Do I see life through my perspective or God's?

A few weeks ago we were at one of Andrew's soccer games. My mom came to watch him play and as we walked toward his field, she followed behind me. So here we are walking along when my mom asked me if I realized how red my hair is. She said I should get my hairdresser to fix it because it didn’t look right. I was a little shocked but decided it was just mom! Well, a few minutes later we were sitting on the sidelines watching the game when she looked down at my toes ( I was wearing flip flops) and told me that my nail polish was too orange.

I laughed and told her that I really liked my frosty light bronze toenail polish and then joked that she may be going color-blind. At this point I had turned around and was looking at her face. That’s when I noticed the pair of very AUBURN tinted sunglasses she was wearing. We laughed when we realized why everything seemed too orange-ish red from her perspective that day!

The afternoon we were talking about what happened and laughing still. My son Joshua was sitting with us at the kitchen table. He looked up at us and said, “Well, that can teach us all a lesson. We need to be careful what we look through before we judge what we see.”

I couldn't believe the profound insight that had come out of my 13-year-old. He is wise beyond his years. Now, if I can just learn from him.

Well, we all got a big laugh and learned a powerful lesson that day. One that I want to apply in my life. So, I've been thinking about what Joshua said and trying to ask myself, "What am I looking through that will determine what I see? Am I seeing through the lens of my perspective or God's perspective today?"


Anonymous Joanie said...

I'm striving to see everything from God's perspective with you. Not an easy task, but we do have the power of the Holy Spirit to rely on, if we can but remember to call on Him.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, and for your encouraging words.

I "heart" you and praise God that He has blessed me with your presence in my life!

Blogger Leebird said...

Amen....that reminds me of a funny story about my sweet daddy.

Before his dementia landed him in a nursing home, he was out riding his horse and got bucked off. He landed on the ground with a thud and his wife came running to check on him. "Bill! Are you alright??"

"I can't see! I can't see!" my dad bellows with complete panic.

"Bill....your glasses are covered with mud!"


I think my spiritual glasses have been covered with mud lately....I'm gonna go let God clean em off now. Love ya!!!

Blogger RefreshMom said...

What an insightful son you have!

This whole year has been an exercise in looking for God's perspective for us. If we had taken all of it from "face value" it would have been so discouraging and disheartening. It has been difficult nonetheless, but it does help to see God and work and see that even when the details are hard on us, His bigger picture is being realized.

I am asking God to remove any filters that keep me from seeing my life (or others) from His perspective. I keep hearing the song, "Give me your eyes..." and that has become my heart's prayer.

Blogger Trish said...

You must be reading my mail today - several things have happened that have frustrated me and it makes me realize I need to check whose perspective am I looking at it through.


Blogger Joyful said...

Joshua is perceptive on perspective! Great advice.

What a timely word for me today. I am allowing my fears to run amuck because of a Dr's report that could turn out to be NOTHING! Praying I will quit looking through eyes of anxiety, and instead, remain calm and at peace in Him. Needing God's perspective.

Have a great weekend,
Love & prayers,

That is a stitch!

Have a great weekend, Sweet Renee!

Blogger Chef Diane said...


I love it when our kids teach us life lessons. For me when I can't seem to see the decisions before me with clear vision, I know it is best for me to stand still. God can see through all the haze, colored glasses and storms. At least you weren't so offended that you went out right away and tried to accomodate your mother.

Blogger Dawn Ward said...

Perspective seems to be the word for the day. I posted today about a sweet time I had with the Lord this morning where He used the beauty of His creation to change my perspective. He is an awesome God!

Thank you for sharing this story.

Love and Blessings,

Blogger Amy L Brooke said...

He sounds so wise! And that is so true!

Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

Great insight! Definite food for thought.


Blogger Jill said...

Great words Renee! Think I need to check my perspective - feel I've been looking through a cloud of grief and doubt lately. Not a good thing. Someone mentioned the beauty of our kids teaching us lessons and that is so true. Our 5 year old son reminded me of one this week - our 3 year old was questioning why Grandma had to die and J.D. simply says, "Her time was right." God spoke thru his words and reminded me her days were numbered since the beginning. Thanks for sharing your son's wisdom with us. And I pray God will continue to speak thru him.

Blogger Kathy S. said...

Isn't it true that when something like that comes out of our kid's heart, it blesses us more than our own times of insight? I can feel my heart swell when I hear the Lord speak through my kids!

I chuckle thinking about how you responded to your mom and how you could have responded...

I have a pair of sunglasses that make the trees look more colorful in the fall, my family hears me ooh and ahh over some brilliant red as we are driving, and wonder @ me (think eye-rolling w/ humor), then I remember my glasses. I love the enhancement though!

Isn't it such an awesome feeling when our own child opens his mouth with such wisdom! Gotta make you think you've done something right at least! :)


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