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I'm sorry I have been missing from my blog for several days. I wanted so much to be able share here what I was going through in saying good-bye to Kim. But each day I just found myself collapsing in bed or on the couch when I got home. I felt pulled and needed in so many places.

I didn't want to just get through it. I wanted to make a difference and look back knowing that I had been fully present physically, emotionally and mentally with Jesus, with my kids and with Kim's family as we tried to process our heart break.

As time allows, I plan to write here about some of the things we went through and are learning.

For those of you who said you wished you could be here to hug me and comfort me, you were! I can't begin to describe the difference you made, the difference your prayers made in my life and in Kim's family's as well. I could literally feel God's strength and peace come over me in a tangible way.

People who talked to me on Sunday and Monday saw me on Tuesday and kept saying how much better I seemed to be doing. It was directly related to the timing of me sharing here, on Facebook and Twitter what was going on. Your words and prayers were truly God's arms around me.

Your prayers also made a difference and helped us discern God's plans and make some big decisions about our travel to Ethiopia. Although we hoped we could go in late September, with Kim being so sick and us not even having our shots yet, we knew we couldn't realistically get it all together that fast. So we'll be going to get Aster in the first part of October. More details on that this week.

That means JJ and I will be going to Dallas Sept 23-25th for the D6 conference to learn how we can make a difference in our kids lives, and in our church as we minister to families. We are excited that we'll get to meet some of you!!! And if you have not registered yet and want to go, I be sure to register today so you can get the late registration discount! Here are some details:

Register TODAY, September 8th, and you can save an additional $25-30 per person!

To make it even easier on those who have missed the early bird registration opportunities, the D6 team is offering a last minute promotion to save. In order to take advantage of this last time offer, simply register by Tuesday September 8th. While registering, use the discount code SEPTD6. Individuals will save $30, groups of 2 - 9 will save $25 per person and groups of 10+ will save $15 per person.Register now using the SEPTD6 discount code at!

I'll be back tomorrow to share some things God has really be teaching me about trusting Him (and not myself) to make all things possible! Especially those things that seem totally impossible to me!



Blogger Julie Gillies said...


Wisdom kept you exactly where you needed to be. You've been through so much! Don't you just love how social media lifts us? The prayers, the love, the encouragement...I thank God for it all.

I wondered about your travel dates for getting Aster, so thank you for mentioning it. I've been praying for you daily! Just think, you'll be relaxed and in God's perfect timing when travel to pick her up.

In the meantime, continue to prepare for D6 and continue resting in God's presence, knowing that you are in my prayers, and I'm sure many others as well.


Blogger ImaFriendofGod said...


Have been so worried about you. I've checked the blog every day. With each day you wern't there I prayed that much harder for your healing. No matter how strong our faith is, we still feel such pain at times.

I love the song by Mark Schultz that says... Even when it feels like there is no one holding me, be still my soul...HE IS.

What comfort to know that He is, was and always will be with you. He will help you work through this. He can repair even the smallest pieces of a broken heart. Kim will forever live in your memory. Someday you'll be able to share those memories with Aster.

Remember you have many friends holding you up in prayer.

I feel unexpected blessings headed your way at D6. Our God is amazing!

So good to hear from you.

Blogger lailani said...

You, your family and your friends family have been in my thoughts and prayers. We lost a mom in our church last night to a 7 year battle with cancer - today was her and her husbands 25th anniversary. I know many in our church are right where you were and are. Prayers will continue for you and yours.

Blogger Amy L Brooke said...

I've been praying about Kim and Aster. I'm glad you have felt comforted.

I am so excited about you going to get Aster. I cannot wait to hear all about her.



Blogger Kimberly said...

Such a blessing for you to post an update. I know that no one would have pushed you into posting before you were ready...but it sure is nice to "hear" your sweet voice.

Love and prayers,

Blogger JustJoy-Filled said...

Renee, your authenticity through this painful time is an inspiration. May God continue to bless and comfort you and your family through this season of mourning. Give yourself permission to minister to yourself. The blog will still be here when yuor heart is a little healthier! We love you!

Blogger Runner Mom said...

You are just so precious! It is our privilege to lift up and pray for our sisters. As another blogger said, the blog will be here! You take your time.


Blogger Sue Heimer said...

My dear friend, You have been in my prayers..I take you to the "throne room" of my mind, and I lay you,your husband,boys,baby Astor and kim's family at the feet of God the Father and His son,Jesus,who know exactly what you need and how to comfort....How I wish I could give you a hug..I will continue to pray. Sue

Anonymous Anonymous said...


God is such a good and comforting Daddy! I have been there, after losing my sister and best friend, to her battle with cancer six years ago. It was by far the hardest thing I had been through!

But like you said, the tangible presence of our God gets you through, a day at a time! I know my sister's family are a living testimony of how good God is!

You and Kim's family will be in my prayers!



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