I hate to add to the list...
(UPDATE added below)

I wrote the email almost as an apology. I needed prayer but I was hesitant to ask for it. I didn't want my request to be a burden. After all, the friends who would be reading the email already had so many burdens on their prayer list: illness, job loss, death, cancer diagnosis, stress, exhaustion, relationship strains, overloaded schedules, etc.

Did my "need" rate high enough on the urgency Richter scale? Was it bad enough to ask for prayer or should I wait to see how things turned out before I let people know what was going on?

My email started like this: "I hate to add to the list of needs we all have, but I really need prayer for my sweet husband, JJ."

Then I hesitantly gave more details and, after five minutes of hemming and hawing about whether to wait or not, I finally hit send.

Within ten minutes my friends who were on their computers started loving on me through prayer. Not only did they pray, they thanked me for sharing what is going on and for letting them be there for me. Charlene shared a story about a friend who'd been through something similar. Glynnis asked questions and made some great suggestion. Micca cracked a funny joke and made me laugh, which I really needed to do! The list goes on and on of how they each loved me in a unique way.

Throughout this week, they've continued to check on me with calls, emails and conversations. As I was about to turn off my computer tonight I got an email from my sweet friend Amy saying, "I've been lifting prayers heavenward for your family since your last email. Know that you'll be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Let us know as soon as you hear results. We're all in this with you, friend."

Her last sentence, "We're all in this with you, friend," touched my heart deeply. I am not alone. I am so glad I didn't listen to those lies about being a burden!
Prayer isn't about putting burdens on others. It's about inviting them into our conversations with God. It's about letting those we love walk with down a path with us that we were never intended to walk alone.
Do you ever feel like your need for prayer is a burden on your friends? Why do we do that as women? Having friends pray for us is one of God's sweetest gifts but it's up to us to ask for it, and that can be hard.

If you're still reading (since this has become a very long post) and wondering what is going on, tomorrow we head to the hospital at 8am for JJ to have a liver biopsy. Due to our upcoming adoption, JJ recently applied to increase his life insurance. The blood test results showed that his liver enzyme levels are severely elevated, making the insurance cost go from affordable to ridiculous!

Three years ago he was having a similar problem but tested negative for hepatitis, sclerosis, etc. He felt fine and didn't want to do a biopsy so he didn't. On the Thursday of She Speaks he went back to a liver specialist and was scheduled to do a biopsy tomorrow. I think the Lord has allowed this now because he wants us to address it.

So, if you want to join our conversation with God, we are praying that the doctors will be very careful, the needle will only hit his liver, there will be no internal bleeding, he won't get any infection, and most of all that there is nothing major wrong. We're praying that it's only a "fatty" liver. I know, I never thought I'd be asking for a "fatty body part?" (as Micca would say).

Also, how can I join your conversations with God today by praying for you?

UPDATE: I am at the hospital and JJ's biopsy procedure went well. He's just a little sore from the needle and sleepy from the pain killers. He was awake the whole time, and said it was so weird to feel his organs move. I begged him NOT to give me any more details!

Thanks so much for your prayers. I have total peace about waiting for the results. Most of all, I am thankful there were no complications today. There is so much power in prayer! We receive that power when others pray for us and when we pray for them. Don't you dare think I am too burdened with my life to pray for you. I am not!! Really, we're totally okay! I love to pray for others. As I wait for JJ to be released in a few hours, I am including each of your requests in sweet conversations I' m having with my Father today.


Blogger Mari said...


I'll add your family to my prayer list. We had an unexpected hospital experience last week in my family that involved a spinal tap so I know this must be nerve-wrecking for you all. I pray God gives the doctor a steady hand and that your husband receives a clean bill of health.

My prayer request is for peace about my oldest daughter. She's only 13 and already I see that pride is a stronghold in her life. My most recent example is her grades. She's in year round school. She got out this past Friday and her grades arrived today. They were the worst they've ever been. Had she not done okay last quarter, she would have retained 7th grade. She's not struggling with the work, just being lazy and rebellious. She'll be more than happy to tell you that she knows she can do better. The enemy is trying to use situations like this to speak lies to me about my abilities as a mom. I need to have peace about this situation and turn her and her grades over to God. It's hard to do yet I know I must. I pray for the strength of heart and faith to trust Him with her.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you and JJ have to go through this trial. I will be praying for you both.

