Girl's Get-Away Cruise
We're back from the the Girl's Get-Away cruise. It was so much fun! Through Proverbs 31 Ministries and Premiere Christian Cruises, a few of us were given the amazing gift of a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico.

Here's a photo of us girls at dinner time. (Me, Shari, Sharon, LeAnn, Lysa and Marybeth). This was my favorite part of the day. We had our own Proverbs 31 table where we laughed as much as we ate!

I wondered if being out at sea for such a long time would be a little scary. Well, it was nothing compared to the shuttle bus drive from Pensacola, FL to our port in Mobile, AL. If you'd like to read the hilarious details and how Leigh from Point of Grace saved our lives, click here.

I had the wonderful blessing of rooming with my "human alarm clock" friend who is set to wake up at 4am each day. I won't mention names but her initials are LT. Where does that girl get her energy!?

Leann was supposed to get that blessing, but instead God gave her her own private cabin with a queen size bed all to her Queenie-self! Oh, but she missed out on some fun...rooming with LT was like being in college again. We shared jewelry, hairspray, and beauty tips. Too bad I don't have black hair since Lysa discoverd the perfect remedy for those rascally gray hairs that pop up. A black permanent marker will do the trick. I think we might patent the idea and create a "hair pen" for blondes, brunettes and those with auburn highlights.

Here Lysa and I are swinging from the lights with our monkey-towel-friend who was waiting for us in our room that evening.

The speakers, the concerts, the music, the food, and the views were all amazing, but the best part was simply being with my girlfriends and meeting some new friends at sea...


Blogger Aimy said...

Hey girls, I know ya'll had so much fun. Glad to have you all back. Aimy

Blogger carlyn said...

When is the cruise next year???? I need to start saving some money!

I am so glad you ladies had oodles of fun!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute, love the blog.


Anonymous PB said...

WOW! I read the "bus" story . . . what a trip!

Sounds like it was worth the experience tho' : )

Just me,
Patte : )

Blogger Pajama Mama said...

HI Renee,

I didn't realize you had a blog, too...! (Clicked through Lysa's.) It was nice taking with you on the cruise...We met the last night when Lysa had her Q/A. My friend Christine and I were talking to you about adopting...Christine is in the process of adopting a little girl from China...and her 3 yr old told me she was going to sleep in the dishwasher....Does that ring a bell? Anyway, I have enjoyed reading your posts and hope your Christmas is blessed....even if you don't get the tree decorated!!


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