Getting Up Again
"...though a righteous man falls seven times,
he rises again"
Proverbs 24:16a

In the same way I don't like failing, I also don't like FALLING either. It's painful, embarrassing and sometimes makes me want to quit trying.

But God is teaching me about getting up again when I fall. He reminds me again and again that if I don't, I'll miss seeing Him and experiencing the amazing things and plans He has for my life.

That almost happened last year during a ski trip with my family. I stood at the top of a mountain breathing in the beauty of God's glory that morning, thanking Him for providing this trip for our family through a ministry event. Joshua stood beside me begging me to ski down a Colorado blue diamond slope with him

I can't even tell you how amazing it was - and how fast I was going. It was insane but seeing my very happy and daring son standing at the bottom watching and cheering me on made it worth it.

That is, until I lost control and shaped my body into a human pretzel! I tried to stop but instead came crashing down into a barrier of un-groomed snow. I fell so hard my skis went flying, my neck jerked back, my head slammed into the ground, my legs were twisted and buried in a foot of snow, the wind was completely knocked out of me and I couldn't get up!

I decided that was it - no more skiing for me! I had fallen hard and it hurt - really bad - both my pride and my butt! I was too tired and I didn't think it was worth it to risk another fall.

I laid in the snow trying to breathe and figure out how to break the news to Joshua that the fun and adventure were over for me. I was calling it a day and heading for the warm lodge to get some hot chocolate.

That's when God whispered to my heart, "Renee, you will never see all that I have for you if you are not willing to get up from a painful fall and keep going."

Oooh, I hate it when He says something so poignant when I'm in pain. Yet I sensed He had something more for me. But I had to be willing to trust HIM by getting up again.

So I got up, dusted myself off and started skiing again. I'm so glad I did! We had the most incredible day. You see, while I was falling God knew that JJ and Andrew were perfecting their skills and were ready to ski with us which they hadn't done before. I got to ski with my whole family for hours and hours and see some of the most beautiful and breath-taking views I've ever seen.

But more than that I saw God. I saw His provision and His desire for me to trust Him because He WANTS to bless me.

If I had quit, I would have missed seeing God's glory reflected in those mountains in a way I'd never seen before!

I think about that day often - when I'm ready to quit. How easy it is to fall in life and get hurt and not want to get up and try again. Yet, what will we miss if we are not willing to get up, get back on our feet and trust Him by trying again? And again.

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And even if you don't want to win, I'd love to hear your thoughts on getting up again. I'll be praying God whispers to your heart that He's worth it - and so are you!


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Blogger Angie said...

Laid it out, right in front of me again. Thanks Renee!
Giving up is still so close and so easy for me to do, but reminders like this reassure me, there is SO much more waiting for me.

Blogger gunningfam05 said...

Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us about what God is doing in your life.
I am one that gives up easily or gets fustrated easily.
God has been doing much refining in that area regarding my son with special needs.
We had some testing done to see what is going on and God used it to show me once again what Nathan is really about.
I am so thankful that God uses our kids to teach us things we would other wise miss out on.
He used him to show me more appreciation for the colors He has created!!!

Chrissy Gunning

Blogger Jenny said...

Thank you for sharing that story, it is so easy to give up a lot of the time, but oh the things you will miss out on if you do.

What a beautiful analogy, especially in these troubled times when wave after wave of seemingly bad news and heartbreak and fear seems to permeate our world.

We have to keep moving ahead to what God has in store for us!


Blogger Betty Hodge said...

Thanks for sharing
I am going thru a proverbs 31 class right now and have had many revelations and am giving up to much but GOD because its for MY GOOD and HIS GLORY! Its exciting!!! I am struggling with something that I do fail at some and would love more encouragment!
Betty Hodge

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - its true. Unfortunately I usually am one to just quit and then I regret it later. Thank you for sharing.

Amy G

Blogger Jenny said...

Life is hard, thanks for sharing your life with us.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First I want to ask that you NOT enter me for the prize _ I've already bought my ticket :-)
Second, thank you for todays post... I really needed it and I think my husband will need it even more (I'm forwarding it on to him). You see, my husband is a Pastor of his first and only church. We stepped out in faith two years ago and moved to an unfamiliar place to start this church. Today we turned in our resignation and will be leaving in a month. This was my husbands passion and he is crushed and feels like he doesn't even want to try again. So I thank you for the "pep talk" and reminder that God will be there to help us up.

Blogger Linda said...

Life has a way of knocking us down over and over again but God lifts us up every time! And every experience we have with God increases our faith exponentially!!

Blogger Kortni said...

