee with you while we talk when I read your blog. :)

Blogger Kimberly said...

:) I love that you still stopped in to leave a note. :)

I am in the same kind of place...wanting to write at my blog, but needing to put home, family, ministry stuff first. And I am NOT a fast writer either. Mercy. Could it be a little perfectionism peaking through, all of my rewriting and reworking? I will call it a desire for excellence instead. ;)

I love your quote and look forward to reading more about what God has been speaking to your heart. Today He helped me find joy in simple things like making sure my girls had sharpened pencils for homework and making sure I paid a bill on time. :) I don't always find those things to be significant, but today...He showed me they are. :)

Love you,

Thank you for the reminder of who our Ministry is all about. I needed your post today. - Mary

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