We're Moved IN!!!

We're in our new home!! This morning I am resting in God's tender loving care and beautiful refuge of grace.

Our move went really well - and it's was not based on our plans but totally God's provision. In fact, our plans started to fall apart on Thursday night with our helpers (some had things come up and needed to cancel) so we came up with plan B, hire last minute movers. We were looking up numbers and making new plans when we sensed God telling us to wait. Friday morning we found out why. GOD had other plans we didn't know about. He sent people we didn't know were coming - in shifts - all day Friday!! We got all moved in to our new house in one day! More friends came on Saturday and then again yesterday. My kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom are unpacked and even decorated thanks to a few very talented and industrious friends. Truly amazing!!!

We have limited internet because our phone, cable and internet won't be hooked up until tomorrow (we hope) but I was able to get a connection this morning and wanted to share our news with you. Thanks soooo much for all of your prayers and encouragement. I've got a few moving stories to share later this week. Until then, enjoy today's journey along the path God has for you - trusting in His plans when yours seem to be falling apart.


Blogger Cheri said...

God is just so good like that! Happy to hear the moving in went so well.

I'll be back to hear those stories later!

Blogger Joyful said...

Renee, so glad God has looked after you so perfectly!!!! Your post today has been such a perfect reminder to me to 'wait'. After just finding out this past Thursday that the Christian bookstore I work for is closing and I will be without a job - the reminder that this news does not come as a surprise to God and that He has plans for me if I wait on Him has been such an encouragement.

Can't wait to hear the rest of your moving stories - Don't you love how God cares about EVERY aspect of our life!!!!


Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

You have been in my thoughts and prayers quite often over the past several weeks. How exciting that you are moved in and even have several rooms set up already. Isn't God wonderful and more than we can even imagine?

Can't wait to hear how He continues to provide for you and your family. When do we get to see photos of the new house? :)

Sweet blessings,

Blogger tiggerdaisy said...

I'm so glad that you are moved in! What an awesome testimony about what God can do!?!?! And the most important thing...you and your husband were in tune enough with God to hear Him speak instead of acting (or reacting) on your own! Good stuff girl, good stuff!

Prayers and Blessings!

Blogger Just me~ Bobbie Jo said...

Glad to hear that you have been moved in and starting to get settled! God is good!

As a matter of fact I myself got a call @ 5am(hawaii time) saying that my household goods are waiting for us in Texas!That is a blessing to us.

Blogger Amy L Brooke said...

Thanks for letting us know. I can't wait to hear more and I hope you post pictures!

I was starting to wonder if things were going okay!


Blogger Charlene Kidd said...

I am so excited for you. I can not wait for the invite to come and see what the Lord has done!!!!
Enjoy it all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dear Friend,
I am so glad you are getting all settled in and able to start making new memories truly making it a home.
Thank you so much for the last line of your post it spoke volumes to me at this time.
Love you.

Blogger Kimberly said...

Congratulations on your new home and am thrilled to hear of God's provision every step of the way!!

I've enjoyed "virtually" reconnecting with you, JJ, and the boys through your blog. Thanks for keeping us posted!

Kimberly (Wannall) Kovach

Praise God for his provision! I'm so glad you're in. Check that one off the list!


Blogger Running My Race said...

I am so glad you got into your new place!!!!! When are you going to post some pics.... Hugs to you and your guys.


Blogger Celly B said...

May love, laughter, joy, and peace, and God's blessings fill every inch of your new home!

Blogger Alyce said...

congrats!! glad you are beginning to get settled in!

Anonymous Joanie Butler said...

Hey girl!

So glad to hear that you are finally in the new home!! I had been wondering how you were doing and you have been on my heart a lot lately. I am constantly amazed by God's provision for us. To see some of the ways he has been speaking to me you can jump to my blog at: http://strengthanddignity.com.


Blogger Amy Wyatt said...

Congrats!!! I know you are excited to be in your new home. Isn't so awesome to see how God works out all the little details.

Blogger Laura said...

Congratulations! I'm praying over your new abode long distance! I pray many years of happiness within those walls.

Blogger Jami said...

Congratulations Renee!! That is exciting!

BTW, I hope to meet you at She Speaks!!!!!! :)

Blogger Mocha with Linda said...

I've been AWOL with family and school craziness. So glad to hear you are moved in and probably completely settled by now! (LOL)

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