More I would've missed...


Blogger Kimberly said...

WOW! These pictures are beautiful, and they make me think.
You know what I don't wanna miss....HEAVEN!!! Can you just imagine? I mean, look at the beauty and times of sweet joy and encouragement we get to taste here on earth. Oh, awesome will our eternal home be...mostly because we will finally be with HIM!!!

My heart rejoices with you for the sweetness you got to experience from your obedience to Him. :)

Blogger Joyful said...

If I hadn't found 'blog world' I would have missed you! You're a treasure my friend. A true treasure. Thank you for always pointing me to Jesus.


Blogger Caprice said...

Hi Renee - One of my "Girls4Jesus", Corinne included, forwarded me your post after our Crossline retreat where you mentioned our new relationship with Jesus. I am further moved by your mention and the reminder of how special that evening and the entire weekend was for us and all of the women who "Did Not Miss It!" Thank you for your amazing wisdom and shining example. I drive around in my car listening to you speak about "Mining for Gold in the Hearts of our Children". I have been focusing on our family by "Being Fully There" and asking for God's guidance. My son loved the stories I shared with him about your 11-year old. As a baseball player, he could appreciate the analogy of the tossing worries (or "baseballs") way out into the outfield. I met him where he's at by letting him know he's the same - as we all have worries. I have been moved by other spiritual women, close friends, new friends from retreat, and relatives. I brought a Bible to retreat that sat untouched on my bedside table for 13 years. My Great Aunt Armida gave it to me on my wedding day. After retreat, I called her to thank her for the Bible and let her know about my weekend with Jesus (I hadn't called her in more than 6 years). She was so grateful to God and we were both in tears. A few days later, I received this note from her, "Dearest Caprice, What a blessing your telephone call was to me on Saturday. Just to know that you have accepted Jesus and to know you will be in eternity with me is a joy. Your children will be stronger in their spiritual walk as their mom strengthens hers and is their true role model for Jesus. Read Proverbs 31 - what a woman is supposed to be. Thanks for the call - it touched me and overwhelmed me with emotion." Thank you, Renee, Crossline and my best friends who brought us together that weekend.

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