What would I have missed?
Thanks for your prayers. Our flight home was quite eventful. During our connecting flight from Dallas, our plane's interior lights started blinking uncontrollably. The pilot announced that we'd lost a generator! But explained that the back-up generator would be sufficient, and that they were making adjustments. When he came back on a second time he assured us there was no need to worry - this was something they'd practiced many times - in the SIMULATOR!!!!!!!

We did get home safely, in the wee hours Monday morning. And we're quite happy to be loving on our families, still on this side of Heaven.

The weekend was filled with nothing-but-God moments! One of the sweetest came when a beautiful woman, Caprice, walked up to me and thanked me for leading her to Jesus. She had prayed to receive Christ during the Saturday night message.Then another, Corrine, thanked me as she hugged my neck and cried. It was absolutely precious that they were so excited and came to tell me.

Amazing doesn't even begin to describe the retreat. In addition to our two new sisters in Christ, there are some seriously "living confidently in Christ" California Jesus-girls out west.

Again and again, God showed me how good His heart is and how worthy He is of my life and my trust!!! Oh, what I would have missed if I had kept saying no to God's calling on my life.

I would have missed seeing Him in ways I never had.

I would have missed seeing Him in places I've never been.

I would have missed seeing Him in people I'd never met.

I would have missed feeling His love and assurance in ways I've never known.

When I finished writing my post Friday morning I went for a quick run. I thought I'd have to run on the streets of the little town where we were staying, but God lead me to a trail that lined the top of an overlook mountain with this view:

In a glorious whisper, I heard God say, "Renee, look what you would have missed!"

These pictures don't even capture the beauty! Oh, what I would have missed if I had kept saying no to God's calling on my life. It took years to say yes, but I'm so glad I finally did!

That day I saw the blessing of obedience in the gift of a gorgeous ocean view that drew me deep into worship. At one point I had to stop running and lift my hands in praise for the gift He'd given me to enjoy a breath-taking view of His creation!

And you know what I realized? That God wants me to see the blessings I would have missed if I had not said yes to following His heart instead of my own each and every day. Not just in ministry but right where I am everyday...

What would I have missed if I had not said yes to Jesus?

I would have missed the confident smile I see in my husband who could have been crippled by criticism early in our marriage.

I would have missed the peace I see in my mother's eyes when I don't get defensive about her comments and questions.

I would have missed the closeness of my child's friendship built from times that I overlooked an offense instead of lecturing him.

The list could go on and on...so what would you have missed?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have missed the love from my friends and family that I had been too blind to see.

Blogger Kimberly said...

If I had not said yes to Jesus I would have missed:

What it feels like to be clean.
What love really means.
What true friendship is.
Having hope.

I am so glad you had such a fantastic trip! And I love that when you are feeling discouraged or unsure about what He is calling you to, you have yet another memory to hold onto to remind you to press on in obedience, saying yes to Him and trusting Him fully. I know you don't want to miss all that He has for you. Neither do I. :)

Love to you, sweet friend!

Blogger Jill said...

Renee, Great, great words! Ones I definitely needed to read as I fight that call myself. I pray God will provide some more answers from Iowa this fall.


Wow, what a flight :( Ok, you are makin me nervous for when we go get Jeremiah!

ok What I would have missed, knowing the amazing adventure of adopting Noah and the love of him in my life, and being able to watch God show off to help us get all the funds for him, and now watching God show off again as we start back at it towards Jeremiah! I would have missed being able to use the hard things in my life for good of others to give some meaning to it. I would have missed true love.

There are so many more...Good message
Celeste, Noah and Jeremiah's mama

Blogger RefreshMom said...

I feel like I'm in the process of fully saying yes right now. Funny thing is, it's the "what I might miss" that threatens to hold me back. I might miss moments with my boys that I won't ever see again. Thanks for the perspective that God might have other, equally as lovely, moments to encounter.

Blogger Joyful said...

Renee, I'm finding it hard to express what this post is speaking to my heart.

