Finding a Quiet Place, a free book & coffee to go with it!

"Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, ‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.’" ~Mark 6:31

I love Jesus' invitation. He gives me permission to pull away from the needs that pull on me. I thirst for time alone with Him. I know I need the gift of rest He offers, but I'm not always in a place to receive it. I have to get intentional or it won't ever happen.

I noticed today that Jesus invited his disciples in Mark 6 to change locations physically so that they could find refreshment and restoration spiritually and mentally. It's easier for me to rest when I pull away from the demands of life and my daily setting. What about you? Do you ever go somewhere without distractions and noises to spend time with Jesus? Sometimes this is my devotional time but sometimes it is just the chance to enjoy down time.

One of my favorites things to do is pull away to a quiet place with a cup of coffee, my journal and a great book. Sometimes I'll read my Bible, other times I'll read a novel that stirs my heart and reveals God's truth in a new and creative context.

With today's key verse in mind and some things God is teaching me about not expecting so much of myself but giving myself permission to pull away, I wanted to share with you two give-aways that include an excuse to do the same for yourself - coffee and a good read!!

First, through this Friday, you can download a free copy of the novel "Scared" (More details at the end of this post.) Author, Tom Davis, along with David C. Cook Publishers is graciously offering this to our P31 family of readers and friends through Proverbs 31 Ministries' She Reads site.

Second, I have the perfect thing to go with this compelling book - a pound of delicious coffee! Tom Davis is not only an amazing author, he's got a huge giving heart!He's also the co-founder of Saints Coffee ( His company gives 1/3 of their net profits to care for orphans in Africa and Russia. And he's offered to give me a pound of free coffee. I've decided to give it to one of you! If your name is picked, you can visit and let me know what roast and flavor you'd like and I'll send your request to him.

To enter to win a pound of coffee for you (or a friend), click on the word "comments" below and type in the white box. If you don't have a blog, click anonymous. Please include your name, your email and let me know...
(and if you don't like coffee, I'd still love to hear your thoughts).

Where do you find that quiet place with Jesus where He promises rest?

Then visit my friends at She Reads where you can download your
FREE COPY OF Tom's NOVEL, "Scared."


Blogger tiggerdaisy said...

I'm having trouble finding a quiet space to spend time alone with Jesus. Very hard time. If I get up early in the morning, more often than not, one of my babies will hear me and want up, too. If I wait until night time, then I'm often too exhausted. About the only time I can do it (though there are interruptions), is during my lunch hour; however, our offices are consolidating next month, so I'll go from having an office to sharing a cubicle. I know my Jesus will provide a time and space for me though!

I do "get away" with a good novel read while we are winding down for the night. With reading a novel, I don't have to necessarily focus like I would if I were reading the Bible and allowing God's Word to sink into my heart.

Prayers and blessings,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A free book and coffee to drink while reading... sounds exactly what I need for a relaxing time for me... I know that my husband would be more than happy to give me the necessary me time - he is really good about that:)
Plus I am always up for a great book:)
Thanks for sharing what God is doing in your life/heart.


Blogger The Walker Family said...

Angela Walker

I have really just now started looking for a REAL quiet place. Right now it has become a corner at work upstairs that no one is in during my lunch break. It's warm up there with lots of windows and quiet. I sit down at the table facing the windows and open God's Word and read and pray. May quiet place may change but right now it's working. Have a sweetly blessed day.
In Christ,

Blogger Ann Salas said...

Embarrassed to say...but it is in the potty! Everyone knows when the door is closed, don't come a knocking, or say Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I get my seasalts, essential oils, and my book and spend tranquil time with Jesus.

Blogger Midwest Mom said...

I find my quiet time during the day while the kids are at school - I sit on the couch facing the backyard, cover my head with a light blanket, and I seek him. No one is home and I pray aloud and read the Bible, asking him to show me what the words mean for me. This connection leaves me refreshed, and I find that I crave that time with him.

This is a relatively new plan since my children are now in school, but I believe that God has a plan for me to use this extended time in worship and how I am to go forward.

Blogger J-Girl said...

Oh yes! The perfect ingredients for a time of rest. I get away on warm days on my patio and on cold days like today I sit on my sofa near the window when the kids and hubby are away or still tucked in their beds.
Thanks for sharing your journey wiht us Renee and encouraging us to find that quiet space :)

First...let me just say...this site is awesome!

