Happy Thanksgiving from the Emergency Room
Thursday Morning
Hi friends,I don't know if anyone will read this today but if so, please say a prayer for my sweet husband, JJ. I woke up late this morning and found a sticky note saying he was driving himself to the Emergency Room. He said he wanted me to get some sleep and not spend Thanksgiving at the ER - as if I would stay home!!

He's been sick for the past several days. We got meds after he self-diagnosed himself with a GI tract infection, which he's had before. We realize now that he tends to get them after being on anti-biotics. He'd just finished a round of those last weekend for a double ear infection.

His fever spiked to 102.5 and he started having severe back pain and vomiting around 4am. I was sleeping upstairs when he left the house around 8:30am. We've been at the ER for a few hours now. They put him on an IV for dehydration and had him drink yucky stuff for the past two hours that will make his GI tract "glow" during his CT scan, which they just came to get him for.

He seems to be doing better after getting a bag of fluids. We're watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" and he's laughing some, so that's good. He's so hard to figure out because he is not a complainer. It's hard to imagine that he's in pain when he's not saying anything. When I'm sick, you know it from all the moaning and groaning!! But not JJ; he is silently sick. I know, I married a saint!

Our boys are at JJ's brother's with their family and JJ's parents for Thanksgiving. His brother drove 3 hours to meet me last night and take them back. He is so considerate!! Their parents raised some amazing guys!

I would appreciate your prayers that we get the tests results back quickly, that it's nothing major, and that he'll get meds to make him comfortable since he hasn't slept in days! And that we get to go home today. But while we are here, please pray that God would open doors for us to share Christ (through word or actions) with the staff that is working today and be a blessing as they bless us with their care.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday 1:30pm

Thank you so much for your notes and prayers!!! They admitted JJ because his white blood cell counts were high and his colon "lit up" in the CT scan. It's very inflamed. He has a pretty bad case of colitis c diffillis. It's not good but hopefully he'll get rid of it quickly and we can exterminate our house of germ spores because they like to multiply!

He still has a lot of pain in his lower abs and back. Staying at the hospital will allow him to get all he needs through the IV- pain meds, antibiotics that will kill this bacteria, fluids, nausea medicine, etc. He's already feeling the difference and his stomach has calmed down. They are giving him an all liquid dinner tonight - can you imagine all liquids on Thanksgiving? But he's so grateful to be there and not at home suffering without any relief in sight. So we are VERY thankful that he went and that they admitted him.

My sweet friend Sharon brought me a full plate - actually 3 plates - of homemade Thanksgiving dinner and desserts. Thanks Sharon and Jason!!!!!

Friday 3:45pm
The doctor came by to see JJ this afternoon. His white blood count has gone down - that's good! His fever is a little better. Only bad thing is that he is still on all liquids and he's still got a lot of pain. The doctor said JJ will probably be here until Saturday or Sunday, once his his fever is gone, he's eating solids and his stomach starts processing foods in a normal fashion. That's a nice way of saying it without being gross! They told him he should not have visitors because his room is considered a "Bio-hazardous" area. I was blessed with monthly cramps and a migraine this morning, so I think I'm going to put a sign on our front door that says "Hormone-Hazardous" area and call it a day! So thankful our kids aren't here to witness their parents who are falling apart, but instead they are having fun with their cousins! I sure do miss them though!!!

Thanks for your prayers, we need them 'til this mess is gone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have prayed for JJ and I pray that this Thanksgiving day brings healing and rest to JJ, you and your family.

Blogger Shanda said...

Praying for JJ's health! Blessings & Peace this Thanksgiving day!

Blogger Just me~ Bobbie Jo said...

I will be praying for JJ and you and the whole family.

Blogger tiggerdaisy said...

Praying for you!

Blogger Bonita said...

Praying for you and thankful that we have doctors and medicines to help JJ.

Blogger Joyful said...

Praying, Praying, Praying!

Sending a hug to you,

Blogger Melissa Milbourn said...


Love you.

Blogger Chef Diane said...


I am glad that they admitted JJ to the hospital. Sometimes we don't like having to do that but it is best all the way around. I will continue to lift him up in prayer. Also that you will have strenght to maintain the house as he is on the mend.
You can do a turkey dinner anytime and he might enjoy it better in a few weeks.
God Bless,

Blogger Carol Davis said...

praying for you

Blogger Kimberly said...

Oh, Renee!
I didn't come by yesterday, not expecting any Thanksgiving posts. I am so sorry! I am praying this morning for all of you! Praise God you and your husband are highly favored of God wherever you are...home or a hospital! May you feel His love, protection, and provision all over the place! And I do pray that He would use you and your husband to bring Him glory right where you are!

Love and prayers,

Blogger Joanie Butler said...

Oh my! Not the way one would wish to spend Thanksgiving. I am praying that JJ is doing better today, and that you have been able to get some rest as well.

Blogger Amy L Brooke said...

Oh, what a note to wake up to. I will be praying. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to read yesterday.

You and JJ are in my prayers.

Blogger Just me~ Bobbie Jo said...

Sorry to hear that they had to admit JJ but at least now he is getting what he needs to make a full recovery! I will continue to pray for all of you.

Blogger Shanda said...

Continuing to lift you both up!!

It sounds like JJ could really benefit from some Probiotics - we get ours from www.gardenoflife.com Basically good bacteria that helps keep the gut in balance...

HUGS! Hang in there!

Blogger Leebird said...

Wow...so sorry you guys had to spend the holiday and after in the hospital.


Please lay Your holy hand of healing on JJ's colon causing the inflammation to settle right on down in a big sigh of relief. Give JJ and Renee a glimpse of Your purpose for them being there this weekend. May the staff see something different, something beautiful in JJ and Renee. Use this time of crisis, illness, and inconvenience for eternal purposes.

In Jesus' Name I gratefully pray, AMEN

Blogger Dawn Ward said...

I just prayed for JJ and will continue to keep you both in my prayers.

Love and Blessings,

Blogger B His Girl said...

I know you have JJ and Renee in your hands. Please give the doctors wisdom in his treatment and take away the pain. Thank you Lord that their hearts both want to lift up your name in this difficult time.

You have pluck, my girl! I will pray for your beloved and for you and your boys.

I am so glad JJ got a diagnosis and they could get down to business treating him.

You'll have to do a "Second Thanksgiving" once he's home.

You and I continue to discover more in common; I am like you when sick and my beloved is like yours.

And I can guess that your JJ is a non-complainer in other areas, too? Have you have also found that it is far too easy to be selfish when married to a man like that and not even realize it?

Praying for health and speedy recoveries for you both.

Paula G.

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