This is a great story. My family just went skiing in Utah...all except me and the baby. My husband loves to ski and I refuse because I had to look foolish. So, you may be afraid to get back up again but have always been afraid to even try. I am working on this area so I appreciate your encouragement.


Blogger lisasmith said...

I love this post!! Let me tell you, I am the first one back to the lodge for hot chocolate after a hard run!! Sometimes I just skip it if I even think it's gonna be hard. I have so much to learn. God is really talking to me about doing the daring thing right now. He keeps telling me that if He is only One who believes in me...that's enough. He is enough to make my dreams come true. No matter how long it takes. Thanks for the reminder.

Blogger lisasmith said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

God's allows us to be a part of His work, and seeing Him glorified is nothing but exceptional.!!! Never give up!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

God's allows us to be a part of His work, and seeing Him glorified is nothing but exceptional.!!! Never give up!

Blogger Julie Gillies said...

Hi Renee,

Thank you for the sweet note you left on my blog. I'm so grateful for the gift of another chance, both in life through Christ AND with She Speaks through this incredible scholarship. I'm thankful and humbled.

I loved your post about the importance of getting back up because it's so true! Thank God you weren't seriously injured, you gathered up your courage and persevered. Beautiful example of rising again.

I look forward to meeting you soon, Renee!

Blogger Renee Swope said...

Dear Anonymous at 4:38pm,

I re-read my post through yours and your husbands eyes after I read your comment. My heart breaks for how painful this must be for you.

And I felt like God whispered to my heart to tell you that I had to take time to regain my strength and catch my breath after my fall. It took me time to be ready to get up again.

I am praying for a time of rest and time to be renewed in God's calling on your lives. I pray His protection and comfort over your hearts. He knows the plans He has for youfplans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you a future and a hope. Jer 29:11.

Blogger Becky said...

Hi Renee,

I stopped by to thank you for congratulating me on my blog this afternoon. I love the song lyrics you posted. I'm printing them to save in my Bible.

I'm so excited to be at the conference this summer. I've been useless today, just wandering around my house in shock and excitement. I better snap out of it soon and get a shower. I think my family would like mommy to come back down to earth. : )

Meeting you would be such a blessing. I really do hope that happens!

Also~ This post was great. You are such a gifted storyteller. Thanks for being an inspiration!

Becky Avella

Blogger Joy in The Truth said...

Wow go girl! You are a much braver gal than I! However, I must say, doing it for my son would encourage me! And trusting God for His strength...and the courage to try even if I fail and/or fall!

That song "I get knocked down, but I get up again..." is going through my head now!

Hugs, love and prayers,
Sharon :)

Blogger Josey Bozzo said...

What a great story. I had a similar thing happen to me when I was younger and just learning to ski. My boyfriend at the time took me to an intermediate slop. I think I fell every five feet going down that thing. I cried harder each time and at one point I was going to take my skis off and walk down. But I didn't. I kept going and even though I kept falling I made it to the bottom. And you know what? I went right back up and did it again! I really thing it was at that point that I fell in love with skiing. (I was not a believer at the time so I didn't really relate what was happening to God) But now, looking back and reading your post, I can see it as a God moment. I didn't give up, I kept going no matter how hard it was and I was better for it in the end.
I also like your post because I recently posted on my blog about an incident of "failing" instead of falling. I was beating myself up over failing in a situation with my reaction to something I thought I had settled.(you can read it if you want.
Thanks for confirming in me that we sometimes fail, but what we do after is was is important.

Thanks for entering me in the contest.

Blogger Joyful said...

Renee, right now...every morning... I have to tell myself to "get up again". Minutes, hours, days, weeks are all rushing together and I'd like to pull the covers over my head and pretend it's all a bad dream.

I don't know exactly what God wants me to see as I spend so much painful time at my Dad's side at the hospital, but I am looking for God - His provision, His desire and His glory.

Wanting to quit, but trusting on,

Blogger jeanne said...

Blogger Just me~ Bobbie Jo said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Renee,

I have fallen so many times now. I'm losing hope and I feel disconnected from God. I'm just so worn out from the pain that I don't know how to get up this time.
I've always trusted God in the past, but something feels different. My oldest son has been involved with drugs for several years and I've been through two divorces in the last five years. On top of that, I've battled depression for most of my adult life. My heart is so heavy and I feel like God has left me. I know that's not true, but I can't seem to get up this time. Thank you for sharing your story.I needed to hear it.

Blogger Still Learning said...

Thank you Renee for the great post. I definitely would have gone back to the Lodge. Never been much of a risk taker..... You are very brave and blessed that God whispered that to you. Great story.

