What goes around comes around...
God gave me a sweet blessing today. You see I woke up with KILLER CRAMPS. (No that wasn't the blessing but it opened the opportunity for me to get one.) These were the debilitating kind that make you bend over and scream or cause you to wonder if someone's inside of you with a knife. I mean, the kind of cramps we got in high school!

Here is where the blessing came from the curse. My kids were out of school today. I had just promised them some fresh blueberry muffins but soon discovered that we had no eggs, and I was in no condition for a grocery store run. So I laid down on the couch and shouted out to them that I couldn't cook them breakfast after all. Both Joshua and Andrew came downstairs to see what their options were and discovered me on the couch in fetal position. Well, not really, but I think it was obvious I wasn't moving. Both of them asked what was wrong. They need to know these things about the "female species" so I just flat out told them. Instead of being grossed out, they got all concerned. Oh how my husband has trained them to be such thoughtful guys!!!

They were telling me to stay on the couch and asking if I needed anything. So I took full advantage of the whole situation and asked for coffee and a blanket to put over my feet. Andrew brought me water and set up a place for me to put my coffee on the footstool so it'd be easy for me to reach. Then he asked if I wanted him to make me a bagel or something to eat. I told them how sweet they were and Josh quipped back, "Mom, you take care of us when we're not feeling good so we want to take care of you, too."

They joined me on the couch. We watched t.v. and talked while Ibuprofen took it's course and relieved me of my great pain!

Around lunch time when I got off the couch to make them something to eat, I was thinking about all those times I feel selfish self-pity and wonder if all I do ever really gets noticed - the laundry, the cooking and cleaning, the caring and sharing of all things sacred. Raising kids is a labor of love. But today, God gave me a sweet reminder that He notices, He blesses, He returns the investments we make in our relationship with Him and others. Today, I saw that what goes around, comes around (eventually) and I got be be the recipient of His circle of love.


Blogger Joyful said...

Awwww, that is just so sweet. My son is always so concerned when I'm not feeling well. It's kind of nice getting that special treatment and knowing how much they really do love and appreciate all we do. Your boys are very precious my friend.

Glad you're feeling better.
Love, prayers & hugs,

Blogger Running My Race said...

:) That is so cool!!!! What wonderful young men they are. Way to go JJ....

Blogger Chef Diane said...

It is in this times I take credit for this part of their DNA. I think my boys are just angels when I need them.It is really cool, I have one who brings me coffee, water and fluffy the pillow.The other one paces outside my door, not to close, but just enough to watch and be there if needed. My other child is the one who had the strenght.This one at the age of 15 was able to call the rescue to run things while I got dehydrated with the flu. I think I children live what they learn. My boys were loved and papmered when they needed to me. But the were also blown off when faking.
Great sons make great men,

I hope and pray when my boys get older they will be as considerate as yours. I'm already seeing some of those traits in my 7 year old. The 5 year old concerns me. When I'm having one of those crampy days the only thing he is concerned about is where I put his light saber! I love those boys to death but I'm way too young to have this much gray hair!

Anonymous Joanie said...

Thanks for sharing this story today. As you know, I have been having some serious struggles with my little 3-year-old guy lately. We keep praying for a breakthrough with him as it seems that nothing we have tried is working. But, praise God, we do occasionally see that the love we are pouring into him is touching his heart. Yesterday I told him that I was very tired and sleepy and he said, "You can lay your head on my shoulder, if you want to." AWWWHH! I mean this kid has such a great heart and it breaks mine that we are struggling so with getting him to learn the value of being respectful and following directions.

Your story serves as encouragement to me that I can be a 'gold mining' momma and we will get through this.

Be blessed my sister! Glad that you are up and moving.

Blogger Mary said...

That is SO wonderful!
It is a blessing to see and hear about the good those we are raising do! Just gives us an extra boost that we're on the right track too!
Love ya!

Blogger Laurie Ann said...

That is precious, Renee. Your boys are a definite blessing to their Momma, and a reflection of your love for them through their service! How sweet!

Blogger Gathering Hope said...

Two lovely boys you have.
A charming Blessing in deed Renee!

Blogger Melissa Weisbard said...

It is the small moments when God speaks to us and shows us he cares and he notices all the things we do for others. It is so wonderful to be blessed by God.

Blogger Amy L Brooke said...

That is very cool. They sound like great young men.

I hope the cramps are over!


Blogger Amy Jo said...

Wow. What a gift! Hope you're feeling better!

Blogger Leebird said...

I just walked in the door a few minutes ago from a five-day trip to LA to visit my family. Two of my three boys were at the end of the block jumping up and down and waving when I pulled in. As I got in the driveway, I discovered a huge banner that said, Welcome Home MOM with pictures of balloons and party hats. Boy, did I feel missed! Of course, within two minutes, they boys were wrestling and making each other scream, but hey, it was good while it lasted. ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,
I pray that you're feeling better, may I tell you a secret? I used to have these killer cramps too, to the point of vomiting, not eating for a whole week and diarrehia...until a nurse I know at my job told me a secret. She said a week or 2 before I get my period take Aleve, as if you had your period and when your period comes you won't need to take it as much, after your body gets used to the system...it'll take time for the 1st time, but eventually if you're consistent, it will work. It helps me a lot, at 1st I wasn't always conscious of the dates but ever since I asked the Lord to remind me, He's been so faithful, I take 1 Aleve every 4-8 hours as if I was on my period and the week of my period I'm sailing, well after 3days.
God Bless Renee!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What sweet little men you have! And how cool of God to use an uncomfortable situation to bless you!


Blogger Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

What a sweet blessing. Can I be truthful and say "I'm jealus!"? I need one of those kind of kid moments this week. Aughhhh...

In His Graces~Pamela

Blogger Mari said...

How precious! They'll make fine husbands one day.

Blogger Destiny said...


I am just stumbling on your blog today after reading the devotion you sent about watching your little ones sleep and praying that they'd grow up to be men of God. All I can say is that it sounds as tough God has answered your prayers!

This post made me cry. I am overwhelmed with joy for the young men of God you have raised up, and I thank Him for the encouragement you and your stories bring. I am 23 now with no children yet, but I pray often for the children I will have someday... for their salvation and that they would be upright in heart. Thank you again for your encouraging ministry!!

About the cramps... Sage was right, Aleve is a lifesaver. It's the active ingredient - naproxen sodium - in Aleve, actually. I used to have the same... intense cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. My doctor gave me a prescription for Naproxen, and I just have to take it once the day I get my period. Two Aleve works the same way. But if Ibuprofen works for you, then great. Good luck!


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