Sunsets, picnic blankets & Sunday afternoons
I came home tired and spilled out from an amazing women's conference in Illinois. We were all tired but JJ had read Aster's post and knew I wanted to celebrate, so we got creative yet kept it sweet and simple.

Since the boys had youth group, JJ and I decided to take Aster out on a mommy/daddy date Sunday evening. It was so much fun having her all to ourselves. Then, when the boys came home, we did one of my favorite things. We threw a blanket on the ground in our backyard and hung out as a family talking and throwing a tennis ball across the yard as the sun went down.

Not everybody was thrilled with the idea (ie. the 15 yr old), but I pretended he was glad to be there. It was so peaceful. Funny how much I love doing this yet it's been so long since we have. That will be changing. It's such a perfect way to end a weekend and begin a new week, together. Next to my time with Jesus, sitting on a blanket watching the sunset with my family... it just fills me up in a way nothing else does.

What is something you enjoy doing with your family? When was the last time you did it?

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Blogger Danielle said...

That looks like some good family time.

We do something similiar to that every once in awhile. One of our new family things to do is play the Wii fit together. I never thought we'd have a game system in our house, but I have to say it is loads of fun, and can be very funny. Especially when we're laughing at(with) my husband.

Some of our best times, though, are walking through Cowpens Battle Field, or along the trial to Pearson's Falls.

Blogger Melanie said...

Loved all the family photos! Can totally relate with the teenager thing.

We all love movies, so Monday pm we watched the original Toy Story and remembered when the guys were younger and how much they loved that movie. We're looking forward to Toy Story 3.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every Friday night we make homemade pizza and watch a Netflix movie. Those days will be ending before we know it as my daughters are 18 (and heading to college this fall) and 16 (and she'll be a senior in the fall). My son is just about to graduate college so he hasn't been at home for a while. Enjoy all the time you can get with your family now because it goes by in a flash!
Kate S.

Blogger tiggerdaisy said...

I'm so glad you were able to do something you wanted to do with your family! :)

We love to go on long, slow walks. It's such a perfect thing to do with your family!

Prayers and blessings,

Blogger Betty Hodge said...

My husband has gotten over himself LOL & is enjoying playing football with my son. Its never been a sport that Mike liked but God spoke to him about finding something he can bond with Nick with. So I will either go outside and cheer them on or join in myself along with my Daugther! We also bought some paints from Walmart and at times I get easels or wood crafts and we paint as a family. Again that is not something my husband thought would be fun but he joined in because he knew it was something I wanted us to do with our children.
Betty Jones Hodge

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful homecoming! My kids are both still pretty little (4 and 2) so we enjoy curling up on the couch and reading books together!

Have a great week!

These are such precious photos of you and kids. Looks like y'all stayed outside until the sun went completely down :)

I love to travel with Keith and the boys. There is just something wonderful about getting away from the daily routine of life (i.e. emails, phone calls, chores, errands, X-box, homework...) and experiencing something new and exciting together. One our best trips was to Arizona, Utah, & Nevada. We spent our days in National Parks climbing rocks, getting wet in freshwater creeks, and hiking for miles. Experiencing God's creation through the sights and sounds of nature was absolutely awesome and so memorable for all of us.

Blogger kris said...

When my kids were growing up we had pizza together on Sunday afternoons - in the fall we would watch football together on TV. Even when the kids went off to college they would still try to come home for Sunday pizza.
Family time is so precious - thanks for sharing!

Blogger Jill Herald said...

It happened by accident, but now we totally it embrace when the opportunity presents itself.

We lost power once quite awhile ago and the girls were frightened! As a single mom I had to find a way to distract them from the moment. Needless to say I made quite a production out of gathering every candle in the entire house, and trust me, that's alot!!! Once the dining room was lit with a million candle-watt power :) we pulled out the games and had the best time imaginable!!

Believe it or not, when the power goes out we all get a little excited and start running for games and candles!! God calmed our inner storm with some incredible family time and we forgot about the storm outside, for the most part :)

Our last candlelit game night was about four weeks ago! Storm season does have its perks.

Blogger KELLY WILLIE said...

Perry and I have children that are grown and we have 8 grand children, but we love to go to our pond and fish and just enjoy the quite of nature! If any of the grandkids are around, they love to feed the ducks and fish (if the fish are biting of course). Let's just say they love to "catch" not fish!! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Makes me "feel the love"!

Blogger lisasmith said...

that little girl is so stinkin' cute! i love being outdoors with my family too... it was 95 and so humid here today! It'll have to be the swimming pool or the living room for awhile ;)

glad you're getting some family time. praying the book is going well. xoxo

Blogger Lindsey Feldpausch said...

As a family we enjoy dancing to my husbands guitar playing! Renee, just wanted to thank you for the comment on my guest post for Karen Ehman's blog a while ago. It is going to be so much fun, getting to know you and the way that you reflect Jesus through reading your blog!

Blogger AMother's Place said...

I love family moments like these... and I don't make them happen enough! We also have home made pizza and a movie on Friday nights! I am always so ready for it by Friday night too!!! My favorite part is letting my boys fall asleep in my arms and carrying them to bed :)

Anonymous Wendy Mbakop said...

Everytime I read your blog my heart is filled with gladness. It is so precious to read about the happeness you have in your relationship with your baby girl as well as your husband and sons. I am so tickled.

My husband and I enjoy bike riding on Sunday afternoons and stopping for ice cream on the way home. We haven't done if for a while because either one of us or both are traveling. When he comes home from Brazil we are going to make a point to have that time together with our son Caesar.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My son, 13, pretends he doesn't enjoy those "simple" family times either, but he's always asking when we are doing the next one:)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny...this past weekend was such a fun time for me and my family. We had a great morning at church, then stopped by a small diner for some "post-breakfast", did some yard work together, and then the hubby and I sat in our front yard and watched the children play. We enjoyed some pizza and some homemade cookies from a neighbor, and then watched a little Mulan II. It was such an awesome Sunday!!!!

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