I really could relate to your "asking for prayer" problem. Last week my son broke his arm. His upper arm broke while throwing a football. The ER told us they saw a shadow that looks like a bone cyst right at the break. They told us that the othopedic doctor would explain more the next day. Well, my husband and I spent the night scared and concerned as to what this "shadow" was on our seemingly healthy 14 year old that would cause a broken arm while just throwing a football!!! I prayed harder than ever but hesitated to ask my friends and church family to pray also. The outcome was good--it was a bone cyst which is not uncommon and it will all heal in time.

Since this all happened my Pastor heard about his arm and sent me an e-mail asking if I want him to be put on our prayer list. I said yes--and I feel and see those prayers happening. Carson is experiencing less pain and his attitude is brightening. I hope that I will not hesitate in the future if I have a prayer need.

Blogger Kim said...

I consider it a priviledge when asked by a friend to pray for a situation. Often it brings me back to a reality that i AM not the only one with problems, and we all have our issues, some more serious than others of course, but we need each other and we need prayer!!!
I have to confess this now... a dear friend asked me last week to pray for something about her daughter that i almost considered so minor it was ridiculous, (a blatant, outright sin on my part of course.) I wanted to say "Let me give you MY list, broken engagement for my 23 yr. old daughter, depression and job search and legal issues for my 21 yr. old prodigal son, financial problems for my husband and me, and i could go on", but then God convicted me so clearly and i felt so bad. I am so blessed that HE must think i can handle the problems i have. And if you knew my friend, she would "loose it!" if she had to live in my crazy wonderful house for one day. So just know that today this blessed woman from just 30 miles north of you on I-77 will be praying for you and JJ in about and hour from now. And i am still confessing and praying for my friend too. "HE keeps working on me to make me what I ought to be!"
Love, Kim

Blogger Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

God laid you on my mind this morning as I was getting ready and then I thought I would check your blog site and now I know why. I am praying for your husbands test. Walk in faith dear one.

That's what my husband and I are trying to faithfully do. He has been with a company for just over 25 years. It looks as if he will be losing his job-he is in such a stressful environment and I am ready for him to just leave. As a nurse I can pick up extra hours to cover the income. For over a year we have prayed for God to open doors of opportunity for him to leave. I had not been ready for him to walk away concerned about our finances and a house full of teenagers. But at the conference, I was encourage to live in my passion and I felt God saying I needed to allow my husband to live in his and I needed to step out of the way and walk in faith. I have done that and the walls have been "falling down" around my husband at this job.
Pray that he will be protected by God and that God will provide for him, for us. I am at peace...only by His grace.

Thank you. I will continue to pray for your situation too.

In His Graces~Pamela

Blogger Melissa said...


It is an honor to pray for you!! I will be praying this morning for your husband and that all goes well with the biopsy.Please let us know how everything turns out!! Please pray for my sister's salvation. Her name is Kimberley. I have been prayng for her for 20 years!!


Blogger Christy said...

We're praying with you at our house today! We believe in the power of prayer. We believe in sharing our needs and concerns. It is never our intent to bring burden or to stir up gossip about us...let's be honest....that happens you know. Our intent is to join as many as just one other in petitioning the Father for His grace and mercy and to see His Hand at work. We know it works - we have too many examples in our lives to even mention. And even when we believe all this, we still hesitate. I've been hurt by the gossip prayer circles and don't trust very many to really, truly pray. And that makes me so sad. There is such joy in watching God work. Oh, If only more believers understood. Thank you for providing an opportunity to share.

Ladies who have shared, you have been prayed for. I would love to hear how God has worked in your lives.

Our family seems quite needy right now too. My family (mom, brother, sisinlaw) are having a stressful relationship that has become very hurtful. We've moved as a result of that situation and our financial situation. Still more stress to be prayed through and reconciliation too. We are also facing an issue that has to be handled in court. We go back in August. Pray for God's mercy and grace. I am also having health issues. I had a surprise endometrial biopsy done on Friday. I will have more tests done next week and know the results. I'm having more symptoms that worry me now which may or may not be connected. I just can't seem to stop thinking about the "what ifs".

We also have a dear friend being treated for a malignant brain tumor. Her name is Judy. You can pray for her and visit her website to record your prayer at http://www.caringbridge.org/judybrawley.

Renee, my husband has elevated liver enzymes too but it is a genetic issue for him. It is rare and has been quite scarey at times. We've been down this part of the journey you are on now. Our hearts go out to you. And again, we are praying. Keep us updated.

