What color are your eyes today?
Recently a friend gave me a compliment about my eyes being green and how they matched the shirt I was wearing. The funny thing is, my eyes aren't always green. My eyes are actually hazel, so they change colors depending on what I'm wearing. If I wear brown my eyes look brown, but if I wear green they look green.

I wish my clothes were the only things that turn my eyes green. Unfortunately, some days my eyes turn green with envy. The other day my friend bought new furniture and suddenly I wanted some too. Then a neighbor got a new SUV. Now my minivan with over 100K miles seems old fashioned, dented and dirty.

There are so many other areas where I struggle with comparison and envy. Wishing I was a better mom, more patient wife, more organized homemaker and better cook. Wishing I had the gifts I admire in others or the ability to handle life the way they do. This list goes on and on...

The Bibles tells me to guard my eyes from turning green with envy and it just so happens that what I'm wearing is actually part of it! God says we are to "clothe ourselves with humility and patience" (Colossians 3:12b).

When I wear humility, I give up my right to get more stuff. Humility helps me recognize God as the gracious provider of all things and enables me to celebrate others' blessings. When I put on patience, I position my heart to wait on God’s provision without doubting His love for me.

There is so much more I could share about this struggle, but I have a friend who has covered this topic much better than my brain has the capacity to do these days! And I'm not a bit envious. I love her giftedness and insights that challenge and encourage me.

So if you've ever struggled with eyes of envy, be sure to read my friend Lysa's P31 devotion today about how we want what others have. And then read her powerful blog post that really impacted my heart on this envy issue.

Be sure to leave a comment on her blog to qualify for her give-away, and if you have a minute share your thoughts below, I'd love to pray for you!


Blogger Danielle said...

Lysa's devo and blog post really struck my heart... especially this morning with some things we are facing.

As of right now, I'm not working a job, and with the economy don't know if I'll even be able to find something part time. Not that I'm qualified for much.lol But, I do know that if God wants me to find something, I will. Being patient in the wait feels like it's killing me. I could give you the whole sob story of my hubby's hours being cut at work, too, our car tearing up and having to get something else that I, my flesh, didn't really want, my weight, my health, my daughter health... I could go on.

And I know others could, too. And I'm sure their situations are actually far worse than mine. I know I need to praise God, no. matter. what. It's hard.

I'm thankful that He understands our struggles. He longs to comfort us and relieve us of all our bumbarding thoughts. Whether we choose to let Him or not, it's totally up to us.

My prayer, my challenge to myself is to keep my eyes on Him for this moment, the next hour, this day because He is enough.

Thank you for sharing your heart today, Renee. It gives people a glimpse into someone's life that we might tend to think has it, ya know.

Blogger Proverbs 27:19 said...

Both of Lysa's posts were awesome!

I like the way you talked about wearing humility.


Blogger Kimberly said...

I love how you talk about putting on patience and how that positions your heart to wait on God's provision without doubting His love!

I STRUGGLE in the waiting! And as I look around, it seems like others aren't having to wait as long as I am...and the envy creeps in. And that is when I need to slow my little self down and realize I have no idea how long they have been waiting or what they face in their own lives! God loves me, loves me, loves me...just as much as He loves those I tend to envy.

So, sweet friend, I would love any prayers you lift up for this often impatient woman. I know they say never pray for patience...but, it is indeed a struggle for me. :)
Love you,
K :)

Blogger Runner Mom said...

Good morning, sweet friend! This post and Lysa's made me do some thinkin' and soul searching! Love the scriptures! Getting ready to have my quiet time and plan on pondering these things with my Lord! Hope that you and your family have a great day!

PS--I referenced one of your many wonderful posts on my blog. It was so rich and just what I needed, that I am going to do a workshop at church about this. Love you!

Blogger Wendy said...

Love both your post and Lysa's. Sometimes I feel like I go to church with the Joneses, live in a neighborhood full of them and park next to them at the grocery store. Just too much to "keep up" with. The truth is I struggle with envy -- I have lots of I wish moments. But at the end of the day God reminds me I'm living a life I didn't earn or deserve. And HE is jealous for me. I'm blessed and need to lay down the envy and pick up that fact.

Thanks Renee!

Blogger Charlie said...

My name is Charlie
I just stopped by after I found you on twitter.
Enjoy reading someone so transparent.
Do you have your referral?
God has allowed me to learn from two of the most incredible deaf Ethiopian grandchildren. It is such a blessing!
I'll be in Ethiopia myself middle Oct. Middle Nov.

Ain't God good!!??

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