The wave

Hi!! Mommy wanted me to leave you a quick note and give you the wave. That is what I do to say hi to people. But I don't really wave. I just hold up my hand.

Mommy's been traveling some this week telling lots of women about Jesus because she loves Him so much. She doesn't like to be away because she misses me and my big brothers. And she really, really misses Daddy. I see her hugging him all the time. It makes me smile so big!! When they hug me at the same time, I push their faces together because I like to see them smooch. Mommy says it's because I'm a girl. My brother's think it's kinda gross.

So what are you doing this weekend? I'm just hanging out here at home playing with our dog Daisy and practicing my walking/running. I can really get around these days. I'm everywhere!

Mommy is in Illinois speaking tonight and tomorrow. She told Daddy's she's praying each woman will hear God speak to her heart about how special she is to Him. I don't know what that means but I think she wants them to know His love in a way they never have before. One day mommy wants me to go with her and share how God adopted me into His family and my family. I think that would be fun. Maybe I'd get to meet you.

I better go. I've got a busy weekend planned. It's kinda fun being the only princess when mommy is gone. But I'm glad this is the last time she is speaking until She Speaks. I have to admit, when she comes home I don't always give her the wave. Sometimes I just give her the look. You know, the one that says, "Hey, where have you been?"

But when she gets home Sunday, I'm going to give her a big smile and we're going to celebrate! Maybe we'll go eat somewhere fun if Daddy reads my post and gets the hint mommy told me drop. Well, I hope you have a fun weekend! Bye.


Blogger Kimberly said...

Too sweet! I love her dropping the hint for daddy there at the end. :)

Praying for you!

Blogger RefreshMom said...

Precious! Love seeing how she's growing into your hearts and family.

Blessings on you and the women you're ministering to this weekend!

Mary Hampton

Anonymous kim said...

Oh, she's a princess! I love this message.

Big Hugs in Him,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear girl, you are just so precious! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and you are so LOVED! I love seeing your pictures and how you are growing into such a beautiful girl. Thank you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, i love this post. She is beautiful...and as I recall, I used to wave like that too. Just raising my hand in the air!

Blogger Lelia Chealey said...

Awww...that is so sweet!!!
She's getting so big. :) but :( at the same time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is beautiful.

Blogger JottinMama said...

I hope you had a blessed weekend!

And I hope you got to eat somewhere fun!

Have a lovely week!

Kate :)

Blogger Jill said...

She is really getting big! What a contrast to some of the first pics you've posted of her. God is obviously at work in her life!! Pray the weekend went well.

Blogger Wendy Blight said...

Oh, I love seeing your family just hanging out and relaxing, Renee. You need these times as you dig in and finish your book. Take time to BREATHE and ENJOY life as you write. It will fill you as you move forward and take on the next chapter.

Love you,


Blogger On Purpose said...

Aster you are the MOST precious princess and your wave is just the beginnings of what God has in store for you. Looking into your beautiful lights up this world...yeah! Hope you hug your mommies neck tight...she does an amazing job of sharing Jesus with women! Oh and tell her I look forward to hearing her in person at She Speaks! Hugs and love to you sweet Aster!

Blogger pinkdaisyjane said...

I'm pretty sure that if my little girl blogged when I was away at work, it would sound a lot like this. What a sweet post! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Aster for sharing your mommy with the Illinois women! We were blessed by her message and words of encouragement! We look forward to the day that you join her as God reveals His plan for your life!! God bless your family!

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