Father God, shower us today with your grace and your mercy. Let your peace reign in our hearts, our spirits, and our minds. Show us clearly your Hand at work from paying bills, to raising children, to healing physical problems and restoring relationships. We know and we believe you love us and will care for us today.

Blogger Diane said...


I feel the same way about prayer sometimes. Several years ago when I taught toddlers, I would ask if they had anything they would like us to take before the Lord. They would say things like “pray for my dog, pray that my sister would not hit me as much and so on”. I finally realized that these request were of the utmost importance in their journey. Who was I to minimize what they felt or their situation? Everyone has a separate journey in this life and God wants to know each of our requests. I consider it a privilege to pray with others.
My prayer request is for wisdom on how to handle my impending divorce. My husband moved into our game room (500 feet) from the house. He has made it clear that he wants this and there is no changing his mind. We have 3 sons, 19, 16, & 15 and he thinks it is best for them. It is by God’s grace that I am able to handle seeing him 5 times a day. While knowing that he no longer wants me as his wife.
Now for JJ, may I have the privilege of praying with you?

Most heavenly Father I come this morning with heaviness in my heart. Renee and JJ are facing agony and the anxious of this test. Lord you already know the results, please give them a sense of peace as they wait. Lord guide the doctor’s hand as they take this biopsy and let he put the needle in the right spot. As they await the results give them peace and surround them with loved ones. We love you and praise you in advance for the things you will do.

Renee, I understand the hesitation to ask others to pray. But know that when you allow yourself to be real to others it makes you real.

Praying and waiting your news,
Cyber Hugs,
Diane Applewhite (the one in the zippy red scooter)

Blogger Dawn Ward said...

Renee, I have come before the throne of grace on behalf of JJ and you. I will continue to lift your entire family up to Him. Thank you for asking. As somone else said, it is a privilege.

I understand your feelings about not wanting to add prayer concerns to other's burdens. As I read your post and saw what your family is facing this morning, I thought, "While I appreciate her asking how she can pray for me, I can't possibly ask her for anything with what she is facing right now." But that sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

So, the truth is there are a couple of things for which I really need prayer. Salvation for my husband and daughter. This is a biggey, obviously. Second is the direction I believe God is leading me in my ministry. Please pray for clarity. I believe I am following in obedience, but would appreciate your prayers that He will close the door if I am to do something else.

Thank you! I am thinking of you all.

Love and Blessings,

Blogger Kelli said...


Prayer is definitely a priviledge. I think it is awesome that we as woman share that bond of openness and can invite other women into our lives and trust them with such issues.

I prayed for peace for you and your family this morning and that His will would prevail!


Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

I will be praying for JJ today as he has his biopsy. I also will be praying for you as you await the news. May you feel God's loving arms around you today and in the days ahead as you await results. I pray that you will be able to get to knowing what is causing the elevated blood test results. We went through something similar about a year ago. My husband kept having high readings for the same test. They never got to the point of biopsy, but have continued to keep a watch on it.

My prayer request would be for my husband. He is going through a tremendously difficult time at work. Things are looking grim for the future of his job. So now we are praying and considering whether he should look for employment elsewhere. We need some real wisdom right now.

I will continue to keep you in my prayers.


Blogger Marilyn said...

About 20 years ago I had a similar problem. I felt so awful...no energy...I mean zapped! And very dizzy. My liver enzymes were extremely elevated also. The doctor told me to come back in a month or so and get more blood work done and we would go from there. In the meantime it was summer, the garden was producing and I was canning and freezing the food. Our summer revival was going on and it was back in the days of having morning services so I was going to church morning & evening playing the piano for the revival and putting up corn from the garden in between. I got to where I could hardly go. Toward the end of the week after one of the morning services my pastor asked me to come down to the front of the small country church and then asked all the ladies to come and form a cirle around me and pray for me. In about a week I started getting better. My next blood tests showed the enzymes had started coming down. So I KNOW the power of prayer. We will be praying for your J.J.

As for me....I know this may sound very shallow, but...I think what I need prayer for the most right now is in the area of cleaning my house. I can not get anything else done properly because I always have the clutter of my messy house in the background and it never lets me totally rest! I want to be able to turn loose of some things that I have "accumulated" so that I can again be able to show hospitality to people in my home. It may seem like such a little thing to those who are organized by nature but for those of us who collect stuff and then don't know what to do with it it can be a nightmare.

