The Not-So Glamorous but Oh-So Glorious Life
Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, He had His eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living...Ephesians 1:12 (The Message)

I love that Jesus thought about us way before we even knew about Him. He had an eye on me and a purpose in the making when He was planning my life. Wow, to think that His plans for me and my days are designed with "glorious living."

Those are just some really cool thoughts! But tonight, as I read this verse, I laughed (and almost cried just a little)!! Jesus promised a glorious life not a glamorous life, and they are quite often very different.

Leah mentioned to me today how it's easy to look at speakers or authors and all the traveling they do and think that it would be so glamorous. We chuckled about how not-so-glamorous our day was going as we traveled to Dallas for the D6 conference.

Honestly, I thought Leah was going to fire me or beg me to relieve her of the misery before it was all over!

First, I was late getting to the airport. My bathroom clock battery is dying so it was 20mins behind. Hence, I was too! When I finally got there, Leah was parked and waiting in the lobby. I needed to check my bags before the cut-off time so Leah met me at curbside ticketing where I jumped out and she jumped into my van and drove off to find a parking space and shuttle bus.

I checked my bag and a big pull-up banner thingy we were taking with us for the P31 booth display at the D6 conference. Then I waited inside for Leah so we could go through security together.

A few minutes later, Leah called to say the daily parking lot was closed and she was going to have to drive waaay out to long term parking. Our flight was leaving in 35mins so I started saying panic prayers. Fifteen minutes later Leah met me and we darted towards security.

We scrambled to take off our shoes, unload our laptops, strip off our jackets, watches and remove our belts. They even made me take off my scarf. But no problems. I got through without incident. Then Leah walked through and all kinds of buzzers started sounding.

Her watch had set off the alarms so she needed to go back through and put it all in a small container. In the meantime, I'm taking her stuff off the conveyor belt, placing her shoes on the floor for her to jump into, putting her camera back in her purse, and holding her laptop since her computer bag hadn't come through.

As soon as she was cleared we started running. Picture me holding her laptop in one arm, a tote bag with a small printer hanging over my shoulder and rolling my computer bag down the corridor while she is shouting out to see if I have her laptop.

Of course, our gate was at the end of Concourse B so we had to sprint the whole way. We got there 5 mins before take off and I was shocked to see that the door was still opened. We both couldn't talk or breathe, and we were sweating! Such a sight to see two women gasping for air while trying to find their seats on row 29! Another story for another day but we ended up sitting in row 8.

Much to our delight, about 15 people boarded the plane after us so we weren't quiet as humiliated as we had been. All in all a good flight. Great conversation with my sweet friend and lots of catching up accomplished.

Two hours later we landed in Dallas. Found a bathroom and ordered lunch to-go at Varsity Grill. Made our way to baggage claim and waited. And waited. And waited.

Leah's suitcase arrived. The larger banner thingy arrived. My suitcase? Never arrived.

I visited the baggage services glassed-in office and filed a report. Then we met our wonderful D6 driver, Edwin, who took us to the hotel/convention center. We were greeted by an amazing team of D6 staff who got us checked in.

We set up our P31 booth. Visited with lots of nice people and hung out with Susanne Scheppmann for a couple of hours. Started getting tired. Stopped by hotel cafe to get a chicken wrap and yogurt parfait for dinner. Went up to the room.

Just as I was opening the door I told Leah and Susanne, "I can't wait to get into my jammies."

Once we got into the room, they got their stuff and headed over to another hotel since JJ is going to be staying here with me tomorrow night and this hotel is sold out. I was here alone and that is when it hit me. I have no jammies. I have no suitcase. I have no clothes for tomorrow. I have no toothbrush. Face wash. No hairdryer. Oh my.

I decided to call USAir to see how things are going. They said the suitcase arrived at DFW tonight and a courier picked it up to bring to Frisco, TX. But that was over 4 hours ago and I am really sleepy. So I am going to go to bed now. I guess I'll sleep in the shirt I wore today.

This is not the glamorous life, and my heart is beginning to wonder how this fits into the scheme of the "glorious" life as well. My heart is tempted to be sad and frazzled, but I know that I belong to Jesus. And that is why this is the glorious life. My prayer is that somehow He'll be glorified in it.

It helps me to remember that Jesus never had jammies. He didn't even have a pillow. He couldn't brush his teeth or flat iron his hair. But His Father always provided a place to rest and just what He needed when He needed it.

Tonight I am thankful for God's provision of a very comfortable bed and the promise that I will have what I need tomorrow. Thank goodness I don't speak until Friday!

So, now I lay me down to sleep holding onto a promise I know that He will keep! Because long before I first heard of HIM and got my hopes up, He had His eye on me and had designs on me for oh so glorious but not so glamorous living!


Blogger Bonita said...

Well, I hope today is even more glorious and that your suitcase arrives in time for you to be more glamorous too! I'm not sure I would have the same attitude if all this happened to me, but I'm glad you can see the grand scheme of things. Have a fun conference!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing:-) I hope that you will have your jammies tonight and will pray for you as you speak tomorrow.

Angela R

Blogger Jill said...

This is a wonderful post - thank you for being so real!! In the time I've followed some of the P31 blogs that is one thing I appreciate greatly - all of you are just like all of us, thanks for being such an encouragement. I pray your bags will soon arrive and the glorious life will shine! Blessings on the conference, Jill

Blogger JHerald said...

Renee, this is a great perspective. I am in a season of life right now, where I depend on God to meet all my needs, according to His plan for my life that day. It's definitely not the way of the world and most days when compared to the world, makes little sense. But I am in a great place by His standards and few would view my life as glorious, that is unless they really knew me. All this to say, your post is beautifully written from beginning to end and tying in that particular verse creates a whole package in Christ worth seeking each and every day...though few (in the big scheme of things) would understand....I know your bags will arrive in perfect timing and your time at the conference will be blessed! Enjoy each moment.

Blogger Kimberly said...

Oh, my! That was way more adventure than you would have ever expected! I love your attitude and willingness to surrender it all to Him!
Praying the rest of your time there goes MUCH smoother! And even if it doesn't, I know that only what is part of His plans will be allowed.
Love and prayers,
K :)

Blogger Runner Mom said...

Bless your precious heart!!! I'll be praying for you!

Love you!

Blogger Julie Gillies said...

What an aptly titled post, Renee! Wow, there's just never a dull moment when we're called to God's work, is there? (And we're ALL called to God's work, whether we are mommies or career women or writers or speakers.)

In spite of it all, you are an excellent example of a good attitude. THANK YOU for keeping it real, girlfriend!

Blogger Mocha with Linda said...

I'm sure the husband wishes he'd been there the night the suitcase wasn't! :-)

Hang in there and enjoy the rest of your trip!

Blogger O'Nealya Gronstal said...

Thanks for being so real girlfriend!!! And thanks for putting life into perspective!

You make me want to serve Jesus more and more.

Love and prayers to you as you serve Him. I KNOW He is being glorified!

Blogger Oh Dear said...

You are so right! Thanks!

Blogger Lynn Cowell said...

Amazed you even posted! I'll be lifting you up to the Father as I lay my head to sleep.
Love, Lynn

Blogger B His Girl said...

I love running through the airport stories that end well and this one did! To God be all glory!!

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