Praying, Believing and Trusting

Thursday afternoon update: Andrew is fever-free!!! We are so thankful to Jesus for His healing and to you all for your prayers!! His temp was 98.8 at the Dr's office. Everything looked and sounded good, so they cleared him for take-off tomorrow. It was not strep so we're hoping to get Tamiflu for all of us to take for prevention. So excited I can't stand it. Now it's time to finish packing!

Thursday morning update: According to my ear scan thermometer Andrew has fever of 100 still so we're going to the Dr. at 12:15pm. Seems like every time my kids are sick and we go to the Dr. they don't have a fever when the nurse checks them. That is what I'm hoping for! He's in good spirits so we are believing God is healing him and we're packing today as though we're leaving for Ethiopia tomorrow.

Wednesday's Post
Andrew came home yesterday from school not feeling well. He ended up with 102.4 fever, cough, sore throat, aches. I took him to Urgent Care last night just before 8pm. As soon as I explained his symptoms they asked him to put on a mask.

Bless his heart! He teared up and told me later it's because he thought they'd take him to the hospital. I offered to wear one with him but he didn't want me to.

They did a flu test and a strepp test. Both were negative but much to my disappointment, the doctor was not ready to shout hooray with me. He was still very concerned and explained that the flu test is only 50% accurate. He was especially concerned when I told him about our trip to Ethiopia Friday.

He flat out said, "You cannot go to Africa if you have the flu and with what I am seeing, it's likely you are all going to get this."

Andrew looked at me with big, sad, tear-filled eyes. Quickly I explained to him and the doctor, "We have tons of people praying and we are going to take it one day at a time, do what we can and trust that God's going to take care of us."

The good news is that we all had flu shots along with our other immunizations for our trip to Africa. So, if it is the flu it may be short lived and we may not all get it. Also, the Dr. prescribed Tamiflu, an anti-viral medication.

While I was at Urgent Care I had twittered, updated my last post and FaceBooked about it and prayers were already in action. I dropped Andrew off at home around 8:45pm and when I got home from running around getting medicine and masks at 10pm, Andrew's fever had dropped to 100.5!

I know the flu is going around and almost everybody is being affected by this, but with our Ethiopia trip Friday this is really bad timing. From the beginning we have said we are all going. If Andrew has H1N1 flu, we have been exposed and do not want to end up quarantined in Ethiopia when we get there.

So, PLEASE FRIENDS PRAY for healing quick and that we all will not get whatever he's got. I'll post updates here, on Twitter and facebook throughout the day. This is all part of our journey and we are looking forward to seeing how God will work all these things together for good because we love Him and are called according to HIS purposes (Romans 8:28)!!!

Praying, believing and trusting the ONE who brought us this far!


Blogger Proverbs 27:19 said...

Renee, I told you yesterday that God has already blessed the trip to Ethiopia.

God is unchanging, therefore, your trip is still blessed!


Blogger tiggerdaisy said...

Praying and believing God's best on all of you! :)

If for some reason your trip to Africa is altered, just know that God is in control--there is a reason, there is a purpose, there is a provision.

Lord Jesus, I ask that your healing mercy be poured out on the Swope family, in particular Andrew. Calm all their fears and anxiety. Father God, I pray that Andrew feels no guilt about getting sick prior to this trip. It's not his fault, but rather an attack from the enemy. Love on them, Lord. Love on them. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Prayers and Blessings,

Blogger Bonita said...

Renee, I prayed for you in the wee hours of the morning today before I knew any of this. God specifically laid on my heart to pray for protection from sickness and quick healing if anyone felt under the weather. This is just an attack, but God is in control.

Blogger Deanna said...

Praying for Andrew and all of your family!!!

Blogger Runner Mom said...

Oh, Renee! Bless your heart--and I truly mean that!!!(Forget what was said at She Speaks!!) I am so sorry! Our family will be lifting y'all up...and I pray that he will feel well enough to hop on that plane Friday!! Oh, girlfriend! I'll pray hard! Just remember that He is sovereign and has the perfect plan for each of us.

Love you!

Blogger lisasmith said...

praying hard for you. our God is mighty to save and heal and accomplish his good purposes!

Blogger Pink said...

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Blogger Shannon said...

Praying for ya! STill and always...a journey coming up that is way exciting! Sooo excited for you. Rest, relax, and pack~

Blogger Kimberly said...

Praying, praying, praying!
Love you!
K :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Renee --

Praying for you and your family and that you will find peace in your heart that our God is in control of all things!

Blessings to you and much love,

Blogger Gracepoint said...

Renee, Praying for your family and your Ethiopia trip. It will be ok.

Blogger Kimberly said...

PRAISE GOD!!!! Hooray! Hallelujah! :)

I am so excited for you guys! I will continue praying with all of the MANY others lifting your family up.

Thanks so much for posting the updates!
Love to you,

Blogger ImaFriendofGod said...

Mrs. Renee,


Rest in knowing God is in control.

Everything is going to be okay.

Believe it.

You know in your heart that His timing is perfect.

Remember to thank Him even if your trip is delayed temporarily. It could be that He felt as if Aster's birth mother needed more time to say goodbye. Love on Andrew & tell him Kentucky is praying for him, for all of you.

Beautiful Miss Aster will still be waiting for you when you get there. You have been chosen for her.

Many blessings to your family here and in Africa.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Renee, I am praying for you, JJ, and the boys as well as Aster. I am soooo excited for you and thrilled to hear all about your journey. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Blogger Shannon said...

enjoy the journey...will pray for flights...patience, and Joy!

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Will continue to pray for you and your family. My husband just left a few minutes ago to head to the Dr. for his last shots for his upcoming trip to South Africa and then on to Ethiopia. Our church is hoping to partner with Ethiopia and this trip is for my husband and a few others to see if God is leading us to partner w/ Ethiopia. Ihave been sharing with him about your journey to Aster.

What an amazing adventure God has you on. We adopted an 8 year old from Russia 2 1/2 years ago. An amazing journey for us and God is still continuing to work even through the challenges have been many.

May God bless you, give you peace and strength as you follow Him through this adventure.

Blogger Renae said...

We're leaving for our first of two trips to see our new little girl in Bulgaria in November, so I am anxious to see and hear all about your trip!! Isn't this an exciting adventure? I'll be praying for your whole family to continue in good health!!

God Blessed,

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