The Interview and the Winners!
I love your insights and ideas about parents being involved in their kids' spiritual lives. I have some special guest bloggers stopping by soon to share their perspectives and stories - maybe even a few author interviews, too. And best of all I've got more book give-aways sponsored by D6 and a big announcement about how you can win a trip for two (all expenses paid) to the D6 conference in September 2009!!! This week's winners, chosen by Random Integers, are: Commenters 9 and 1 Timestamp: 2008-12-18 03:33:14 UTC

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Carol is the winner of Revolutionary Parenting by George Barna

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Caroline is the winner of The Bathtub's Overflowing.... by Lysa TerKeurst

The Interview

The interviews on Monday were fun. I have photos to share, too. After I was done, Matt from D6 did a spontaneous Q&A with my ten-year-old, Andrew. It was just the guys talking, and me sitting there listening...and thinking... and praying! It was so funny and went something like this:

Matt: So, Andrew what is your favorite thing about being part of your family?

Me: Hoping he'll say "I love how my mom prays for me on the way to school and talks to me about Jesus, and tells how I can love people like He loves me. I also like it when we read the Bible together and have family time."

Andrew: Ummm, what I like most about our family is decorating the Christmas tree. I love the Christmas lights but I have to keep asking my mom again and again when we're going to decorate our tree because we don't usually decorate our tree until two weeks before Christmas but I love the Christmas tree lights and when we finally put the ornaments on.

Matt: Why do you like that?

Me: Hoping he'll say, "Because Christmas lights remind me that Jesus is the Light of the world. And Christmas is His birthday."

Andrew: Because it's gives me that warm feeling inside. You know that feeling you get when you are with family and it's all cozy 'cause you're together?

Me: Ahh, that is so sweet. But I sure do wish He'd mention Jesus or the Bible or something spiritual for Heaven's sake.

Matt: Andrew, what is your favorite thing about Christmas?

Me: Here's his chance to mention Jesus' birthday and our breakfast where we give Him a gift from our hearts and put baby Jesus in the mangers. Or how we do the advent wreath..oh no we haven't done the Advent wreath - yet! Note to self:Light Advent candles and catch up on Advent reading when you get back from TX.

Andrew: My favorite thing about Christmas is the Christmas tree and the lights and opening presents and being together. And oh yea, my mom will read the Bible about Jesus being born.

Matt: That's good since Jesus is what Christmas is all about, right?

Me: Oh, thank you Andrew for remembering that sweetheart. You might have just saved me from getting pulled off the speakers list!

It was really funny! Here I am being interviewed by the director of a conference for Christian parenting who invited me to speak and my child is not mentioning Jesus. I am sure he thought Matt knew enough about Jesus and just needed some Christmas light inspiration! My favorite part came towards the end when Matt asked:

Matt: What do you think your mom likes most about being in your family?

Andrew: Loving us. She really loves me and she's always there for me.

Me: Ahh, that's enough to make my heart just melt!

Matt: What do you think your dad likes most about being in your family?

Andrew: Reading the Bible. He loves to read the Bible. He makes me want to read the Bible and be a Christian when I grow up!

Me: Thank you Lord for my husband's influence in my precious son's life. Note to self: Be sure to talk with Andrew about what it means to be a Christian since he already is (or I thought he was) and be sure he knows he doesn't have to wait until he grows up to read the Bible :-) like his dad but I sure am glad he wants to!!

Kids! They'll keep you humble for sure. But I am so thankful for my little man. One thing I know: he loves God's beauty reflected in Christmas lights! And he lights up a room with his smile and humor, the way Jesus did. Just makes me want to squeeze him!

So, have your kids ever had one of these moments? I have another funny story about something Andrew said to my pastor about "gas" after one of his sermons. Oh, but I don't think I can share it in bloggy world!


Blogger Joyful said...

Ah my friend, I so understand. When this has happened in the past with me, and my son hasn't responded with answers I had hoped and prayed, I think back to when I was his age. I'm sure I wouldn't have responded with a great depth of spirituality either. I think at the time I worried too much over how his answers reflected back on me - I took it as a gage on my parenting. Can we do more? Always.

It's obvious Andrew enjoys decorating the tree and seeing the lights go up. That "warm and fuzzy feeling" he mentioned is a young boys way of describing love - his love for you and the love of God that I'm sure fills him too - just can't put into words.

"When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me." 1 Corinthians 13:11

You're a wonderful Mom, Renee. Be encouraged!
Love ya,

Blogger Joanie Butler said...

I'll add an "AMEN" to Joyful's post when she said, "You're a wonderful Mom, Renee. Be encouraged!" You have encouraged me in the motherhood department time and time again.

The problem is that the evil one wants to keep us beat down. We won't let him have that victory. Just keep loving your boys and working those little life lessons in each day.


Blogger Renee Swope said...

HI sweet friends! You girls are so sweet but really I didn't take it personally (well not too much). It was very funny how it all happened.

Thanks for your encouragement! I love being a mom! Like I said, it surely does keep me humble!


Blogger Carol said...

Yes - kids sure do keep us humble! I would be a bundle of nerves if my 10-year-old were the interviewee! Andrew's answers were precious.

And I'm so excited I won! My email is carol at envisionprinting dot com.

Thank you!

Blogger Chef Diane said...


I love the interview with the kids.their answers were great. Today I had to drive the 3 hour drive to Lexington VA to pick my oldest up for Christmas break. I so look forward to the time in the car with just him. I too love being a mom. I knew that when he came home his mind would be elsewhere. But when he walked in the door his two brothers walked over with hugs and smiles. Watching them later I could just see them all as three younger guys during the family devotion time so eager to answer the questions. I just love being a mom. Thanks for helping me remember that.

Blogger Happy Four said...

I just stopped by and can't believe I am the recipe of the book. I will email you my address.



Blogger Happy Four said...

Okay, I am so excited I typed recipe when it should read recipient!

Blogger gunningfam05 said...

Thanks for sharing the interview of your son.
With kids you never know what they will say.
I'm sure for you to know that what you are teaching is there helps.
My kids are still little but we try hard to find those teachable moments that we hope will always be with them. They are 4-1/2, 3-1/2 and 2.
That D6 conference sounds amazing.. something my husband and I could use.
We have never been able to get away alone with the kids being so young. We have wanted to do family life conferences but financially have been unable. We keep saying that when the kids get older.. maybe we wil be able to go away.
I would love to be able to have some alone time with my husband without having to worry about the money.
I know that there are others that need this more than us.
I just wanted to share my heart.

In Him
Chrissy Gunning

Blogger Melissa said...

Ok, I have to say this can share the gassy stuff in the bloggy world, right? I mean even bloggers pass gas don't they? Everybody does right?

Andrew is so cute and sweet.

The other night Santa asked HG if she knew where Jesus was born. (I was praying she'd say, "Bethlehem") She said, "A stable." ("Close enough I thought!)

I love you Renee!!!!

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