Last summer when I came back from She Speaks, I too listed all the things I would have missed if I hadn't said yes to God. I remember standing with Holly just before leaving the conference, tears streaming down my face, thanking her again for having the faith in me that I lacked and not giving up on me. That truly was a trip of a lifetime and I met God at every corner and would have missed so much had fear won.

The conclusion of this post has truly convicted my heart. "And you know what I realized? That God wants me to see the blessings I would have missed if I had not said yes to following His heart instead of my own each and every day. Not just in ministry but right where I am everyday..."

Renee, I hate to admit it, but right now, I am missing those blessings...my husband's confident smile because of criticism...the peace in my mother's eyes because I'm getting defensive...the closeness of my child's friendship because of lecturing...the assurance and trust the Lord desires to give me because of doubt...the peace that passes understanding because of focusing on uncertainty...the joy of the Lord because of pain in circumstances...

Renee...thank you. Thank you for helping me see that all this 'missing' is because of choices I'm making in saying 'no' to God. Oh Father, please forgive me once again. I pray, that beginning right now, in this moment, I will follow Your heart. I don't want to miss one more second of the pleasures that are mine in You.

Broken and spilled out,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the mother of a beautiful 3 year old, Libby and I am expecting a little boy in June. I have already begun to worry, until I read an article just a few minutes ago about worry and letting our fears go.

My husband is a minister and I am currently working part-time and plan to stay home after the baby arrives. In our very busy lives we have had little time to reflect on the major change that a new little life will bring to us. So all I have done is worry. I have just realized just how much I am limiting myself and what I will miss if I don't turn these fears over to the Lord.

I know that I would have missed a loving husband, a beautiful little girl, a loving but challenging church family, a hope, and even this web site if I had not said yes to Jesus. And the greatest thing is that I have a choice to say yes to Him daily over and over and that is where I am building my faith. Because I know that there will still be days and moments that I will miss things because I will choose to do things "my way" and not His but that's what I grow from and learn about our Creator is that on His path we miss nothing because that is what we were created for.

Thank you!

Blogger Vern ~ Inspired said...

Girl...the more I read your blog...the more I understand why you are in my life! I love you so much!

I totally GET what you are expressing with all these recent writings that I am catching up on today!!

After several of my most recent speaking events i have been overflowing with growing thoughts of - Wow what if?
What if I had not obeyed him with this calling...What exactly would my days be like?

I magnify the good and thank him for his kindness that has been ever present along my pathway.

Without him...I would have missed this awesome joy of freedom in Christ and peace in my steps!!

I wrote about it today on my blog...Thanks for the inspiration!

Blogger Caprice said...

Hi Renee - One of my "Girls4Jesus", Corinne included, forwarded me your post after our Crossline retreat where you mentioned our new relationship with Jesus. I am further moved by your mention and the reminder of how special that evening and the entire weekend was for us and all of the women who "Did Not Miss It!" Thank you for your amazing wisdom and shining example. I drive around in my car listening to you speak about "Mining for Gold in the Hearts of our Children". I have been focusing on our family by "Being Fully There" and asking for God's guidance. My son loved the stories I shared with him about your 11-year old. As a baseball player, he could appreciate the analogy of the tossing worries (or "baseballs") way out into the outfield. I met him where he's at by letting him know he's the same - as we all have worries. I have been moved by other spiritual women, close friends, new friends from retreat, and relatives. I brought a Bible to retreat that sat untouched on my bedside table for 13 years. My Great Aunt Armida gave it to me on my wedding day. After retreat, I called her to thank her for the Bible and let her know about my weekend with Jesus (I hadn't called her in more than 6 years). She was so grateful to God and we were both in tears. A few days later, I received this note from her, "Dearest Caprice, What a blessing your telephone call was to me on Saturday. Just to know that you have accepted Jesus and to know you will be in eternity with me is a joy. Your children will be stronger in their spiritual walk as their mom strengthens hers and is their true role model for Jesus. Read Proverbs 31 - what a woman is supposed to be. Thanks for the call - it touched me and overwhelmed me with emotion." Thank you, Renee, Crossline and my best friends who brought us together that weekend.

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