Good-bye Doubt, Hello Christ-confidence!
Hi friends! We sent the first email of The 7-day Doubt Diet Friday morning! It includes a short welcome note from me and Chapter 1 from my new book, A Confident Heart.

If you signed up and didn't receive the email, see suggestions for how you can fix that at the end of this post. If you want to receive it but haven't signed up yet, enter your information (carefully) in my sidebar under "Doubt Diet Sign-ups". We'll be sending it again, to new sign-ups this weekend.

I wanted you to see a vlog (video blog) I recorded with Melissa Taylor, one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, this week. She is also a speaker, writer and servant leader with P31. And she's going to be offering
A Confident Heart online Bible study of in September. (More details soon on how you can sign up).

This summer, Melissa is shepherding the hearts of 3500 women going through Wendy Blight's book, Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner. I know some of you are part of that special group! This week Melissa is encouraging them to go on
The 7-day Doubt Diet with us!

I wanted to share with you our conversation about self-doubt, walls we hit that destroy our hope and how we need to persevere. We had so much fun recording it and hope you'll have fun joining us via video! If you can't see Melissa, click on it twice and a full-screen window should open. (If you are reading this in an email click here to watch the video on my blog.)


If you signed up for the doubt-diet and haven't received my email with Chapter 1, here are steps you can take to fix that:

1) Check your spam folder

2) Make sure is on your white list

3) Check to see if your firewall is blocking it. Those who signed up with work emails are having the most trouble since it's an unknown source to your networks.

3) If you still can't find it, re-enter your information in the sign up box and very carefully to make sure your email is correct. Typos in emails addresses are keeping people from receiving it.

4) If you do all that, and you still haven't received it by 3pm Sunday, June 26th, email with your name, state and email address. But please only do that if after you have done 1-3 and allowed time for the system to re-set and re-send.

Please join us in praying for the blood of Jesus to cover all things techy, and for the enemy to be thwarted in attempts to keep women from experiencing all that God has for them! I can't wait to share HIS message of hope and Christ-confidence with you!!


Blogger tamara said...

When I read the first chapter of your book in the email, I honestly thought, "This was written for me..." I have struggled with insecurity my entire life! In childhood, I doubted myself even to the point of avoiding asking questions in class or calling out to my mom and dad in the middle of the night. I cannot wait to read your book! I am so grateful to Melissa for bringing such inspiring selections to us through her online studies! And I am ready for the doubt diet!

Blogger Heather Conrad said...

COMPLETELY praying with ya, so exciting! I LOVED the first chapter, great stuff girl. As always, appreciate your honesty in the video, modeling a God-friendship with Melissa. I'll be sharing as God leads, praying for 10,000 hearts with ya! Heading to OBX as we speak.

Blogger Karey said...

definitly praying! Father God,we love you and come to you now asking for your grace and mercy. We lift up Renee Swope,Melissa Taylor, 7day doubt diet, A Confident Heart, Hidden Joy and every women in these studies and the ones yet to come-we ask that you put a protective hedge around us all and we pray the blood of Jesus over all. Thank you for hearing and answering, in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

its driving me NUTS that the lady talking is not fully in the camera! :D I want to see her! :)... but seriously, I'm excited about this book and hoping to glean a lot of practical tools for conquering self doubt which has ruined my life up till now. Thanks so much for doing this!!! :)

Blogger kelly said...

Thank you for offering this! Great timing w Hidden Joy as we all find the Faith to shine a light into our darkness and let God help its get ourselves out of the corner! My quirky brain... I just had visual from the movie Dirty Dancing.... picture Christ in place of Patrick Swazy "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" Ha!

Anonymous Stephanie said...

Praying for all on here! God Bless:)

Blogger ruthhill74 said...

I have ordered the book--pre-ordered is--because I knew before I was even done reading the first chapter that this was a study I needed. According to the "doubt diet inventory", my self-doubt is low, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't take it. If I would have taken it years ago, trust me, it would have been much higher. Thanks for the study and the 7-day doubt diet!

Blogger Veronica said...

I just read Chapter 1 and then the Day 1 of the Doubt Diet. Chapter 1 could have been written for my life. Between Wendy’s book (that I think was written of my life) and now yours I am wondering if someone who knows me so well gave away all my secret feelings LOL. Thank you Melissa and Renee for this chance this week to go through the Doubt Diet!!!! It is goes along perfectly with the Hidden Joy Study!!!!

Blogger Judy said...

I LOVED the am/pm thoughts! I have them on notecards and am going to chew on them all day today. Your doubt diet does go perfectly with Hidden Joy Chapter 5.

Blogger atara said...

"I want to see you as much as serve you" is powerful stuff Renee. That is such a wonderful way to think of balance and why it's so important to set boundaries. I really love the sentence from Devotion Day 4.

Watching you, listening to you, being blessed by the grace of Christ in you.... sure does make the heart sing, sister!

More love than thin letters can hold...

Blogger Melissa Milbourn said...

Love the video! Love the doubt diet!!! And I'm C-R-A-Z-Y about you!!! So thankful for the words that God has penned through you.

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