I'm in Time Out!
I got an email from my sweet friend and "boss" Lysa on Monday telling me she was mandating (in a sweet kind of way) that I take time off work to finish my book proposal!

She knew that I had a really stressful week last week at work, I've been traveling with speaking, and just not able to keep up lately with life, ministry, family and my roles at P31. But her biggest concern is that she knows I am frustrated because I haven't worked on my book much since mid April when I had to stop for Spring break and taxes. And the way things are going it might not get done, and that makes me sad.

As soon as I read her email, a peace came over me, and I knew it was what I needed to do. I knew it was permission from a friend and direction from God.

It sounded so good. So easy. Just turn off everything else and start writing. But it hasn't been easy at all!

I had promises to two friends that I needed/wanted to keep on Monday. So I decided I'd start on Tuesday. Then yesterday I remembered things I HAD TO DO for radio and She Speaks before I could go into "time out" and I'd also planned to spend time with my friend Kim since she needed a ride to another doctor's appointment.

Last night I caught up on emails at work and home, and now I am in "time out." The good thing is that it gives me time to pull away and think, and hopefully focus on writing!

Please pray for me 'cause this won't be easy. I think I may be a little ADD because I get distracted so easily and have a hard time sitting still and writing. I also hate the thought of all the work that will pile up. Which makes it incredibly hard not to check email since so much of what I do is relational and communication oriented via email with event leaders, speakers, radio requests, friends and family.

Yes, it'll be hard but I know my God can harness all that in me and keep me focused. I just need His help, His inspiration and Divine focus to write the words He has already penned. Afterall, I am working on my "I can..." chapters. So here I go...I can stay focused. I can fast from email for a few days. I can finish this book proposal!

Do you need a time out? If so, I give you permission and a blessing to pull away and focus on something you've really wanted and needed to do - but can't seem to find time to do it!

Enjoying my time in the corner!


Blogger Jill said...

Hi Renee,
Time-out sounds like a good place to be! What a great friend for Lysa to recognize this and give you permission to push pause and allow God to encourage you to keep moving on through her. I pray it all goes well and look forward to the day when I can read the words you will pen. Blessings to you, Jill

Blogger My Journey to Hope said...

Renee, I will be praying for you. I've been struggling to keep working on my book and artwork that needs to be finished. I think when you need your full brain, it's the most difficult, because suddenly you can think of a million other things you need to do. And then there's the kids... Yes, I will be praying for you to get some rest and inspiration!


Blogger Bonita said...

Renee, I'm so glad that you're taking a time out to write. As hard as it is, it's also necessary if God has put a book on your heart.

To answer your question, yes, I need a time out, but it won't come until at least Sunday. I have a huge speaking agenda this weekend and no respite in sight. I'm off to pack!

Blogger Cris Nole said...

Praying for you my friend. Be still!!!! The key to running your race is knowing when to rest. Rest well my friend.


Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

Hi Renee,

Enjoy your 'time out' and I'll be praying that you'll be able to get a lot accomplished!


Blogger Wrinkled Shirts said...

You'd better not be reading these comments, you're in time out!! Good for you! We're so much alike it's scary. I'm ADD like that too. I pray you're finding your groove and the words are flowing like honey!

Paula G. <><

Praying for you Renee!!! May God richly bless this time.
Much love,

Blogger DOakley said...

Renee, I struggle with the same thing. I'm a writer, too, with a gazillion book ideas that never seem to get written or finished. My main business is editing (at least until the writing starts paying), so I'm often working more on other peoples' things than on my own. This is very frustrating to me.

Add in the stress of looking after two inherently disorganized people (my older son and husband) and the mounting piles of laundry--mostly washed at this point, but not put away--and a baby....

I'm always afraid to take any time off--even to pee and shower--because all clients understand is that you've stopped working on their project to do something else. This happened this weekend after I took the time to take care of my family.

I'm also in the process of starting a new at-home business.

Then there's trying to convince my husband that I can't just drop what I'm doing and go out for a day whenever I feel like it. He's under the disillusion that because I'm at home I can do what I want. I've tried to convince him that every day I'm not working puts me a day behind.

Your boss is right. You need a break. Take a deep breath and enjoy this time when you can sit and concentrate on your own work. I very much understand your dilemma. I will pray that your time is productive.

Please do let us know when you get it done so we can celebrate with you!

Blogger Joyful said...

A song from a musical version of "Cinderella" is running through my head, "In my own little corner, in my own little world..." :o) Renee, praying the Lord will help you stay focused and that He will direct your thoughts, motivate, inspire, enthuse and excite you in the process. May your heart beat with a passion for all that He desires you to share and may He order your words so that they will touch and impact the lives of others for years to come. May your "time out" bring the results you long to see and be beneficial. May you not feel guilty because of withdrawal from other activities and relationships, but may you still have time to pour into your family and accomplish all that the Lord requires.

Hugs, love and prayers sweet friend,

Blogger Judith Hernandez said...

Time-out to work in your proposal is not a real time out. You should read some of the devotionals P31 has about rest. We all need to rest. Enjoy your time-out but do not forget to rest.

Blogger Lindsey said...

I'll miss your insights, but I'm glad you feel the freedom to take a little time out.

Praying that these next few days/weeks will provide your mind with the rest it needs to get that proposal finished!

Blogger Julie Gillies said...

You're in my prayers, Renee. May God grant you divine inspiration, clarity, wisdom and focus!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Renee… The break is definitely welcomed. I want you to know you have been a wonderful blessing to me…. Not to mention I have been using your devotionals & emails to minister to several ladies that I work with. I am currently separated and contemplating a possible divorce from my second marriage. This isn’t what I want… but my husband isn’t making it very easy. When he and I met, I was doing well in my walk with the Lord… not going to say perfect, because I am human. I met my husband, and let him know what I was looking for. He portrayed himself as a wonderful Christian single father raising his children. I let his picture/promises get in the way of my walk with the Lord. Needless to say after 3 years our marriage is on the rocks. I would truly appreciate your prayers and guidance. I am trying to encourage and minister to those around me, but there are times when I feel like it just isn’t in me. I know this is Satan… and I know he is a liar… but the daily grudge of being a mom to 4 teenagers, a wife, owning a restaurant, having a full time job, keeping up a home, and trying to keep the books for my husbands side business…. And continue trying to remain positive and minister to those around me is tending to be too much.

Any prayers and guidance are definitely welcome. I will continue to pray for your ministry as well.

Have a blessed day!

Loretta A. Gibbs

Blogger Melissa Milbourn said...

saying a prayer for you friend...

Blogger Lysa TerKeurst said...

Clap, clap, clap, clap---

Now, if you are reading this, stop reading blog comments and get back to work... because I love you and WANT TO READ THAT BOOK YOU'RE WRITING!!!!!

Hugs- Lysa

I got put in time out too yesterday, but DEFINITELY not for the same reasons. The fam had put up with enough and sent me to bed. Don't tell them, but I secretly enjoyed it!

I'm praying for you - I know that He will give you what you need to finish!

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