Praying for you and your family!

Marilyn in MS

Blogger Joanie Butler said...

My sweet sister,

As the others have said, I feel honored when asked to pray for someone in need. Not only am I praying for JJ, but I am also praying that God will wrap you in His arms this day and give you peace and comfort. I know how stressful it is to be waiting for test results.

Love and Hugs!

Blogger Cheri said...

It's 10:24 a.m. on Wednesday...your time. I just popped over to see what is going on with you. I am praying for you and your family, that the outcome is what we all who are praying are asking for...nothing serious. Remember our God is all powerful and can change any circumstance at anytime!

Thank you Lord for all you do for us! Keep us strong and courageous and I pray your will be done, but Lord please let this liver issue with JJ be nothing at all. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen

Blogger tiggerdaisy said...


Bless your little heart! The devil tries so hard to defeat our grouping together and collectively praying for a fellow Christian. I'm so glad that you hit "send" and sent the devil and his lies south!

Praying that JJ is perfectly healthy!

As for my prayer request, please pray for good, solid employment! I currently have a job, but it is temporary. It pays well and has been a good job; however, no one knows how long the job will be available. I am trusting God to send me the right job...or give me the ability to stay at home with our daughter. Whatever He has in store for me, I want to be open and obedient.

Prayers and Blessings,

I've come into the matter on the back side of things. I'm so glad that JJ's test went well. I will pray for your continued peace during this time of waiting.

And as far as the prayer thing goes...No, I've never had trouble in asking others for prayer. It is one of our greatest privileges as believers in the body of Christ. I love to pray for others, and if others are willing to pray for me, bring it on. I need them on so many levels.

Keep us posted.


Blogger Barbara k said...

My prayers are with your family. I am glad you asked. Lord please give Renee and JJ the peace that only comes from you. I pray that his liver would operate as you intended. Thank you for the skills you give doctors. For everyone who is experiencing tests, waiting for results, and diagnosis, I pray for your healing power to be upon their physical body. Give them strength and may they continue to run their race honoring you, their God. Thank you Jesus. Shower Renee and JJ with your love Lord.
B His Girl

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Renee, I too sometimes feel sheepish about asking for prayers and place them on a scale of importance. Thanks for helping me realize that no prayer request is too small and that people are more than happy and willing to help and support you through whatever difficulties you may face. With that said, I earnestly give thanks that JJ has made it through the procedure well and I pray that the test results will be ones of good health. May God bless you and your family in great abundance!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am praying for you, JJ, and your boys. May God continue to fill you with joy, calm, peace, and comfort. Love, Heather

Blogger Angie said...

Renee---that is just like the enemy to try and prevent prayer warriors to go to their knees on behalf of someone they care about. Not only do we bombard heaven for our loved one, but we are STRENGTHENED in the process! I can't tell you how many times I fell to my face in prayer for my dying sister---and all the while God was working on my faith and strength because HE KNEW what was ahead for our family. He knew that the very prayers we prayed for Wanda---would give us the "spiritual juice" for the journey we faced. God is mighty---and this is not news to you my precious friend---and HE longs for us all to come before Him for the needs of others---as we are doing that---we offer up prayers of thanksgiving and praise to His name as well.
I will add you and your family to my prayer list---God is Sovereign---and has taken all these things into consideration where the adoption of these precious ones are concerned...nothing gets by God.
You are a blessing---the enemy is NOT the winner---others are backing you and praying on their knees...and they are being suited-up for war!
Be blessed friend!

Blogger Dawn Ward said...

Thanking God that things went well and will continue to lift all of you up for good results from the biopsy.

Love, Dawn

Blogger Diane said...


Lord, I come with thanksgiving in my heart for the safe biopsy. Continue to wrap your loving arms around JJ as he begins to heal. Give strenght to Renee and her boys to be attentive to their father. You are such an awesome God and we give honor and glory to you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So great to pray with you all. I am thankful for a community, near and far that loves the Lord and encourages one another. Praying for your family Renee. I would like to add a prayer request as well. I am getting married in a couple of months to a wonderful man who loves the Lord. Although I am excited, and although God has reconfirmed His delight in us as a couple, I doubt and fight lies about our life together and extreme fears that are almost nightmare like. Would you pray for me and my fiance as we seek the Lord and prepare for our marriage. Thank you!

Blogger Amy L Brooke said...

I am praying!

