Tuesday's Update: The post I planned for today has lots of photos so it takes extra time which I'm short on today cause I'm running around getting everything ready for our whole family to leave tomorrow for the Girls Get-Away cruise! I know, what crazy woman would choose to bring a 2yr old and the stress of traveling with her whole troop over a girl's get-away with her girlfriends?? The kind that wants to thank her family for all they sacrificed while I was writing a book. It's my surprise gift to them! And they are so excited. I promise to have fun and relax when we get there, and I promise to announce my 2 winners before I leave!


I've extended my Friday give-away through tonight! Be sure to click on the green link in Friday's post that goes to my resource page at P31. Then come back and click on "comments" below that post to let me know which of my messages on CD, DVD or parenting resources you would choose if you won, and why.

Today I'm filming a promotional video for my book, A Confident Heart, at 4pm. It's going to be shown at my publishers large sales and marketing conference at the end of the month. So, in 2 minutes I need to share who I am, what the book is about, why I wrote it and how women will benefit from it! And we're choosing my book cover today, too!

Would treasure your prayers. I'll be back tomorrow (Wednesday) to let you know how it all goes!