Friday's Give-Away!
Last year I was given a copy of Angela Thomas' "My Single Mom Life" to give away on my blog. I read it first and, although I'm not a single mom, couldn't put it down. Her girl-friendy style, humor and deep love for Jesus captivated my heart and fueled my desire to live an amazing life and be an amazing mom.

I've gotten to meet and hear Angela a few times since then, and she's as inspiring in real life as she is on the pages of her books. Today, I'm excited to share with you about her newest book "Do You Know Who I am?" I've been given one copy to read and another to give away. Each chapter answers a different question that lies within a woman's heart when we're feeling vulnerable and unsure anyone knows who we really are.

With each question, Angela reveals God's heart and response. He alone answers our uncertainties with a resounding "yes."

Yes, He knows who you are, who you really are. He sees you as you are and loves you still. He knows your deepest needs, insecurities, hurts and desires. And He wants to show you that He alone is the answer you are longing to find. When we ask, "Do you know who I am?" He says, "Yes, but what matters most is that you know Who I AM my child."

I'd love to share something that's touched my heart from each chapter I've read so far, but this would become a book-sized post! So, instead I'll share with you the title of each chapter and God's response to us in asking:

Do you know I am trembling inside? He is my comfort.
Do you know I am worn out? He does not grow weary.
Do you know I am suffering with a thorn? He is my sufficiency.
Do you know I am a sinner? He is my Savior.
Do you know I am lonely? He is here.
Do you know I am undisciplined? He is my strength.
Do you know I am hesitant? He is generous.
Do you know I am ordinary? He is my King and my Father.
Do you know I am broken? He is my Redeemer.
Do you know I am disappointed? He is my Hope.

To enter to win a copy of Angela's book, "Do You Know Who I am?", click on the word "comments" below, and let me know which of these questions you've asked before or perhaps another that isn't listed. I'll announce the winner next Tuesday week when we get back from the girlfriend get-away cruise!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have asked all of those questions .... sometimes within the same day :) Would love to read this book!
Praying you are having a wonderful time cruising with your family.
Sharon Telfer

Blogger Cindy said...

Do you know I am lonely? As hubby begins day 37 if his hospital heart has cried over and over how lonely I am.
Enjoy your cruise:)

Blogger Allison Morrison said...

Do you know I'm trembling inside? That is one I've asked over and over. I come before the throne quite often with this one. Thank God that He is my comfort--I just have to be reminded :-)

Blogger lisasmith said...

After She Speaks, I can't wait to read Angela's book!!! Hope you guys are having a total blast =)

I ask God all the time Do you remember me? I need constant reinforcement.

Cindy, I'm praying for you and for your husband's healing today.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know how discouraged I am?


Blogger Tonya Ingram said...

Do you know I am lonely is the one I've asked recently, but I've asked all of those at one time or another!

Blogger Momma Shoe said...

Sounds like a great book! Putting to words what I sometimes feel. Have a relaxing trip:)

Do you know I am hesitant? I need a constant reminder on this one. That my God is enough....and I should forge onward. He will sustain me through it all.

Sounds like a great book!

Anonymous Heidi said...

Do you know I am worn out and undisciplined??? I think maybe if I were more disciplined I wouldn´t be so worn out. I definitely need to read this book!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know I am ordinary?

Blogger Ginny said...

I was blessed to meet Angela in WV and purchased my copy of this book there. (We were also blessed to be the first conference in which the book was sold, and that was before it was available anywhere else!) She is a phenomenal, real woman for God and I have been tremendously blessed through reading her book. I know who ever receives this will be blessed also!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I have asked so many of these at one time or another, but I think that the one that has come up most recently over and over is "Do you know I'm ordinary?"

Blogger tiggerdaisy said...

I have asked myself many of those questions--especially the undisciplined question.

Hope you are having a great time on the cruise!

Prayers and blessings,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have.. mostly trembling, disappointed and discouraged.

Anonymous Melodie Parnell said...

The question I have asked alot recently is "Do you know I am lonely?" I'm 38 and still sing. Some days are hard to deal with, but I know GOD is WITH ME!!!

God Bless you all on your cruise!

Blogger Laurie said...

I love all of the chapter titles. I can relate to so many. I guess the one that I have asked most recent is "do you know I am disappointed?"

Hope you enjoy the cruise!


Blogger Wander said...

Do you know I am weary?