My quiet place begins while laying in bed. Each morning as I awake I whisper I love you Lord, and I'm listening. Help me to find you in every step I take and every decision I make. I then have the wonderful privilege of getting my kids off to school. Once they are gone, I walk up the stairs to my office and sit quietly at my computer, pausing, worshiping, and silently listening from God. Each day He meets with me...each day He gives me something to write.

I write what He tells me to write. I've chosen to use my blog to encourage, empower, and equip believers to discover, develop, and do their passion...and in the process each day; God feeds my spirit.

What a joy it is to serve Him.

His Love Extended:
Julie Gorman

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the give-away.

Blogger Shannon said...

Wow, thanks for the website. I started a ministry for orphans, and hope to go nationwide! We are building/buying homes for couples to live in and adopt waiting children. They can rent on a sliding fee scale. This will give them adequate space, and be license ready! I have a dream to add a coffee/tea shop to the community center someday! OK, off to check out the website!

Blogger Judylynn said...

Thanks for the link to the free book. I'll head over there now (and I'm adding your blog to my blogroll)!

Blogger bguido said...

My routine is similar every morning; waking to KLove, putting on my robe and slippers and walking to the shower... passing the coffee pot (to make sure it's starting to brew) on the way. I learned in college that the shower is a great place to start my day with the Lord and ask him to ensure I get my quiet time before the sun goes down. Some mornings that is the 15 minutes after my shower, with my coffee and devotional book, before my husband and dog wake up. Other days, it's during my lunch hour. I'll lock my computer, grab my lunch (and the 2nd cup of coffee) and my book and spend time with God. Other days (which I consider treat days) I get to go to one of my favorite coffee shops and snuggle in their comfy chairs with my favorite drink. Oh, I could stay there for hours! Coffee in hand with a good book is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich; one of the best inventions God made. Grabbing a cup of coffee instinctively helps me find QUIET somewhere. TRY IT!!


Blogger Alicia said...

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Blogger Alicia said...

My "quiet place" is a pond behind my campus. You have to walk about 5-10 minutes out in the woods to get there, but it's beautiful. During the winter months, I usually just go to the basement of my campus library (which, honestly, is filled with God's presence) or just my bedroom early in the morning.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love retreating to my bedroom for some alone time with Jesus. While there I read my bible, journal or simply sit quietly, waiting to hear from Him. (That's the hardest one for me!)

-Amy V.

***If I'm the winner I will send you my email if you post my name on your blog. :)

Blogger Captain J said...

The best space I've found is an overstuffed chair near a window. I have one now in my office at work, and I use my lunch to "get away" and find peace during my day.

Blogger tabrownwv said...

My "quiet place" is pretty much anywhere, being that I'm single. My problem is not retreating to my quiet place enough. I love to read and I love to journal, but I let the cares of this world and other unimportant things get in the way, which is probably why I need that "rest" and to be quiet.

Anonymous Lynn said...

I love spending time with Jesus at his feet. I especially like it when his feet are at the beach. However; when they are not, I like to sit in my comfy chairs in the kitchen by the windows and fireplace. I can read and listen to what he has to say, in the mornings, with no distractions.


My quiet time - which I LOVE! - comes at the kitchen table after our 5 kids get on the school bus in the mornings.

I read, pray through journaling, and drink my yummy (strong!) cup of coffee.

I was really concerned when our youngest started school about how I'd do, being all alone after being with our kids 24/7 (nursing, homeschooling, no babysitters, no pre-school, always with me!).

But I am lovin it! And it's all because of that special time in the morning with the Lord.

(Yes, I miss my kids tons, and am always eager for holidays when they're home. But God is just letting me enjoy each stage of their "growing up" so much.)

Lisa (@imgarysgirl)

Blogger Emily said...

My quietest time of day is in the morning right after I wake up. That's generally when I have my quiet time with Jesus. Sometimes I take some time (for extra Bible study) in the afternoon after the children are done with school. After the kids go to bed I like to read a good book (if I have one available) and relax in the evening.

Renee, I absolutely enjoy your blog and all the encouraging things you have to say. I'm kind of where you were a few weeks ago. I'm waiting on a biopsy at the end of March for a thyroid nodule. I had a biopsy in December, but am in the "lesion of undetermined signifigance" category. I'm learning to be patient this year. It's hard not knowing if it's benign or malignant. Sorry this is so long!
In Christ,

Blogger jr said...

