An update on KIM - please keep praying!!!
Here is an update from my friend Kim's mom, Linda. Like Kim, she is an amazing woman!! In fact, second to the image of God I see in Kim, I see so much of Kim's mom in her - amazing strength, immeasurable love for her children, grace and faith in an unchanging, all-loving God!

From Linda...

Kim wanted me to be sure and update everyone on her visit to oncologist today. He discussed results of last friday's scans. Unfortunately the report did not contain much that we wanted to hear. The current treatment, faslodex to reduce the estrogen has not been at all successful. She has been on it for 2 1/2 months and the lesions in liver have increased in size, one, for example, from 1 cm to 3 cm and there are "areas of nodularity" in her lung also. This area in lung was previously labeled as a density and really made to sound insignificant but now has been labeled as nodular with a few more densities developing.

Her oncologist seemed to be so much not wanting to give us unhappy news that he just sort of went on to next topic of conversation. So, I asked him point blank, "Are you saying that these areas in lung are areas of malignancy in her lung?" He said he presumes so, but that they are very very small, which is good. But with malignancy now in eye and tumor markers on the rise, it is time to move on to another chemo.

She will start doxil this week on Friday. It is given intravenously every 3 weeks. She will also start radiation to her eye tomorrow, but they do not want her to have radiation and chemo on same day so she will skip radiation this Friday while she has 1st dose of new chemo. Then next Monday continues on with radiation for completion of 10 treatments. After 2 cycles of doxil she will have more scans to see if things are responding and shrinking.

She is having muga heart scan tomorrow to make sure heart is ok before starting doxil since it can cause damage to heart muscle, so need a baseline. So this week is full of appts and she will be busy going to radiation daily for next couple of weeks. We are really hoping for good results with this radiation for eye since it is becoming more uncomfortable and distressing with the visual disturbances --and -more difficulty with reading.

Kim wants to be sure that you know that, although this was not the best of news, that she does not consider it something for everybody to "get all upset about" --- she is still fighting and still believing that she is a child of a loving God who will sustain her and give her everything she needs to accomplish her goals -- We read a beautiful thought for the day on the Positive Christianity website Monday that Kim wants me to leave you with:

"Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and established thou the works of our hands upon us” Psalms 90:17

You empty your mind of thoughts of fear, and fill your mind with thoughts of peace, praise, and expectation of God's good. You know that you are God's beloved child, heir to all God's good. God's Divine love uplifts, renews, and prospers you.

In the Bible God says to you, “I will pour down upon you a blessing so great that you will not have room to hold it.” Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could live like this?

My sweet friends, it comforts my heart to know that together we can lift up Kim and her mom who is taking care of Kim this week and trying to juggle so many appointments and needs while Mike is gone. Prayer is powerful! I am holding onto God's promises and claiming them for my friend! Thanks for joining me in lifting her and her family continuously up to God's care!


Blogger Dwight said...

Now that i have an account on blog. Can I go back and send my message?

I think Renee Swope need to bo back and read the Holy Bible where it says you should not add to nor take away from the word of God.

Renee has been changing the words around to fit what she wants it to say. Such as man to woman.

Blogger Renee Swope said...


Thank you for your concern. I am sorry I have offended you. I appreciate your passion for the integrity of God's Word and I agree that we should not add or take away from it.

I do not believe I have done that by changing the word man to woman, since God's words apply to both. My only intention is to make it personal for those who are women that read my blog and devotions. I always include a parenthesis to indicate this is not the original word in the scripture. I have seen that it helps a woman to put herself in that command or promise.


Blogger Kimberly said...

I am praying for your friend, Renee!

Love to you!

Blogger Jenny said...

Praying for your friend

Blogger suzi.wollman said...

Dear Renee,

I, too, am praying for Kim (and for her mom and for Mike). And I am sorry that our friend Dwight was offended. I certainly wasn't, nor do I believe God was. Blessings to you, dear lady of God!

Suzi Wollman

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