Can I say to the anon. lady battling depression to just earnestly seek Him in some long beautiful prayers. Talk to Him as if He were your best friend. Read his word every single day and ask Him to take you were you need to be. He will guide you. I battled some pretty bad depression for the last year or two and I had to do it on my own. All of my friends, even my Christians ones left me because they didn't want to be around anybody so "negative" all the time. I needed help. God has healed me and he did it through a beautiful process involving me pouring my heart out to him on a dialy basis many times a day. He guided me and taught me and I now have that peace which surpasses all understanding and I am filled with His joy for the first time in my life. And God showed all of it to me.....

Blogger angel said...

Thanks for your honesty!! I give up easily and I need to be reminded that God has so much more in store for me, but I have to do my part also. God is using you in a mighty way. My e-mail address is

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I am a person who quits easily. But I have been trying to teach my son not to. It is hard to see my son struggling to gain his balance and trying not to fall while he is ice skating. It is so painful to see him fall and struggle to pick himself up. But me and my husband keep cheering him on, encouraging him to get up and to move on. I'm glad he didn't lose his confidence, which I would have by now. But it gives me a perspective abt our Father's heart. How his heart pains and is grieved each time He sees us fall and sees us struggling to pick ourselves up. He is watching us and is cheering each one of us to pick ourselves up and to keep trying. And He is so delighted when we overcome. Becoz through Him "we are more than conquerors".


Anonymous Elaine said...

Dear Renee,

I do need the Lord to give me the gumption to "GET BACK UP AGAIN", at this time in my life. I am exhausted from falling down, regarding a few circumstances that hit me all at once during the past 5 months or so. I just have not been able to get back up/back on course yet. Thank you for your encouraging words and example today.

Sincerely, Elaine : ) (

Blogger Kimberly said...

I'm just coming back by to read this again. And I always love seeing what others have to say. How God can speak to so many at once is always so awesome to see. :)

You are so that it comes down to trust. Do I trust Him enough to get back up even when I really don't want to? Do I trust His heart for me, His plans for me? My answer today is "yes." Yes, Father, I trust You. And I don't want to miss out on anything that You have for me.

Thank you, again, for sharing this with all of us. I love the way God speaks to us in the normal everyday experiences of life. He is so personal, so intimate.

Oh...and I forgot to mention...I am reading The Sacred Romance. I saw where you had recommended it to someone else, and it sounded like just what I needed to read. :) It is certainly reminding me that I can indeed trust His love for me.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. You are a blessing!
:) K

Hi Renee!

Stopped by and saw I won a ticket to the Woman Inspired conference. I am very excited and looking forward to some MUCH NEEDED encouragement this week.

Thank you!

This is encouraging to me. I've always been easily discouraged I think. Sometimes I do just get up from a "fall" and "go back to the lodge for hot chocolate"! (that figuratively speaking....I've never been on a ski slope in my life!) But it's always a blessing and a thrill when I get up and go on and do what I know I'm supposed to do and God blesses me for it!


Blogger suzi.wollman said...

Thank you for the (always) timely devotion! I would like permission to share part of it in my blog on my church's website. Is that possible?

Blogger suzi.wollman said...

I am right now writing my own devotional in my blog, and referencing yours. How amazing that P31M should select your message this morning that so matches what God is whispering to me!

Suzi Wollman

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me that I am a work in progress. Please pray for me to get back on track with my weight. I was in a car accident in Dec. 2007 that left me with back, neck, and shoulder pain. Life got difficult and I ate and ate and ate. I was once a weight loss expert who helped others lose and maintain their weight loss goals and now I can't fit into any of my clothes. I feel horrible and embarrassed, but it is time to get over it and move on to tackle weight loss, my 19 year old son's pregnant girlfriend, my 16 year old daughter's struggles and other things without overeating. Thanks again for the reminder!! Lora

Anonymous DONNA said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you again for sharing your heart with us...please pray for me as I am continually struggling with a sin that I can't seem to get rid off. I want to stop...but struggle with. I want to be set free from this bondage! Any suggestions or advise is appreciated. God Bless!

Anonymous patricia said...

Even though we feel there's no way out of our problems, God just steps right in and makes everything bearable. I've had a set back where my engagement was broken off this year, and this really shook me up as I found it hard to pray through the pain. But I now realise God knows what I need and He is maybe saving me from a life time of heartache.So be encouraged ladies, God has us right in the palm of his hands.

Anonymous Numa said...

I am really challenged by your amazing sharing on "Failing Forward" and I know that as a woman, it has encouraged me to look forward at all times in the Lord to overcome tough situations in family life and work front.

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