Good NEWS I've been dying to tell you.
But I couldn't because we haven't had internet, phone or cable in over 24 hours due to a very , very bad storm last night. I had an electrician and a bunch of boys at my house all morning playing and then went to Van's pool this afternoon, so I wasn't able to run to Panera to get some WI-FI connections so I could tell you what I've been wanting to tell you!!

JJ's doctor called last night at 8pm and left a message for JJ to call him back at his office number. Then he added, "But it's nothing urgent. Again, it's NOTHING urgent." So, we translated that to mean that "the biopsy results aren't anything to be concerned about" - and that translation was confirmed at 4:30pm today!

The doctor said JJ has "non-alcoholic fatty liver disease" and that is good news. There is no tissue damage, no sclerosis. He just has too much fat in his liver so he needs to lose 15lbs and cut back on fats. Which will be our next prayer journey. But let's just celebrate for now!

The doctor said he'd fight hard to make sure the insurance company notes that there is no reason to be concerned and hopefully that will bring the rates down significantly. That is our prayer because we need to increase his life insurance as we increase the size of our family.

Girlfriends, thank you so much for "being there" with us. Truly, you have been like next-door-neighbors the way you have cared, checked on, and prayed for us. I know God heard you and answered your prayers. We have had such peace while we waited, which we fully attribute to the gift of praying friends and family. So, from the bottom of our Swope hearts, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

"First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is being reported all over the world." (through blogs!) Romans 1:8


Blogger Joyful said...

Oh my friend - PRAISE THE LORD! He is SO good! Celebrating and rejoicing with you. He has been totally overwhelming me lately with His faithfulness. Praying that this will be testimony to your Doctor as well - the one JJ had opportunity to pray with before his test - oh my friend, we really do find joy in a BIG God!!
Love, hugs, praise and prayers of thanksgiving,

Blogger Joanne said...

God is so good. I am breathing a sigh of relief on the other side of the country for you Renee.

Blessings, Joanne

oh, almost forgot why I stopped by. I am posting today and tomorrow about the amazing way God moved at She Speaks and how He used you in my life.

Blogger RefreshMom said...

Praise God it's nothing to worry about! Hopefully the insurance company will put it in context too. (And thanks for the reminder that we need to take care of some insurance matters ourselves!)

Blogger Joy in The Truth said...

Oh, Renee...Praise the Lord for sure! Wow! What wonderful news! We do rejoice with the Swope Family indeed!

It reminds of the title of that movie "Waiting to Exhale" must have been thrilled to get that phone message and then confirmtion of relieving news! :)

Will continue to pray. And we hope you get your electric back soon!

Hugs and happy dances,
Sharon :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise God!! He is just so good to those who love him!!

Saw the storms that rumbled through your area on the news. Hope you are all safe and sound!

hugs from PA

Blogger Julie Gillies said...

Rejoicing with you, Renee, at God's goodness. How wonderful that this good news will practically translate into lower insurance rates.

Praise Him!

Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

Praise God Renee! I have been praying that it would be just that, and not cancer. What an answer! I am rejoicing with you!


Blogger Helen said...

All the time, God is good. Oh, Renee, I'm so happy to hear your news!

Blogger Diane said...


Wonderful praises to Him. Isn't is awesome how God give's us peace in the storm. Thank you the update.
If you need some low cal recipes, let me know, I am a Pro. Chef.

Blogger Barbara k said...

Wow, Renee and JJ. I am thrilled and thankful for your news! I was praying and checking on you. Thank you Jesus. I pray that everyone who is waiting on results would know the peace that Renee has had through this. It only comes from you. May their results also be the same kind of good news. Thank you Lord. Our hope is always found in YOU! May we all leap like the beggar at the gate Beautiful!

Blogger April said...

Praise the Lord! I am so celebrating with you! God is good! Will be praying that the journey ahead will be a smooth one, and God will continue to show Himself strong on your behalf!
Lots of love,

Blogger Marilyn said...

I'm so glad to hear this wonderful news! We serve an awesome God.
Thanks so much for sharing this blessing with us!

Marilyn in Mississippi

Blogger Amy L Brooke said...

That is so cool! Celebrate!!!

I'll continue to pray that the insurance company understands it as well. Glad you have a doctor who is willing to fight with them for you!

Praise God! This is such good news to hear.
Many blessings,

Blogger Dawn Ward said...

Oh Renee! Praise His Holy Name! You have all been in my thoughts and prayers this week. I am rejoicing with you in this good news!

Love and Blessings,

Blogger Michelle said...

Great news! I haven't had a chance to comment lately, but you've been in my prayers. Blessings!

Blogger Tammy R said...

How great is our God!

Nothing surprises Him for He carries our burdens,so leave the next step (insurance)in His path and He will pick it up.

Blogger Janet Roller said...

God is so good...but He still would have been no matter what the results. No one ever wants these uncertainties in life - but they sure have a way of bringing us closer to God. Have a happy, little-bit-closer-to-God day!!!

Oh Praise God! I was so hoping for good news from you! God is good!!! I'm thrilled for you guys, Renee!! :)

Blogger Cheri said...

So glad to hear it is nothing serious!

That's great Renee! We have a student in our youth group with exactly the same condition, and while it means he needs to make some changes, he's really doing well!

Saying a praise for you today!


Blogger Jai said...

Praise God!Praise God! Praise God!

Blogger Angie said...

YEAH! AND praise the LORD!!!
I have had your family on my heart. I have read down to this post in hopes of finding out about your husband!
(I was in non-internet territory all weekend)
God is amazing. So incredibly Amazing!
I am STILL thinking of the service that you spoke...your words of the shadow of the cross instead of the shadow of doubt ring to my heart almost daily.
God has used you in my life is such a way Renee. Thank you so much for listening (even while applying makeup!)

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am praying that all will continue to go well. I know that cutting fat from the diet is a challenge. Keep looking to God and he will see you through this.


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