I'm weary from years of ministry life that suddenly came to a halt. Now we wait. And the wait has lasted over 2 years.
My heart can't grasp what it is that God wants from us. Do we walk away from the years of seminary & struggling & serving?

Who are we? I know we don't get our worth or value from WHAT WE DO....but its been very difficult to be out of the ministry and feel like we're lepers.
It's sad how quickly people forget what you've done for them.

I feel weary.

Blogger Amy J. said...

Do you know I am undisciplined?
Do you know how discouraged I am?

Blogger Kim said...

Oh my. This book sounds wonderful! I have asked all of these questions at some point. I am worn out is at the top right now. Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous Jennifer Renee said...

The questions I have asked most often ar, Do you know I am lonely? and Do you kno I am disappointed?

Blogger Melissa said...

I've asked all of those questions, some of them more than once!


Sounds like a great book!

Enjoy your trip!!

Do you know I am broken? He is my Redeemer.
Sounds like a great book.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cindy, I feel so sad for you. I'll be praying. And Melodie, don't give up hope....have you heard the song "He is with You" by Mandisa. It touches my soul.

For the questions, I ask "Do you know I am not worthy? He is my Grace" Amen!
Teresa C.

Blogger Cindy in PA said...

Do you know that I'm trembling inside? That's the question I would ask, knowing that God knows everything, and would love to read Angela's thoughts/insights.

Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of her book!

Blogger susanamiracle said...

I've asked Him pretty much all of those questions at one time or another. But I think the one I've asked the most, with the most sorrow, is "Do you know I am broken?" And He answers me, but I can't seem to remember His answer all the time. And yet, He is incredibly faithful!

Blogger Beauty From Ashes said...

Yes, I too have asked most of those questions and many more. One I have asked that isn't listed is...Do you know if my life matters to anyone?
Thanks for your post, I would really like to read the book.

Blogger Paige said...

I have asked those questions and others like Do you know I am beyond stressed? Do you know I am confused? I guess those could fall under some of the others listed but I ask them this way. I am really going to have to get this book!!!

Blogger Snjezana said...

Do you know I am undisciplined?

Blogger Caroline said...

I've heard about this book in a couple of places already. Usually when that happens, it's a book I should pick up. :-)

I'm pretty sure I've asked a majority of those questions.

As of late, I've asked: Do you know I am worn out? Do you know I am ordinary? and Do you know I am hesitant?

I love God's responses to these questions, and have to remind myself of His answers often.

Blogger Marla said...

I am sure I have asked myself all these questions, but especially the one about being disappointed, but God is always my hope. What an awesome feeling to know that no matter what I always have hope with God. Thank you for the chance to win this book. God bless!

Anonymous karen g said...

do you know i am trying and struggling. Trying to blend 2 grieving families together in love,in sorrow, in peace and with the strength of our Savior and many days it just doesn't seem to be working. But I know God has a plan for us and i will continue to put my faith in Him.
Have a wonderful time!

Blogger ConnieH said...

Do you know how discouraged I am? Another one I often ask is, Lord, can you feel the pain I am feeling?

Angela is wonderful. I did her Do You Think I'm Beautiful Bible study before. I'd love to read her new book.


Blogger Sheena said...

For me its do you know I am broken.
For God to usually do a great work in me, He usually breaks me first.And thats painful but needed.

But He redeems me so that i then can redeemed others too.


I have asked many of those questions, but I guess the most often asked question is - Do you know I am weary? I want to serve Him with all I have, but I also work full-time, and am married with two children. It's a great formula for weariness!

Secondly, I ask Him sometimes - Do you see how mean your people are to one another? My husband is in full time ministry and it seems there is an attack at least once a week from someone within the body. Combine those attacks with weariness,and I tend to ask Him if He sees how people treat one another even within His kingdom. I know He does, it's just difficult to weather constantly.

Renee, I can't wait to see who's going to win a copy of this new book by Angela! I'm praying God would guide you to select the comment of a women who needs this book the most in her life right now.

Love ya much!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow-those questions strike at my heart....I've asked most recently "do you know I'm broken? He is my Redeemer."

Amy Vitale

Blogger Colleen said...

Great questions...Do you know I am lonely? This one gets me even in a crowded room. Would love to read the book for more answers, heart answers.

Blogger Joyful said...