Reading this today was just what I needed. I am a mother of an infant and a toddler and often feel like I just don't have enough "gas" to keep going. Finding time to rest and recharge is essential, I know, but hard to do. Reading a good book with some good coffee would sure help!

Blogger monicalrobbins said...

I love that this coffee company helps orphans in Russia and Africa...what a great ministry! I will definitely check them out!

Monica Robbins

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad that verse blessed you and now you're blessing so many others with it! Jesus' sweetness in His invitation and promise of rest touches me. Thanks for sharing your heart! Love you! Samantha (from P31)

p.s. please don't include me in the coffee give-away...I"d love someone else to find their quiet place with the Lord over a warm cup of coffee :)

Blogger Margaret said...

When my five children were little, it was extremely hard to find some quietness for myself. I usually had to take the 10 or 15 minutes in the afternoon during nap time to get a little peace. That's what I encourage young moms with today- take the little bits of time and make the most of them. Now that the children are older, I get about an hour in the early morning for quiet time and once a year my husband sends me to a hotel by myself for one night. God will honor the faithfulness of our hearts to seek His Presence.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm currently struggling to find that quiet place and time...


Blogger Kimberly said...

I have kinda been missing my quiet place as we have had a virus circling through our home...which means sweet people at home with me...which means it is not quiet. :) But I know the extra time with them is something I need to treasure! Just as you said the other day...they grow so fast!

I do love some quiet, though...quiet that includes a cup of coffee! You are sweet to share this with your readers! Hope you are getting to pull away for some quiet yourself!

Love you,

An awesome combination! Definately downloading the book copy and would love to try the Cinnamon Sticky Bun Regular/Ground!

I love my quiet time and usually do enjoy my coffee with it! Have bookmarked Saints Coffee. I currently have been a Gevalia Coffee Club member for years and love their coffee, but his mission sounds wondeful!


Anonymous Marcia said...

I definitely need to do this more often. I have a terrible time finding a quiet time with Jesus. Working full time ++, being a wife and mother of a 2 year old really takes his toll. I have been telling myself that I need this time and I just need to MAKE it!

Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that I have an empty nest I like to sit at my dining room table. I like my dining room it is peaceful.

Blogger Beauty4Ashes said...

He draws me beside the Still Waters to Restoreth my soul.. so I find myself being DRAWN to him along side the WATER.. there I ajm reminded of LIFE .. Transformed & Living. As water daily flows inward & outward. I also love gardens full of blossoms sitting in the shade of mighty oak trees. I look at nature and SEE JESUS.

Blogger SunnySusan said...

A cup of coffee will get me to do anything...haha
Wow. I just blogged about finding some time with Jesus. Normally I do it in the morning before my daughter gets up. But as of late, I have been doing it while she starts her lessons. I homeschool her. The house is quiet and I am more awake and more apt to stay and listen for awhile.
What a great hee

Anonymous Andrea said...

Usually have my quiet time after my younger daughter - a special-needs student - leaves on the school bus. I just sit in a corner of the couch, near my reading lamp and pray and read. Right now, I'm using the devotional "Jesus Calling," by Sarah Young (love it!), and a daily Bible reading guide.

Would love to try some of that Saints Coffee!


Blogger ARKerns said...

I have several special quiet places that I spend time with Jesus-- sitting in bed to quiet my soul before I sleep (gets my heart and head in the resting mode with sweet thoughts), on my porch swing (when it's warm enough), down by the river (I'm so blessed to live just a stone's throw from a beautiful spot on the river), up stream at a swimming hole called The Natural Dam (I get there in the early morning before anyone else arrives), and-- two more that are my all time favorites: in the car (when I'm driving alone -- we live 15 miles from almost anywhere) and in the garden (that's where I can really get into some good talking and listening times with the Lord).
I'm really blessed and have to remember that! God has given me sweet boundaries, and now that our nest is empty I can just about meet with Him anywhere I want or when I need to.
It's truly my favorite thing to do and gives me the energy I need to meet my obligations. I call it "magic", that when I spend time with Jesus, my time is multiplied back. (Anyone else find that to be true?)

Blogger KELLY said...

My husband and I bought a special desk for the office (he works from home and has the larger desk) and I wa so excited. I hung crosses on the wall, have all my devotional books there, but acutally have not used it like I thought. I'm usually in bed when I read my Bible, study Lysa's book, and now reading 66 Love Letters. I pray throughout the day, and always talk to God while driving to work. Coffee and a good book go together like love and marriage. Bless you my friend!

