Family dinner, Fashion and a Grandma s Love
Saturday night we had a family dinner with Stella and Mary, our guests. I'd cooked a roast in the crockpot all day since I'd heard they love beef stew. By the way, they were so easy to please. Fruit and bread in the morning, pizza and Chick-fil-A for lunch and a variety of things for dinner.

That night I asked if I could give them some clothes and assured them the other families would be doing the same (and they did). I also had a few necklaces to give to the other women. Stella's smile brightened and her shyness faded as she stood in my bedroom parading in front of a mirror. Diamonds are overrated! I am now convinced clothes are a girl's best friend.

On Sunday we collected fall leaves and pressed them in wax paper for Mary. She loves fall leaves. One of her dreams in life was to see them and here she was in NC in October. Now she could take some home! We went to church (here we are in our cafe-terium sanctuary. Our church meets at a school).

Earlier that morning I sensed God wanted me to ask my mom if I could bring the girls by to meet her before they left. She invited us to stay and then spontaneously made this delicious meal. My mom's a great cook but she is usually very shy about having people over. I had not even considered this idea. It was all HIS!

Mom beamed with joy the whole time we were there. think God is preparing her heart to be a grandma to some sweet African girls. I watched such a beautiful outpouring of love as she gave the girls a tour of her home, which looks like a quilt museum. She showed them quilting magazines and gave them each a quilted gift. Look at the details of God's plans. Stella's favorite color is pink and as you can see, Mary is crazy about leaves! She almost cried.


Blogger Joyful said...

Oh my goodness...and now because of your obedience, look at the blessing your Mom was able to enjoy!

Again I wonder how often, because of my reluctance to follow through with the promptings God places on my heart, I miss His unbelievable blessings. This series of posts is really speaking to my heart to INQUIRE of God, LISTEN to His answer and then OBEY!

I'm so glad you're sharing every detail. I almost feel like I was there! It's all so precious my friend, it's no wonder your heart is full to overflowing!!

Still waiting to read about Christen...I can't wait...I feel like you're building to this amazing climax! You mean it gets even better than this???

God is SO good!
Love & prayers,

Blogger scarlett said...


I have to first confess my embarrassment for never asking "what you do" during our Charlotte and DC shows! My Charlotte Host, Ashley Swistak forwarded me a devotional from your ministry. She mentioned that you were a part of this ministry. Now I am glued to your site and reading all your posts from the Sankofa days.

It is so neat to see how God impacted lives during this tour. Truly the Amani women were missionaries to many! But it is hearing the "side stories" like this one of your mom blessing Mary and Stella with her own talents that makes me honored to be a part of this godly ministry.

We were so blessed to meet you in Charlotte and to have you join us in DC was truly the Lord's doing! You immediately became one of our team and we were so thankful for your presence! I hope to see you soon.

Much Love,

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