He has done great things and I am filled with joy!
The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Psalm 126:3

THANK YOU FOR your prayers for me and the D6 Conference!! It was incredible and Jesus' name was lifted high!
Over 1500 pastors, ministry leaders and parents were challenged, encouraged and equipped to strengthen the family and help other parents become the primary disciplers of their children.

The impact of this conference on the kingdom was huge! I sense it was also a big threat to the enemy as I consider the opposition I faced every time I prepared as the event drew near.

We attended several sessions and hung out in the P31 booth until lunch time on Thursday. I got to hear Angela Thomas and talk some with her and her manager, David, which was a treat! Although I planned to attend more sessions, I sensed God wanted me to go back to my room to rest, prepare and pray. So I took a nap and then soaked in His Word and His presence all day.

The fun continued downstairs
at the Proverbs 31 booth where Susanne, Vern and Leah welcomed lots of visitors. Both days were packed with great music, laughter with Tim Hawkinds and great messages taught by Fred Stoeker, Dr. Richard Ross, John Trent, Jim Daly, Dave Ramsey, Kurt Bruner, George Barna, and the list goes on and on!

My keynote message was Friday at 11:30am. I was so thankful for a great night's rest Thursday especially when God woke me up 5am on Friday. Now you all know I am not a morning person! But this was a morning I will never forget!

As soon as I woke up, I sensed God leading me to go downstairs to the conference auditorium to pray. I knew it was locked but decided to go to the front desk and ask for permission to go in. I even carried the event program so I could prove I was a speaker not a thief. Much to my joy, the hotel/convention manager let me in without question.

I had not stood on stage yet nor had I taken it all in - all 1500+ chairs. But that morning God made a way for me to have the whole auditorium to myself! JJ and I walked the aisles and prayed over the room for 30 minutes and I could feel God's power and peace fill the room.

Then I stepped up on the stage and prayed over every inch of it, claiming it as Holy ground. I prayed for each person who would lead us in worship through music and the Word. I stood where I would speak and rehearsed some of my message with my audience of empty chairs. As I prayed and practiced God's message, any nervousness I was feeling, melted away.

JJ and I then went for a morning run and had breakfast. Afterwards, I went back to the room to read over and print out my message notes. My heart started racing with nervousness. It continued off and on up to the time of my session. Leah started texting close friends to pray and when I stepped onto the stage the Holy Spirit took over.

Every nervous butterfly flew away and God's peace, power and joy filled my heart. I had prayed that I would enjoy sharing my message, and I did! God was so sweet to give me the desires of my heart!

My favorite part was when they asked me to stay on stage and pray over the women in the audience. They had all of them stand up and I asked them to hold hands. Then I just listened to the Holy Spirit. Two friends, who don't even know each other had emailed me Psalm 81:10., "Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things" last Wednesday before I left.

And that is exactly what happened.
I opened my mouth and God filled it. I could hear women crying as His love and grace washed over them. Then we asked the pastors and men to pray over the women next. As Leah later described, it sounded like Holy thunder throughout the room. It was POWERFUL!!! God's Spirit was profoundly present!!

I'm so thankful Proverbs 31 Ministries got to be there! We met hundreds of pastors and leaders and women and our booth was right outside the main doors between the D6 Ministry booths and Focus on the Family! I sense that God expanded our borders in ways that we may not ever know on this side of Heaven but I can't wait to see what lives He will impact as a result.

Being part of the D6 Conference was an incredible honor! But I have to admit it left me feeling a bit intimidated at times and nervous which was hard, but it also created an opportunity for complete dependence on God. I spent a year praying and and preparing but never imagined it would culminate during one of the most stretching seasons of my life.

Yet it was worth every drop of sweat and tears! The Kingdom is worth it. Families are worth it. Jesus is worth it!! My hope and prayer is that those who heard His message through me will be drawn to HIM in new and life-changing ways!

He has done great things and I am filled with joy!


Blogger Marci said...

Thank you for being a part of D6 and for the message you shared. You touched hearts. God had His hand over the entire event. The conference was amazing and I cannot wait to see what God does now!
I will be praying for you and your family as you step into an exciting adventure in the coming weeks. What a step of faith and act of courage that will forever impact your daughter, as well as many more in the process. Thank you for allowing God to use you.

Blogger Kimberly said...

Hooray! What awesome praises! And I loved reading about you praying over the seats and every inch of that stage. :)

Sweet blessings to you as you continue to meditate on the great things He has done!
K :)

Blogger JottinMama said...

What a joy-filled post! My spirits were lifted and my faith was increased with every word. Really!

I'm sooo happy the conference went well for you - what a blessing!

Thank you for sharing - I needed it :)

Sweet Blessings,
Kate :)

Blogger tiggerdaisy said...

Renee, This is such a touching post! My stomache is doing "swirlie swirls" just thinking about God, His timing and His provision! We do serve an AWESOME GOD!

Prayers and blessings,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Renee - i loved hearing about this - and know i'm praying hard for you and your family in the next part of your journey - how exciting. Okay, i prayed really hard and freaked out for you when you had no suitcase and no jammies - what happened with that??? And is there a way we can see/or hear your D6 message? melanie

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing and for being obedient to God. He is doing wonderful things through you and Proverbs 31. I was sooo excited reading your blog and all that took place. I had cold chills. God is amazing.
I responded a couple of weeks ago to a blog Lysa wrote and shared a little of what my husband and I are going through and how I would not trade any of the heartache, pain, and turmoil for where it has brought us in HIM. I left my email address because she was giving a book away. Several days later I got an email from a lady I do not know who does not normally email people. SHe had read my post and wanted to share some of what her and her husband were going through. Of course the email came at a perfect time when I needed some encouragement and prayer. Needless to say we have an email friendship, one in NC and one in MS who have never met who are praying and encouraging one another. Our husbands have even emailed some. I don't know why I shared that with you but God is up to something BIG. I sense it everywhere. Through Proverbs 31 i met someone who is a sister in Christ who I look forward to emails and encouragment as I send them and receive them. Thanks Renee and Proverbs 31 for your ministry.

Blogger J.L. said...

As I heard about you praying through the room and stage, I was blessed. Thanks for being faithful to God's prompting and for praying for each of us. I truly enjoyed your annointed prayer for the women at the end of your session. To God Be the Glory!

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I enjoy sharing what God is teaching and showing me. I think your comments will be a blessing to all who read them. Thanks for sharing with us!

Blogger Sue Heimer said...

Rest today in JOY, my dear Friend! What a amazing weekend! I was holding you up in prayer and God was so good and you were obedient!
Now, time for Astor...smile..can't wait to hear the news she is in your ARMS! Hugs for IL.

Anonymous Cindy Teem said...

Hey! I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to seeing you here in Reno...in November. I stopped to read your blog and I really enjoyed it.
His timing is everything. Thank you for lifting me up.

Blogger lisasmith said...

Renee--Thank you again for introducing me to the D6 movement and for giving me the opportunity to experience it personally! God is doing awesome things for families and I loved hearing his heart expressed over and over again on Thursday. So very sad I missed you on Friday.

I am praying for your family. love, lisa

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