Blogger Tricia said...

It's interesting that you should write about 'taking time away' today. I'm doing just that this weekend. Off to a northern state I go tomorrow to visit a friend who, unlike me, does not have elementary school-aged children. As we were discussing and praying about what we could do when I arrived, I finally came to the conclusion that I really didn't want to DO anything. In other words, I don't want to HAVE to be anywhere. So we're really not making any plans but to watch movies and just hang out.

I'm SO looking forward to my weekend long break away from the responsibilities of being a mother, wife, and homeschool teacher. A respite I desperately need and one that God will surely bless! :^)


Anonymous Olivia said...

Actually, it is just about anywhere if my toddler and newborn are napping! Most often my couch in the living room or on my bed. For praying- in the shower or when I am nursing my littlest one in the middle of the night.

Blogger God's girl said...

I hide away with my Bible, journal, and worship music...With my kids still younger, I have time at night once they have gone to bed.

Speaking of which, I really need some quiet time now:)

Blessings! Heaven

Blogger LyonsLady said...

I usually have it in our bedroom in the corner where my computer is. But would like to change it from here to another place on different days...
seeking for other places to spend time with HIM...maybe on porch when not too cold...
I would like to have the Dark Roast coffee blend named"St George the Dragonslayer Blend"
God Bless you Renee for all you do for HIM!!!

Blogger Sharon said...

My mother in law gave us a chaise lounge that we now have in the corner of our bedroom by a window. It has become 'our place' (mine and Jesus'). The window has a ledge (we have an old home with tons of character) and I place my coffee or tea there. I open the blinds to let a little light in and to sometimes look at the sky for a moment and watch a cloud or two before going back to reading. That corner has soaked up a lot of tears and heard peels of laughter and felt hearty sighs. My girls might walk in the room (they're 7 and 9) and know when I'm sitting there that mommy's talking to Jesus and needs privacy. Sometimes, though, they want to join us. They crawl into my lap as if to say "I want some quiet time with you and Jesus, too". Can't say no to that. It doesn't happen often but when it does, I am reminded that my girls are watching and learning how important it is to have a quiet corner with Him. That pleases me immensely and gives me great comfort since I know they will experience their own challenges and those challenges will get more difficult as they get older. I know they're learning the importance of resting in Jesus - from me.

I have such a hard time finding that quiet place because it seems all the noise follows me in my head. As a mother of almost grown kids I have plenty of time alone but can not seem to settle myself into that quiet peaceful place.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finding a quiet time and place is something that I struggle with, however, I am getting better at it. During Lent, instead of watching TV, I am reading God's words or another book and usually go to my room instead of the family room so that there won't be any distractions. I love what you share with us. It makes me realize that others have the same struggles and challenges I have.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The previous comment was mine, but forgot to leave you my email here it is:

Thank you for the give away.

Anonymous marym said...

Free coffee sounds great....
To share that coffee with a few friends and let God have his way even better .
Thanks mary

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Renee
Keep doing what your doing. Serving GOD with all your heart.
As for quiet time with GOD. I am very blessed that I can do this at work in my office, at noon when all are at work or school, and at times in the evening right before bed.

Please enter me in your drawing.

Take care.

Sara Sanchez

Blogger Geigers said...

I find that after supper, while my husband and son are playing or right after our son goes to bed is a good time. That allows my husband to watch whatever he wants on TV without my complaints and I get to spend time with God. On weekends, my son's nap time is the best time!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,

I'm so enjoying your blog!

I usually don't enter contests, but in the last while I've entered a few of them through P31 blogs - it's embarrasing cause it feels a little greedy! The things that you guys are giving away though are items that are close to my heart.

Today I was excited to see that the author of the book that you are giving away is ministering to the orphans in Russia. I don't hear about missions in Russia very often, and I'm excited that something is happening. I have a heart for them, and hope that someday I will be able to minister to them in some way - in whatever way God has planned for me.

My quiet time with Jesus is in the morning. It's a time I struggle with though, as I'm finding it hard to have the close connection that I want and desire. The times that I most connect with Him are the unexpected times where He just shows up in the middle of the day and says something to my heart (I wish that happened daily!), or if I'm pouring out my heart to Him while hiding out on my knees in the bathroom.

Connie, Winnipeg- Canada

Blogger Nanci said...

Hi Renee,

First, I want to thank you for praying for my marriage a couple of months ago. Things are much better and I know the prayers are responsible for the change of heart that took place.