Can I only choose one? :) Seems like recently I've been asking them all. I'll add: Do you know I am fearful; Do you know I am longing for more?

Sounds like a wonderful book.

Trust you are enjoying your cruise.

Anonymous Heather Cook said...

Do you know I am angry? He is my forgiver.

What a wonderful sounding book!

Blogger DeAnna said...

Do you know I am short-order cook, waitress, and maid? He is the ultimate example of servanthood! Just have to remind myself it's not about me sometimes...
Does the book come in audio?

Anonymous Cynthia said...

Do you know I am lonely and feel unloved?

Those are the ones most asked.


"Do you know I am lonely?" Being a pastor's wife is a very lonely life which is probably surprising to most people. Wanting to support and be there for him makes me unable to figure who I really am. I know who I used to be, but now...not so much. Friends would be nice. I know the Lord knows all about it...I'm very lonely.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our neighborhood Bible study we are studying Kelly Minter's Ruth; Loss, Love, and Legacy. This week, the study touches on how unworthy we feel to be blessed by our kindsman-redeemer.

This week we are asking:

Do you know I am unworthy? If you only just accept my Son, you BECOME worthy in My sight.

Anonymous Mimi said...

I have asked all of these questions but "Do you know I am trembling inside? He is my comfort.
" would definitely be the #1 question.

Would love to have this book.

Blogger Kimberly said...

Oh, so many good questions! I would say the one I have been asking the most lately is "do you know I am undisciplined?".

Hope you had a fabulous time on the cruise, friend! And thank you for letting us know about this book. Dear must read book list just keeps getting longer and longer. Perhaps if I were more disciplined, I would have more reading time! :)

Love ya',

Do you know I am hesitant? He is generous. That one speaks to me on so many levels.
thanks for all you do!!

Anonymous Andrea Stanley said...

I can't just pick one, at different points in my life I have asked all those questions. And I know in the days to come I am sure those will come up again along with some new ones!

Anonymous Emily B said...

Do you know I am broken? A broken heart, broken finances and broken life all at the same time broke my spirit as well, but God provided for every need, financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He used my family and friends to build me back up, and I am a stronger woman now because of Him.

Blogger Happy Four said...

Do you know I am hesitant is a big one for me. I would love to win a copy of this book.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have pondered all of these questions at some point but most of all, Do you know how long I have been suffering in this marriage yet I will wait for you Lord...

Blogger connie said...

Renee, I have asked all of these and many others. The one I ask all to often is WHY? Which is not on the list. I am not sure if I should be asking such a question but I don't understand why my life has turned out the way it has. I miss my husband and two boys so much every day. I know they are in heaven but it's really hard not to wish I was there with them. I meet you on the side walk....this is Connie. I miss see you and talking with you. We did have a great cruise. I am praying for you and your family. Love ya, Connie

Anonymous Debbie said...

You touched me in so many ways while on our cruise. From our first meeting in the van from the airport to hotel to the last hug (one of many) at the airport leaving from the Cruise. I have used the "locked cabinet" example you told me about already with my daughter who lost out on a job change she rightly deserved as far as we feel, but that 1 example has lifted her back in her spirits. You are so gifted and real and I can't wait to actually do coffee with you sometime soon. Keeping you and your most WONDERFUL family in my prayers. Love and more hugs..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know I am lonely - He is there.
Starting to believe this, thank you!

Anonymous Janice from PA said...

"Do you know I am weary?"...
For the past 18 months I have endured so many trials: losing my job and not being able to find employment in my field, unresolved health issues due to no insurance, financial problems, trying to maintain my home and care for or 6 dogs, care for my elderly mother, and the most difficult, my finance's incarceration and trying to provide the constant supply of love, support and encouragement he needs to get through each day. We are nearing the time that he will be released, but each day gets harder as I am just plain weary from all that is on my shoulders. I praise God for helping me get though each day, and I know our prayers will soon be answered in His perfect timing, but at times it seems like this nightmare is never going to end, prompting me to ask "When, Lord?"

Anonymous Vickie said...

Do you know I am lonely? I say this more than you could ever know. I lost my job and had to move in with my son which put me 1-2 hours away from what use to be my earthly friends. So I am going back to school and working part time and I pray for new friends to be sent my way. God Bless and have a safe trip.

Blogger Trish said...

Do you know I am broken? Of course He knows because He kept those childhood memories for me until we could work through them together and He knows how much I hurt...

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