Still Rocking, a winner and a BIG sale!
We're back from the Girl's Get-Away cruise, but it doesn't quite feel like it. Well, except for the fact that I need to cook food for my family to eat now.

Did you know your body keeps rocking after being on a cruise? I still feel like I'm on the high seas. Maybe it's because I wish I was. I miss everything about it - the sweet friends I made, worshiping with Nicole C Mullen, Mark Harris, Rebbecca St. James; laughing til I cried with comedian Kenn Kington; and hearing life-changing messages by a few of my favorite speakers every day. Oh, and the food, family time, fun and great memories.

Some of my favorites memories are...

Nicole C. Mullen singing to Aster.

Horseback riding on the beach in Cozumel with Hope TerKeurst and Esther, my friend and literary agent.

Meeting these angels in disguise (Christine, Connie, Debbie and Debbie) on the airport shuttle bus and finding out they were part of the cruise. They blessed me and my family so much with their smiles, hugs, prayers and words of encouragement every time we saw them.

Eating dinner and hanging out with Mark Harris (song writer and voice of "Find Your Wings" and so many other amazing songs), along with his parents, road manager Luke and Luke's really cool wife Julie. I wish I could have met Mark's wife and kids, but they couldn't make it this time. We had so much fun every night with them!!

I've posted all of my cruise photos on my facebook page and would love to share them with you! How I wish every one of you could have been there with us. I did get to meet a few of you like Joyce, Wendy, Fabian, and several others whose names I have blanked out on but whose photos I have on my facebook page. Please let me know if you are one of them so I can tag you, too!

I've been on 3 cruises and this was by far the best one EVER!!! I don't know if I'll be invited to speak again on it (although I hope so!), but I do know Lysa is co-hosting the January 2012 GGA cruise with Karen Kingsbury. P31 is going to offer some great GGA group incentives so I'll let you know when I find out more. If you start saving now, it would just be a little each month to set aside. If you become a group leader and get enough people to go with you, you could even sail for free!! Who doesn't love free?

Speaking of free, the winner of a free copy of Angela Thoman's book, "Do You Know Who I am?" is Wanda from Queenies Little Kingdom. Congratulations. I've got your email so I'll be in touch.

Also, this week only at Proverbs 31 ministries, we are offering a P31% discount on all of our resources! That is 31% off EVERYTHING which is the BIGGEST DISCOUNT we've ever offered, and it's just in time for Christmas shopping or buying that resource you've been waiting to win.

But before you go, tell me this...if you could win a free cruise for 2, who would you take with you? And who would you love to hear speaking or leading worship?? Inquiring minds want to know.


Blogger Dave & Chrissy said...

So glad to hear about the amazing time God gave you and the family while on the GGA cruise.

If I could go on a cruise for 2..I would definetly want to take my husband. We could really use a husband and wife get away.. our kids being 6, 5 and 4 we have yet to go anywhere overnite without them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Hubby. We have been married 22 years and have been dreaming for awhile of going on a cruise. It is great to see your pictures and hear that you had a wonderful time!

Blogger Amy said...

Sounds like loads of fun! Wish I could go on one! I'd definitely take my mom if I could go on a GGA. I don't get to see her often since adding kids to the equation!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a tough question..... with a surprising (to me at least) answer. As MUCH as I'd LOOOOVE to go on a free cruise, I feel like God is nudging me to answer this way: give the tickets to my twin sis and our mom-for a girls' getaway. I'd love to say that slips out of my mouth easily but to be honest that's difficult! My natural, flesh response is to ignore that nudging. :)

~Amy Vitale

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great photos. Praising God that you and your family had such an awesome time.
I would love to go on a cruise with my wonderful hubby of 28 years. For a GGA it would be a blessing to cruise with my friend Laura.
Sharon Telfer

Blogger Mama Mpira said...

Sounds as if you had a lovely time! I'd love to cruise the eastern Mediterranean and visit all the ancient cities mentioned in Acts - Epheseus, Corinth, etc. I'd really prefer to do it in a sail boat, but if it was a 'proper' cruise there is no doubt who the worship leader should be - Brian Doerksen!

Blogger Victoria said...

For sure my husband. He is a pastor, has another job, coaches, and takes care of our 18 month old son while I sleep (work 3rd shift). He deserves a vacation! I would love to hear Natalie Grant or Britt Nicole sing. Or Toby Mac. God bless!

I am still rocking too!!!! Oh my!

Will be posting pix within the next few days. Great to see you and your beautiful family!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I could win a cruise, I would take my best friend Michaele! I would say my sweet husband but he is NOT into traveling much less a cruise! :)

Speakers, I Love ALL of the Proverbs 31 ladies, of course! I have also been really enjoying some fun books by Rhonda Rhea. I love Chonda Pierce but in all favorite authors of all time are Lysa Terkeurst and Karen Kingsbury. LOL but this is no joke! Karen Kingsbury has been my favorite author for many years until I came across this book called, "What happens when women say yes to God", being as God used this book to change my lilfe, I decided to look up this author. :) This is how I came across all of you wonderful women! Sorry I am rambling but I am so thankful that God led me in this direction! :) Have a blessed day!


Blogger Danette said...

If I won a cruise and would most assuredly take my sweet, precious husband who desperately needs a vacation!

Anonymous Emily B ( said...

I would love to cruise with my mom, but even better would be a bonding cruise with my sister-in-law, Kristin. We're both learning so much in the Word right now, and that would just be icing on the cake to have a retreat to learn together!

Music from Christy Nockels and Natalie Grant would be awesome!!! Speaker idea: Voddie Baucham

Anonymous Mary R snyder said...

Hey Chick! You MUST go again!! And I promise to bring you some Grapico!!

Loved hanging out with you -- let's do it again.

Blogger Wander said...

Yay, Renee!
I was reading along enjoying your fun cruise news and wasn't expecting to see my name! Yeehaw!
I'm really excited!

Thank you!
And I love hearing about the fun on GGA!!
Feeling blessed!

Blogger Melanie said...

Mark Harris and I sang in the same choir in college.
Cruise ~ I've never been on one but if I could go I'd take my daughter and if she didn't want to go, I have a few friends who could arm wrestle for it!

Anonymous Jolene said...

Renee - Have been reading about the GGA Cruise and would love to go in 2012! I would take either my daughter or my best friend from another state - Beth. We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like and it would be a blast to cruise together! For a couples cruise definitely my hubby!

Worship Leaders I'd love to hear include Chris Tomlin, Mandisa, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me to name a few.

Love what you shared today in your interview with Glynnis - great encouragement to me!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love following your blog. I am an adoptive mother as well. I enjoyed seeing your family on stage when I attended She Speaks 2010. If I won a GGA cruise for two I'd invite my mother or my life long friend Angela.
With the busyness of life and being 4hours of away from them and the busyness of a ministry schedule (pastor's wife) and four kids schedules and full time work it has been difficult to find time to spend with either of them that is fun girlfriend time. I enjoyed Cheri Keaggy at She Speaks and speakers Glynnis Whitwer, Mary DeMuth, Mary Beth Whalen.
Thank you for sharing your life stories with us.

Fran Westlund

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