Blogger April said...

I am praying for a good report for your husband! The power of prayer is awesome! It's always so good to know that fellow believers have "got your back" through prayer. I had my husband have our church's staff pray for our family at their weekly meeting yesterday. What a sense of peace comes with knowing that you are being lifted up in prayer!
There are so many of us in the body of Christ that are really going through it right now, but we've got each other's backs, and the devil has been defeated!
Please pray for my family, we have had some random, freak illnesses going in with our kids,(fifth's disease-a strange skin virus, never had heard of it, never had any of them had it-was worse in our daughter, still praying for it to clear up), including one freak accident involving my youngest(which prevented him from going to church this evening for wet and wild day!)thank the Lord he didn't need stitches, just a steri strip, but praying for it to heal properly so he can swim on the 4th. We also have had some attitude/character issues with our oldest son, am praying for him to make wise and Godly decisions, and I am trying to let go and let God, and not worry everytime my son is not with me. God is good and in control! Am praying for you and your family! God bless, April

Anonymous Suzanne Eller said...

It was so nice to meet you at She Speaks. I'll send a prayer up for you and your husband.

Blogger Bonnelle Pagel said...


First, I must say that I am so very thankful that God instilled in my heart at the conference the importance of starting a blog. I have felt so connected to so many women as a result of blogging - it's amazing!

I am praying for you and your family as well as the women who's stories I have read here today. I pray for peace and comfort in the midst of the waiting. Waiting is the hardest part. If you're waiting for surgery, test results, breakthrough or just answers... waiting is always tough.

My prayer request is two fold..
1) We are about to leave for a much needed family vacation this weekend, the first in over 4 years! Please pray the Lord stretches our dollars. I'm afraid of running short and having to say NO to FUN!
2) Also, please pray for healing in my heart and attitude towards my husband. Sometimes, I love him and feel so good about our relationship and other times... he just irritates me so much! Please pray that I get some much needed rest - maybe that will help! :)

Thank you for your prayers but most importantly, thank you for your openness in sharing your prayer requests with those of us outside your closest friends.

With much love & prayers,

Blogger cautious1 said...

I will pray that all goes well with your husband and that your family continues to trust in God throughout this situation.
God Bless!

Anonymous Patti VZ said...


I will be praying for your family in the coming days. Keep us posted as to your needs - isn't that what friends are for? We need to be praying for each other's needs (and sometimes even wants).

My need? A testosterone-laden 18-year-old son that he remembers his roots are in Jesus.

Blogger Alyce said...

I am so glad Renee that all went well. I have asked God to give you guys peace and comfort in waiting for results and for good results as well.
Would you please pray that I find some type of work. Our kids are going to go to private Christian school this year and I really need to supplement my hubby's income. But I know I should be home. I am not a confident person. I do have a degree, but its hard for me to know what I should do and how to go about finding something. I really would love to work from home. I just need some direction and doors opened.
Thanks so much..

Blogger Jai said...

Praise God things went well. Don't ever think you can't ask the saints to join you in praying for anything.

Blogger Monica said...


I am sorry that I am a few days late in responded to your request for prayer. Know that I will hold you and your family up to the Lord and trust that He will move in ways that only He can move.

I ask that you pray that I will step out in faith and do what God has called me to do instead of holding on to my safety net.

Thanks so much for your transparency and sweetness.

Be blessed.


Blogger Kelley said...

Hi Renee,
I learned a lot about prayer from the Apostle Paul last year as I studied and lectured on Romans at Community Bible Study (CBS). He knew the power of prayer and he asked for it many times throughout the New Testament.

My great prayer need is for my 15 yr. old (Lilly). She has exhibited some very high risk behavior over the past 2 years and my husband & I don't know what to do. After her latest escapade (last week) she reached out to her youth group leader who is also our pastor's daughter. She is young (25), fun and very "together". This girl has asked to "invest" in Lilly as a mentor. She has a lot of ideas as to how to teach Lilly to make good choices because she wants to, not because they are rules. Most of all she wants to teach Lilly how to have a real relationship with Jesus and take God out of the little box she has put him in. And the best news is that Lilly is responsive to this. They have started with a mutual "fast" from the TV for the rest of summer! This girl brought us hope when we were at a hopeless place and for that I am grateful.