I have read your blog and the one that has stayed on my mind that you wirte about is the way you go to spend time with God. I never do this! Instead, I squeeze Him in giving my busy schedule the preference He deserves. I have to make some changes in this area of my life. I have too! My husband and I host a small group at our home on Sunday nights where we do eat (of course) and do bible study. I am notorious for doing what I call marathon devotionals! I catch up on Sunday afternoons and do like, 3, 4 or somtimes all 5 weekly devotionals. It's terrible. My head is spinning and I can't absorb all that I need to. And the number one issue in our small group is folks say they don't have time to do the devotionals. I have to step up and be an example to the others. I am going to come with a game plan today! Thanks for you encouraging, motivating words this week!

I also want to download the book! Thanks for doing that for us! Great idea! And I like coffee!

Love ya,

Blogger Emily said...

I responded yesterday and totally forgot to put my email address in:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll say it again, Amen to "down time" with our Lord and Savior. Let the peace of the Lord be your blanket.

Blogger Alyce said...

Hey sounds good!Especially as I watch snow from my window..this southern VA girl can't handle anymore snow!

I still struggle with having a consistent quiet time. But I am doing better. I have a comfy chair with a pretty table and lamp on it that just has my Bible, devotionals, etc..that is where I sit to study, pray and read.
Sometimes I just like to stay in my bed for that too!
And the BEST place....the BEACH!


Blogger julie said...

I have my regular quiet time on our bathroom floor! Really, it is just a great place where I can lock the door and be assured of some time alone before the kids wake up.

If I could choose another place, I would love to get away to the mountains to have some time alone with God. As a child, I always loved being in the Colorado mountains. I just felt close to God.

Julie LeFevre

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My quiet place is on my front porch swing or on my screened in porch. Of course when its cold its in my living room when the kids are sound asleep. :)


Blogger Lisa V. said...

My quiet place is in the still calm peace of the early morning before anyone else is up. I just get comfortable on my couch with my bible and mug of coffee, I'm happy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite quiet place would be the beach, but since I don't live near one, my favorite quiet place is on my screened in back porch that overlooks a lake.

Anonymous Dawn said...

Oh, I wish I had a quiet place! Our house is so small and everyone has a crazy schedule; there doesn't seem to be a quiet time for me.

I love to read and I love coffee! My ideal things to do!

Blogger Andrea Schultz said...

I connect with Him anywhere and everywhere! Just need to be ready to hear that still small voice!

Blessings -


Ponderings by Andrea

Blogger Tammy Nischan said...

For me, the prairie is my most therapeutic place to walk and feel His presence. Something about the way the wind blows over the wheat calms me like ocean waves lapping up on the shore.

Unfortunately, we moved from the west to the east and now live in the foothills of Kentucky......far from both the prairie and the beach, so I've learned to find Him in the hills.............

That's the GREAT thing about quiet time with's anywhere we are, because He is there!!:)

Love you. Miss you.


Blogger Tammy Nischan said...

Forgot to leave my email address.

Love you (again!)


Blogger Annette said...

Thank you for reminding us that down time can be good thing! It's in that down time that I'm strengthened and truly enjoy all the wonder around me - including my family!

We're not coffee drinkers, but would be happy to share it with guests in our home!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quiet time is in my big chair gazing out the window. It is also my husband's favorite pleace, so we compete for it, sometimes we have a cozy quiet time together squished sided by side. *sweet*. I read the novel scarred, really changed me forever for the good.
Heather Nelson
Jacksonville Florida

Blogger Josh and Kelly said...

Naptime! Oh, there are days when a shower or a nap for me trump my time with Jesus- but I truly believe He knows my needs- and delights in giving me good gifts!

But an oasis? A quiet place? Living with in-laws, brother-in-law, and grandmom in-law... has made this quite a challenge! I'm still trying to figure it out!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need quite time with Jesus, going through a really tough time in my marriage and health, nothing is better than a good book and a cup of coffee and quiet time with my Father!! Love me some quite time with Jesus!!

Blessings to all!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just forgot to give my email address it's

Blogger evision said...

Blogger evision said...

Blogger evision said...

Anonymous Trish said...

I need some "me and Jesus" time but simply have no idea how to make that happen. Something always comes up and my time is shot. I want to attend this conference so much....just for the fellowship and teaching that would be uninterrupted and I could focus on Him.

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