Choosing One Thing

The opportunity to choose one thing - one thing that is "most important in my life" not to fail in- just presented itself. This morning my son Joshua woke up and said, "Mom, I want today to be my day."

Each year for their birthday we let our kids choose a day off school to be at home with just me and do whatever they want for the day, as long as they are caught up and did well on progress reports. Well, Joshua's 14th birthday is Sunday and next week is End of Grade tests. So, he chose today! And today I am choosing him!

That means I have to "fail" at keeping some of my promises - like writing on my blog this morning about specific areas we struggle with most , working at the P31 office today, catching up on overdue email responses.

It's not easy to choose to say no to one thing and yes to another - especially when someone is probably going to be let down. But we each have to make those hard choices if we are going to fail forward. It's no coincidence God is giving me this opportunity to choose. But I know in my heart that I am choosing "one thing" that is really important to God and to me - I am keeping a promise to my child. Plus I get to spend the day with someone I am totally crazy about!

So, what is one thing that you are going to do today? What is one choice you can make to ensure your heart that when you lay your head on the pillow tonight you can say, "I did __________. And that is one step closer to me becoming the woman God created me to be."

Tomorrow I will keep my promise to you - to post more specific ways we can fail forward in those areas we tend to experience the most defeat. And I'll announce some give-away winners, too. Be sure to read yesterday's post as a follow up to my devotion "Failing Forward." But first, let us know your "one thing" so we can all pray for each other today!



Blogger Kimberly said...

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Blogger Kimberly said...

Oh...Renee....I meant to post my last comment anonymously. And when I saw my name up blazing lights...I panicked and hit delete. will probably still get it. And so there you go. Nice.

Okay...God has a reason that just happened...a reason other than I am very blonde.
Love you.

Blogger Chef Diane said...


That is similar to what I have done with my guys. There is a special bond between mother's and son's.

Today, I sought to be a blessing to someone, whoever the Lord directed me to. Putting aside the selfish need to air my problems, or complaints. Just being there to listen, smile or pray for another person. The opportunity came and it turned out that I was blessed much more, than I was able to give. What an awesome God we serve!
I pray that you had a wonderful time with Joshua. (that is my oldest son's name)

Blogger Angie said...

Well today was my day to volunteer at Duke Hospital in the Ronald McDonald Family Room. This is a room for families whose children are in the hospital.

Today was the hardest day I have experienced while being there. A young couple came in just to step away from their 3 year old son to get something to drink. They were barely 24yr. to 25 yr. old parents. As soon as they walked in, I could see the drained expressions on their faces. Their son is on life support and expected to die. As she told me this, tears were rolling down her face. Her husband stood motionless as if he had given her all he could and could give no more. My thoughts were.."What do I do? What do you say to someone who is loosing their child? What can I say, that they have not already heard?" I just looked into her swollen, bloodshot eyes that have cried more tears than a young mom should, put my hand on her shoulder and told her how sorry I was. They walked out of the room and I could not hold back my own tears.
You may ask, how is this getting one step closer to being the kind of woman God wants me to be?
For the first time in my life, I am experiencing a relationship with God. I have been praying for Him to make me the kind of woman He has wanted me to be. Along with this prayer, I have prayed for a softer heart. A heart that will allow me to cry so many tears that I have held for too long. That part of my heart that Satan has held on for too long and keeping those tears behind a wall I allowed him to build.
I think that wall came down today.

What is one choice you can make to ensure your heart that when you lay your head on the pillow tonight you can say, "I did __________. And that is one step closer to me becoming the woman God created me to be."

"I did pray without ceasing. Having faith that in His time, He would give me a softer heart. And that is my baby step closer to becoming the woman God created me to be!"

Blogger Renee Swope said...

Angie, I am praying for those precious parents who are letting go of God's precious gift to them - perhaps today. Oh my heart breaks and I cannot fathom the sorrow and grief they are experiencing. Thank you for touching them with God's love today.

I am also celebrating your tears with you!!! I know that sounds crazy to some but I know how powerful that moment was between you and Jesus.

Pray on girl, pray on!!! Proud of you for not holding back the tears today!


Blogger Renee Swope said...


I did get your email and there is a reason it went through. God wants
Hugs! me to be praying for you. I love you sweet friend and as you know I have walked this road. I will walk it with you through prayer and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.


Blogger Renee Swope said...


I love what God did for you and through you today!! I had a wonderful time with Joshua today and my mom was thrilled to see him when I picked her up at the airport this afternoon. Now we're planning his bday party with friends tomorrow. Off to get snacks and drinks for the party!


Blogger Joyful said...

I'm late visiting here today, but I trust that you're still having a wonderful day with Joshua.

Not having read this earlier, I was looking back on my day...have I made any choice yet today that moved me closer to becoming the woman God created me to be? Well, my Mom called early this morning asking if I could drive her somewhere for 11am. I usually don't respond affirmatively right away, but this morning I automatically told her I would come and take her...without hesitation...saying 'no' to my plans for the morning and knowing that my afternoon would be spent at the hospital with my Dad. Not only that, but the accompanying resentment that often goes hand in hand with my actions wasn't there. Thank You Lord.

Angie, I have prayed the same prayer you have prayed...asking God to soften my heart. I have a wall of protection around my feelings and I too celebrate tears when they come. Rejoicing with you tonight.


Anonymous Judy said...

I am so glad i got to read your blog today it helped me realize how small my situation is. I have so much to be thankful for especially since God put such a special friend in my path who introduced me to proverbs31.It was as if though i had
awakened and i could see and feel Gods love in everything I have come in contact with. You see i have been going through a very difficult time for the last ten months,but ever since i went his closeness and i read scriptures but one of the things i love to do before i go to sleep at night is read the daily devotions it gives me a peace that before i never had.So thank you and i for one am especially grateful for all your daily inspiring and uplifting words. My prayers tonight were dedicated to your friend Kim and her family may God bring her comfort and may she find peace and blessings through these very hard times.

Blogger Tea With Tiffany said...

Enjoyed your failing forward devo today in my inbox. And glad you had a day with Joshua.

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