Looking for a great gift to give and receive?
As many of you know, my family has a heart for adoption and we're in the process of bringing home a daughter or two from Ethiopia. It's a very expensive process and many families who want to adopt aren't able because they don't have the funds. My friend Marybeth is doing a give-away on her blog today to help a family who has already adopted three children from China and is trying to adopt a fourth-- which would make a family of seven kids.

Marybeth is giving away three candles from Connie, who is selling candles to raise money to bring their newest child home from China. So, if you are looking for a great gift and a way to help out a family, this is perfect!

Here's what Connie had to say about what one lucky winner will receive:

12 oz. hand poured...triple scented. All are a milky white color...any scent will match anyone's home. 9 scents to choose from representing each Fruit of the Spirit. Different Bible verses on each one to go along with each fruit of the spirit. Poured in a square jar with extra cute packaging...great for a Christmas or Birthday gift. All scents have been tested in our own homes. We've been making candles for over 10 years.

Be sure to visit Marybeth's blog to find out more!.


Blogger Joyful said...

Thanks for giving us a heads up Renee. I just came back from checking out these candles - what a lovely and creative idea. Imagine, a candle scented with "JOY"!

As we are to be the fragrance of Christ, how special to enjoy the aroma of the fruit of His Spirit.


Anonymous Kudykay said...

I just heard of your web site and decided to check it out. I got into to work late because I was in court wiith my son this morning. On our way to court he said to me, "if htere was a God, I wouldn't be in the perdicament I'm in". I tried to explain that our choices put us in either good or bad perdicaments but he didn't want to hear it. What do you do with a recently turned 18 year old who hates the world, himself, and God? he is on a path to destruction and I don't know if my prayers are enoough. God help me

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