When God Makes a Way
This morning, God made a way for Cindy Huax at "From Seeds to Sunflowers." to attend She Speaks by winning our scholarship. I am so excited for Cindy!!

But, I'm also sad there could only be one winner after getting to know so many of you through your entries. We had 300 pages of blog comments and our whole team was so moved by your stories! We kept emailing each other talking about how hard it would be to choose only one.

If God has called you to the conference at this time, He will make a way! Jesus called Himself the Way! He specializes in making a way when there isn't one. So, do not let "not winning" convince you that you're not supposed to be there. Don't even entertain the thought- there's just no way.

Two and a half years ago God led our family to start the process of adopting a daughter from Ethiopia with no resources, no room for another child in our house, no idea of what adoption agency to use, no connections to people in Ethiopia and no clue how to get started. But as we walked in faith, He made a way!! And look at the reward we have now because we didn't give up when it got hard, really hard!

Jesus has been the way, the Truth and the Life for our family each step we took. I pray today you will press into Him and ask Him to give you just enough light for the step you are on, and you'll keep walking.

I also want you to know the P31 team has committed to praying specifically for each of you - that God will provide unexpected checks, generous friends, birthday gifts, creative fund-raising ideas, etc. If you are willing to put forth the effort and get creative, you can even create your own scholarship!

Proverbs 31 has already put together an amazing letter you can send to your family, friends, church, small group, etc. As a result, tax-deductible donations are made to Proverbs 31 Ministries and designated as scholarship money for the individual. Each year 20 – 30 women attend She Speaks because they set up their own scholarship. There are people who feel called to financially help someone else answer the call to speak or write.

For a copy of the letter, click here. Should you decide to raise support, you will need to register for the conference to ensure your spot AND send your your mailing address to Samantha@proverbs31.org This is imperative to making sure your funds are allocated to you.

Also, be sure to visit Marybeth Whalen's blog on Tuesday where she is interviewing someone who found a creative way to get to a conference she couldn't afford!And be sure to let me know what next step you are taking. I'd love to pray for you!


You are all so awesome there at Proverbs 31 Ministries. Thank you for caring so much about all of us out here in blog land and for following the Lord and spreading his encouragement and blessings out to us. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the work God has done in me through your devotions. Thank you Renee for your part in all of this.

I missed last Friday's scholarship give away, but have entered on facebook today. I am going to get to She Speaks one way or another. I just know it.

Lee Ann

Blogger Renee Swope said...

Yay LeeAnn, I am praying to that end!! I can't wait to see you there. We LOVE being part of your journey!!!


Blogger RefreshMom said...

Congratulations to Cindy!

I'm still praying for God to make a way for me to attend this year. I appreciate the suggestions and am looking expectantly for Him to show me how He'll provide.

I so appreciate your heart(s) that pray for each woman who needs to be there and for those who long to come. As much as I anticipate what God would show/teach me from the conference itself, I think I long most of all to be there to be surrounded by so many women with such hearts for Him, for ministry and for other women.

We've been living in a desert place for too long and the conference sounds like an oasis for the spirit.

Praying with you that those who need to be there, will be.

Mary Hampton

Blogger Jill Herald said...

Renee ~ THANK YOU for reminding me to go to Him and ask Him to give you just enough light for the step you are on, and you'll keep walking.

Your brief insight into your family blindly walking with Jesus toward Aster is exactly the reminder I needed today.

I still may not know where Jesus is leading me, but I do need to ask for enough light for the step I am on and trust Him.

Thank you for letting Jesus' light shine through you today so that I could be remined of where I was to be. ~ Jill

Blogger Emily Roten said...

As an adoptive mom myself - so blessed and encouraged by you post. Thank you for sharing your adoption story. Trusting God will allow me to be @ She Speaks in July. See you then!

Blogger Shelly said...

Thank you for that reminder... God will provide! While I'm disappointed that I have not won any of the scholarships, I am excited to see how God will provide! I feel led to attend She Speaks, so will you please pray for my patience as I wait upon the Lord?

Also, thanks for the tip to check out Marybeth's site. I am currently asking God to show me my part in creating my own scholarship! I'm looking forward to reading the story you mentioned!!!


Blogger lisasmith said...

Congrats to Cindy!!

Praying God makes a way for all he's called. Thanks for the reminder Renee.

love you friend. lisa xoxo

Blogger Jill said...

Thanks for your words and the picture of waiting on Him and walking in His ways! What a beautiful picture that has led to!! I am still praying about She Speaks for this year - it's really been on my heart, but I'm just trying to discern if it's what I want or what God does. He seems to be making a way, well I know He is, but it's not looking quite like I expected...isn't that life!! Blessings to you, Jill

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