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It's almost lunch time but I feel like I just woke up. Does daylight savings time throw you off?? Whew, it takes me a week to get back to normal!

How was your weekend? Leah and I flew to Knoxville, TN Friday morning for the WINGS women's conference in Sevierville where I was speaking this weekend. It was so much fun! I loved the WINGS event team (special hugs Tamara!!) and getting to meet women of all ages and hear how God spoke specifically to their hearts and made them feel like it was just for them. Love it when He does that!

The worship leader, Beth, and I looked like twins. Not only did God orchestrate the music to flow perfectly with my messages, but He coordinated our outfits, too! We had on the exact same pants and coral colored jackets Friday night. She is 5'2 (just like me) and we look so much alike that a woman gave her a photo of me on Saturday and said, "Here I thought you'd want this picture of yourself." We got a good laugh out of that!

We flew home Saturday and were picked up at the airport by the Swope crew around 8pm. Then we drove around two parking decks looking for Leah's car because she didn't remember where she parked. Poor thing got stuck in traffic on Friday morning behind a wreck and almost missed our flight. I encouraged her to park in daily and throw her hairspray and other things you can't take on board in her car and just use mine. That way she wouldn't have to check her bag and we'd just pay a little extra for her parking.

So glad she did! She got to the airport 20 mins before take-off and ran up to the gate right as they were boarding. And I have to admit, I enjoyed looking for her car and giggling under my breath. Now my family knows I'm not the only crazy woman who doesn't remember where she parked!

I also spent time this weekend reading through Thursday's comments and praying for each of you who shared your story. If you haven't read that post yet, you can here. You've moved my heart with your willingness to go there with me.

Yesterday our family went to church and ad lunch at a little diner nearby. During Aster's nap, JJ and I went over to Tyndall mattress store . For those of you who knew about my back problems and sleep deprivation due to mattress issues, we finally ordered our mattress! I'm so excited about how it's going to change my life to get more sleep and be free of all this back/neck pain!

Last night while our boys went to youth group, I spent time getting ready for the week, planning our menu, ordering groceries online and straightening up the house. Today I'll be writing and taking it kind of easy catching up.

So, what did you do this weekend? And what will your Monday will look like? I'd love to have peak into your everyday life. UPDATE: I love what Tonia did in her comment. If you have a blog, be sure to leave a link, too!


Blogger Tonya Ingram said...

My weekend was wonderful. God revealed something to me which you can read about on my blog (www.tonyarenee1972.blogspot.com). He is literally transforming my life and mind every minute of the day it seems. We had our "Girlfriends" meeting at church last night and it was 'comedy night' so we watch Tim Hawkins. HILARIOUS! And he's coming here in May so a group of us are going to see him. YAY! Took the boys to the park for a little while. Have adapted to the time change pretty well (sorry Renee). Today looks like a pretty normal day, however I always look for God to use me or show me something throughout the day. Reading Beth Moore's "When Godly People Do Un-Godly Things" and it's AMAZING! Glad you shared your weekend and day with us!

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I did too - my godson visited with me. Of course, I think he's so very cute. So, today, I blogged about him and had him "guest blog" - he's not 2 yet, so you can imagine... Anyway, if you get a minute, check it out. http://www.beamsoflightministries.org/2010/03/guest-blogging-from-one-year-old.html

Blogger Jessica said...

I'm a newbie to your blog (and the Proverbs 31 Ministries) so first I would like to just say HI! :)

I love your blog and the more I click on things within the Ministry the more wonderful things I find! I sent you an e-mail Friday to join your Prayer Team (not sure how that works though).

It looks like ya'll had a great weekend! My husband and I did too. It's beautiful weather here in E. Tx! I overcame a few internal obstacles this weekend. My blog is: abunchofmynonsense.blogspot.com

Blogger KELLY said...

Hi Renee, we had a great weekend also. Took three of our eight grandchildren to McWane Science Center on Saturday and was exhaused when we got back home. Yesterday was a kind of lazy day (must be the time change)but enjoyable just the same. I blog at www.myfaithfulliving.com if you are ever bored!! Kelly

Blogger Joyful said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't adjust to the new time!!! Renee, I was still in my PJ's at noon!!! My son (on our "March Break") slept until after 11am!!! I think it's going to take awhile to get back into routine. :)

I too am only 5'2, but I think that's about as far as the look-alike extends :) unless I'm willing to dye my hair!

So glad your weekend went well. I had a fabulous weekend. I went to a Living Proof Live event with Beth Moore!!! My first "official" Beth Moore conference. I saw her years ago when she travelled with James MacDonald and the "Downpour" team. It was an amazing weekend. Such tremendous teaching. I was 6 rows from the front. You can see pics and a video on my FB page.

My Monday, as you know, has held excitement as well. It's not every Monday I register for "She Speaks". Can't wait!!!!

So, I'd say, all in all, I've had a pretty good 3 days! Also did 5 miles on the eliptical today and chatted with a dear friend in Virginia. Wonder what tomorrow will hold. As my mom always says, "Each new day holds some lovely secret waiting to unfold".

Hope you have a lovely secret unfold tomorrow too!

Blogger Jill said...

Hey Renee,
Glad to hear the latest event went well!! We had a little bit of excitement here on the Beran family farm! Grandpa, my dad, brought the kids 3 orphan lambs, so needless to say they are excited! I myself could live without more late night feedings...but it is good and I have even learned a lesson from our little lambs http://titus24u.blogspot.com/2008/08/lesson-from-my-lambs.html

So not a typical Monday here in Iowa, but really it never is!! Hope you get some sleep! How's Aster adjusting to the change? It's messed little Jed up a bit...

Blessings to you Renee,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Renee. It is now Tuesday morning but I would be happy to tell you about my weekend. We just came out of revival so we were all very drained but it has been so pretty here the last few days so we took advantage of it! We had a nice little cookout after church on Sunday and then I spent the entire afternoon playing outside with my kids. We played with sidewalk chalk and bubbles! I felt like a kid again myself as I ran up and down the street with my son as he rode his bike. (I'm sure my neighbors got a big kick out of watching that! :) ) Thank you and I pray that you have a blessed week!

Blogger lisasmith said...

maybe daylight savings time is what's wrong with me!!! i can't seem to get my move on this week!! i can relate to your whole post and it reminds me of the time i had to drive an hour to the airport to get my husband in the middle of the night with a tiny baby in tow...i totally forgot where i parked and it took us a good couple of hours dragging sleeping child and a million bags all.over.the.place. ha!

my weekend was wonderful!! i met two bloggy friends irl and enjoyed the sunshine with my family. i just love connecting in real life after falling in love over coffee and a blog, don't you?? you can meet them too at www.lisasmithblog.com

Blogger Leah DiPascal said...

Yes, I am SO blonder than I pay to be!! Thank goodness we got a big laugh out of my absent-mindedness. You can bet I'll be leaving my house at the crack of dawn this Friday to make it to the airport in plenty enough time!
Love you much and so enjoy riding this great adventure with you :)

I too am having a hard time with the time change....Always love my stops at your blog

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