Our First Date
Continued from Letting Him In

JJ called later that week to see if we could get together the next time he was in Raleigh. He was finishing up his co-op job in Greenville, NC and headed back to Raleigh in a couple of weeks before going to his hometown (Hershey, Pennsylvania) for Christmas break. Now that we were "more than friends" I was so excited that our visits were going to be official "dates."

After being married almost 14 years now, we look back and laugh at our lame dates. JJ was still in college and didn't have much money to spend. Neither of us remember ever going to a movie, or dinner on a date. I am sure we did, but it was rare. In fact when we got married, we had a hard time planning date nights because we had such little practice.

But, I will never forget our first date! It was at his brother's house. I know... how romantic. I think we watched the ACC tournament for a little while but all that mattered is that we held hands. That I loved! Just being close to JJ and knowing he cared about me was like being in Heaven. He really was my best friend and there was NO ONE on earth I would rather have been with than him.

Just as I started getting ready to head back to my apartment, JJ got this real serious look on his face. He said he wanted to talk with me before I left. Why do they always wait until it's time to leave?

He told me it had been a while since he dated anyone and that he wasn't interested in just dating for the sake of dating. That is why He had prayed and waited before pursuing more than a friendship with me. He said his parents often asked him if he had a girlfriend and after a while, he told his mom that the next girl he dated would be the one he married.

He did not just say the "M" word, did he? I thought. Is he proposing? O lord, help me!

Not that I wouldn't have said yes on the spot, but I was quite surprised by his pledge of allegiance to me. I am sure at some point he asked if I felt the same and I melted at his feet and said yes. I have forgotten those details. I just remember him explaining that he had one more semester to co-op and three more semesters of classes at Virginia Tech which was four hours away. So, we decided we were on the two-year, long-distance dating plan with hopes of getting to know each other better and praying toward a future together.

Then he asked if he could kiss me, and I said, "No....."


Blogger Lauren said...

You said "no...." what????
Maybe you were about to say:
"No thing or no one could stop me from kissing you!!"- was that it?!!
Wait, I hear a song in the background...


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