However, once school starts Lilly is faced with being around the same "friends" she has found trouble with. She has a reputation at school with the kids and the staff so we want to give her a fresh start. Our prayer need is that God will make it clear where she should go to school. I just don't think she can overcome the reputation and temptations at the school she has been at. Several unbelievers are watching this situation so I am calling on God to show his glory through it.

Thanks for "listening" and the encouragement to reach out and ask for prayer. I KNOW God has a plan for her, I just want to be a faithful parent.

I will be praying for you and your family. We have been in very similar circumstances (a "mass" on the kidney that turned out to be nothing). I know it is scary but I felt unexplainable peace throughout.

Hugs to you my friend,

Blogger Julie Gillies said...

Hi Renee,

Your Saturday evening message at She Speaks really touched my heart - thank you for being transparent.

I recently wrote an article about a good friend whose husband (a previously healthy 30-yr old) had a remarkably similar situation. He updated his insurance, high levels were discovered in his liver, and then things got really serious. The GOOD NEWS is that the Lord intervened and completely healed this man - and it is all medically documented.

Thank you for being the Lord who heals. Please touch Renee's husband in a mighty way. Bring your wonderful peace in the midst of this situation and complete healing in Jesus' name."

Thanks for reminding us all of the power of prayer.

Wow - Renee, I'm so glad the procedure went well. I will be praying with you as you await the results.

I'm starting to feel a little anxious as I've filled out the first packet of info for our adoption.

My biggest concern is how will I take it if the birthmother changes her mind. How am I supposed to prepare for this very possible reality of domestic adoption.

We are so early in the process and I continue to say to God, "You are in Control, I trust you." I know He will provide...I do. The unknown is scary to face though.

Thanks for your heart and for your sweet comment on my blog! I look forward to getting to know you better through blogland! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Wanted to let you know that your family has been my prayers over the last several days. I am praying the results come quickly and the that God gives you the grace to wait patiently in mean time.


Blogger Lelia Chealey said...

I will be praying and don't ever think your burdening us to ask for prayer...that's what sisters are for!

1 Samuel 12:23(Message)
"And neither will I walk off and leave you. That would be a sin against God! I'm staying right here at my post praying for you and teaching you the good and right way to live.

Renee, you will never know how you touched my heart about my daughter. Thank you for the words from God's word spoken over her life. She is with me today so I am going to print off everything and send it with her. She is still not home, but GOD is in control.
I love that you are not too busy to pray. You are awesome!
Keep us posted about JJ and just kepy relying on our awesome God!! Enjoy this weekend!
Love you much!

Blogger Maere said...

I'll be praying for JJ. And you as well.

My prayer would be that I'd have the kinds of friends to share my requests with that you have. I do have them long-distance, but DH and I both could use genuine friends in the location God has called us to. Before I even reached the end of your post I was already tearing up because I was telling DH just tonight (after coming home from the church picnic) that I'm having a hard time with feeling so isolated in the midst of this new church. And he almost needs it more than I do. He really needs someone to come alongside and really be on his team with him. (Sorry I can't sign in under my usual ID on this one, but I appreciate your prayers nonetheless.) Thanks so much.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Renee, something told me to pull up your blog. I am a friend of your friend Penny Pharr in Shelby, I'm also Shari Braendel's sister. My husband had the whole liver thing going on and was diagnosed with Alpha1 antitripsyn deficiency. Let me know how he is doing, I can help you along the way. My husband had a liver transplant 4 years ago. God is good. Hopefully maybe your situation will be nothing. If it ends up being Alpha One, were here for you. Praying for you. P.S. I love Miss Penny.

Blogger Joanne said...


I am praying after the fact. Hoping that the Lord is blessing you and your husband with a restful 4th of July together.

My husband and I were just sharing with our children during our devotion this morning how important prayer is. We told them that we love that we can call their grandparents to pray for us when we need to be lifted up and that no matter how big or how small to them, we hope to always be included in their needs so we can lift them up to the Lord.

Our flesh makes the mistake of rating our prayer requests like we would rate a good cut of meat or a fashion show model. Definitely not the way God does things.

Can't wait to hear all that the Lord has done with you and your life this past week.

In His love, Joanne

p.s. I have to share that I keep the card you sent in my Bible and have shared the story of my scripture with a few of my closest Titus 2 galpals. They have been floored each time I tell them. I am still chicken to post what is happening on my blog in great detail because then I will HAVE to be ABLE.

what a wimp I am, huh?!? But I am working on my proposal, slowly but surely.

Blessings friend.

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