I'm Home!
We landed in Charlotte at about 3:30pm this afternoon. If you are visiting my blog for the first time after attending the Camp Berea retreat - welcome!!! I am so glad you stopped by. I had so much fun with all of you this weekend. As much as I wanted to see my family, I didn't want to leave. You are engraved on my heart today! And I promise to keep you in my prayers!

Also, if you would like for me to send you a link to video clip from Sat nights session, just click on the word "comments" below, and be sure to list your email address so I can send a link.

To my friends who were praying - THANK YOU ! The weekend in NH was amazing! God showed up in such a powerful and personal way. At least seven women prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Savior, and countless others re-committed to seek and follow Him with all their hearts! It left me speechless. Hard to imagine huh?

I also want to encourage you because God used you this weekend to minister with me through your comments last week. Thank you so much for opening your hearts once again and for being so transparent about your worries in my last post.

I was able to take the comments and split them into "worries" and "ways we can find rest" and share them with the women at the retreat. It was so good to be able to not only speak from my own experiences but to share from your life experiences so that they could see how very much we are all alike. Your stories of how you process your worries and pursue His truth wove together so beautifully with my teaching points for how we can press into the heart of God for peace and His perspective, finding rest in Him instead of wrestling with our worries.

You are the best bloggy friends in the world. I appreciate all of you so much. Thanks for encouraging me and being part of what God is doing in my life and in the lives of others.


Blogger Joyful said...

Renee, glad you're home safely and glad you had such an amazing weekend. Thanks for sharing how God answered prayer! Always great to hear. Now, I can spend time thanking Him for all He did for you.

Have a good nights rest,
Love ya,

Blogger Lisa said...

Renee, We enjoyed you being in NH this past weekend and were so blessed in many ways. God was so present this weekend and His power was incredible! Thank you for being a part of our weekend and we are looking forward to having you back. We pray God will start his work in the hearts of the women who are attending this coming weekend. May all of us who were there this past weekend remember the challenge you gave and to become strong women of God. Thank you again and we will see you soon. I would love the clip from Sat night. God Bless! (Thank you to your family for sharing you as well :) )

Blogger I am what I am.... said...

Here we come. Emmaus Christian church can not wait to meet you on Friday at Berea. We are so looking forward to being refreshed in the Living Water. Dump it on!

Blogger maryanne said...

Good Morning Renee,
God certainly is great. Thank you for this weekend. I learned so much and really think you are amazing. I appreciated you sharing your life with us. I would love to have the video clip from Sat. night session. I don't think I can receive it as a clip, but if you have it in word form would you email it to me. God Bless you in all you do. I'm happy that you're home safe and look forward to atttending other retreats that you are a part of.

Peace and Love,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Renee, God continues to use you to teach me and help me grow closer to Him. I praise Him for the way He is working through you to help other women.

Thanks for all you do,

Blogger Deb331 said...


Thank you for all you did for the women at Camp Berea this weekend. When you shared your story on Sunday morning I felt that God was speaking directly to me. I have been going through a similar trial with the woman who led me to Christ and quickly became my best friend. Then she pulled away without telling me why. The difficult part is that she is also my boss. Thanks for being so transparent with your situation and giving me a new perspective. Please also send me the link to the video clip from Saturday night's session.


Blogger Laurie Ann said...

Glad you made it home safely and that the retreat was a success. God is so good. I'd love to see the video - sisterchick1@yahoo.com

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Renee - thanks so much for sharing at Camp Berea! Please send me a link to the truth video so I can share it in the youth worship I am planning at my church.

Welcome Home!

Glory to God!

Blogger Renee Swope said...

Hi Berea friends,

Your sweet comments have encouraged my oh so tired mind and body today. I had so much fun but I sure didn't get enough sleep :->.I bet you got even less with all those activities. Movies and volleyball at 10pm. Crazy women! We really need to REST this week, don't we?

I would love to send you the link to the video clip but so far I can't find any emails so please email me your email at renee@proverbs31.org.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,
Yes, I was at Berea, and YES, I would like the like to the video; I had sent a note before, but of course forgot to put my e-mail: p.pamhiser@verizon.net
Thanks so much!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Renee.. I just wanted to thank you for being so humble and "one of us".. So many ways like jesus, you didn't stand up better then anyone.. just you.. and for that I believe you touched me forever..

thank you!

Blogger Kristina said...

Thank you for your word this weekend at Berea. For the past 6 months God has impressed upon my heart that I needed to be there... and Friday night I found out exactly why! Your message was directly related to an area of struggle and confusion that God has been shedding light on. Friday's message furthered His light! Thank you!

I'd love the clip to that video. It was amazing :-)

Praying your message reaches much fertile ground this weekend as well.

Blogger Amy Jo said...

Renee, Just saw your post...would it happen to be the video you used at She Speaks?!? That was awesome. If so, I would love for you to forward it to me, please, (amyjoivey@yahoo.com) Thanks! BTW - how's your dossier coming along? We have a precious daughter from China and are praying about a son from Africa...God's timing, though. Blessings & JOY, Amy in OR

Blogger jam2kds said...

Hey Renee, I was so extremely blessed this past weekend. God just spoke to me and my friends in so many ways and we grew closer to each other and to Him. We also have an awesome addition to our group who has an amazing feeling of completeness after she was touched on Saturday night. Our buddy Carmen. God is using me to provide them with my daily devotionals each morning since I'm at home and they all work full time and I am so blessed to see how they not only help them but really speak to me. So Thank You again for allowing God to use you in such an amazing and powerful way. God Bless You! Michele

Blogger Renee Swope said...

Jam2kds, I am so glad to hear from you. I have been praying for all of you. God gave me such a love for you and for Carmen over the weekend. I would love to know how she is doing. I watch Him rescue her heart and draw her into His arms this weekend. It was beautiful. Thank YOU for walking by her side and loving her like Jesus. I know it's going to be a journey for her with some hard spots along the way, but I know our God is faithful and He will provide what she needs and what you need as you all cry out to Him for continual filling of His Spirit through Living Water.

Blessings to you and your family and friends!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your devotion spoke to my heart yesterday. I have a 9 month old that is going through some developmental delays and we are awaiting chromosome tests. We saw the Genetic doctor yesterday and I read your devotion. Thank you for speaking your heart to me. I love the youtube video too, wow....Praise God. Thank you, Julie pjhobbs@bellsouth.net (please email me your other videos)

Blogger cissy said...

hi renee
met you at the first weekend at Berea....I was the lady on the planning committee that couldn't be there the second weekend because of parent weekend at my son's college! You were such a blessing to us at the retreat. And I understand from all my church friends who attended the 2nd weekend you were on fire for the Lord. So thank you and Praise God you were such a Blessing to so many. I enjoyed meeting with you and staying up and chatting til way to late on that Saturday night. I hope I have the pleasure of hearing you speak again and thank you also for the link to "The Truth" that was so powerful!
blessings, Cissy Graumann

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