A Few of My Favorite Things Give-Away
Today is my birthday, and I have so much to celebrate!!!!

But I have had the hardest time figuring out how I'd like to spend this special day. For some reason, I don't want to be pampered. I know, call me crazy. I'm sure it's only temporary.

My family and co-workers can't figure me out. They know I usually love the excuse to celebrate and enjoy a few of my favorite things like a manicure/pedicure, lunch with friends and a fun movie, maybe a little shopping and dinner out with my family.

This year I just want a simple day with Jesus. I'll probably watch my next Beth Moore video download in her Esther series (that's what I've been studying these days), and do some writing in my favorite spot. I'll read and journal while I sip on my favorite coffee drink - sugar free vanilla iced coffee from McDonalds. I'll end the day with dinner at home with my kids, JJ and mom (she's doing the cooking). Sounds pretty wonderful to me!

I was telling JJ last night that I think I'm feeling the way I am because I have been surrounded by so much love, friendship, encouragement and prayers these past few weeks that I am all filled up!!! And I thank many of you for that!

So, instead of getting a few of my favorite things, I am going to give them away!!! You could be part of the celebration by sharing with me how you'd like to spend your birthday and....

YOU COULD WIN one of "My Favorite Things"
  • Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
  • $5 Gift card from McDonald's
  • A manicure or pedicure gift certificate (worth $25) from a salon/spa in your area.
Please click on the word "comments" below and tell us how you like to spend your birthday. Be sure to leave your first name and your email so I can get in touch with you! I'll be announcing the winner on Monday!


Blogger jen k said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it's a blessed day for you!

Blogger The Ivey's said...

Hope you have a Happy Birthday. The way I enjoy spending my b-day is with my family. I have 3 little boys and a wonderful husband. I am not one that likes a big party and lots of attention. My husband travels singing in churches, so if he can be home on my b-day that means more than anything. Thank you for sharing and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Blogger familyof8 said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy resting in Him alone! My birthday is in the fall so I love to go to the beach and take a long walk. And I love watching my kids play on the beach. There is something at the beach that always reminds me of His goodness and His power. I am in awe of all that He created for us!


Anonymous Angela Walker said...

Happy Birthday Renee! My birthday is in the wonderful month of June. For several years now I have spent my birthday at home (my favorite place in the world). My husband Jim will grill and my children, Jim and I stay in the pool all day. That is absolutely my most favorite way to spend each birthday. May you with our Jesus enjoy your special day.

Blogger JottinMama said...

Well Happy Birthday to you!

How would I spend my bday?

Hmmmm. That's a good question. On my last bday, I was 9 months pregnant and couldn't really have fun with the whole thing. So this year...since my bday is in summer....I think I want to go for a long run, have a meal with my kids and husband...and then have some time alone - reading or something :) Or...I'd love it if my Mama was in town and we could go shopping and such:)

Enjoy your special day, girl!

- Kate :)

Happy Birthday!
I love to spend my Birthday sleeping in first. Then heading out for some shopping and finishing off with a sushi supper.

Blogger debbie said...

Happy Birthday Renee. I pray that the Lord blesses you in mighty ways today!!!
My favorite way to spend my birthday is with my family. They pour out their love on me all day and make me feel special. Also, my friends are a huge part of making that day wonderful!
Many blessings to you,
(Thanks for praying for my daughter, Ashley. I read your prayer to her.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Renee! You are such an encouragement to so many women, and your birth is truly a reason to celebrate!

I like to spend my birthday surrounded by the people I love: my family and friends. This year my husband and I are debating a trip to Notre Dame, IN to spend my birthday with my favorite football team: The Fighting Irish! Either way, just to be blessed with another day is wonderful:)


Blogger emily said...

Happy Bday, Renee!! I hope you enjoy your simple day that sounds like heaven. And I giggled when I heard your favorite drink is from McDonalds. Aren't you easy to please?! My birthday is in April and I think a quiet day with coffee and writing would be just about the best thing ever.

Blogger Megan said...

Happy Birthday Renee! Hope your day is wonderful!
I love birthdays...my husband & I each have 3 younger siblings and since they were all still at home until a couple years ago, we would try to get home on a weekend near each birthday to celebrate. My birthday is the week before Thanksgiving and although I know we'll have pumpkin pie again in a couple days, one of my favorite things on my birthday is pumpkin pie. The best birthday I've celebrated so far was the year my husband & I were in South Padre with my family. We sat as a family on the beach, no one else was around and watched the sunrise.
Our first baby is due at the end of February so I imagine my birthday celebrations will probably be different in the future...can't wait!

Blogger Jekka said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I LOVE birthdays. They are a reason to celebrate, a reason to shower someone you love with unexpected suprizes, a reason to smile. I'm a March baby and an only child. I have requested a german chocolate cake this year.
I don't like to be alone on my birthday but I also don't like a fuss. I just want the quiet companionship of those I love. My birthday falls in the middle of the week this year, so I will work during that day. I am thinking that a nice dinner out somewhere afterwards would be good and then a quiet evening at home.

Happy Birthday to you!!! I pray God richly blesses you with many many more.

My family has never really made a big deal over birthdays but my perfect idea of a perfect bday is much like yours. I would love to just lounge around the house reading, writing and being quiet without anything being expected from me.

Anonymous Tina said...

Happy Birthday, Renee! I always get so happy when I see you have a new post! I normally have a double birthday celebration...one going out for dinner with my two beautiful daughters and husband and then a second celebration with my sister and my two best friends (also sisters). We usually go to dinner and exchange gifts...but a spa date getting pampered with them sounds great!!

Blogger Leah Gillen said...

First of all, Happy Birthday Renee!!! It's so funny to see you doing a "My Favorite Things" giveaway on your birthday, because that is exactly what I've been planning to do on mine - next week!

That said, I'd love to spend my birthday with...
(1) a day off from work
(2) a day of reading, writing, listening to my favorite Christian music
(3) bubblebath
(4) getting my hair done
(5) extended quiet time with Jesus


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For my birthday, my bakes a cake or buys it depending on how he feels. Then, I go to movies with friends or family. Jennifer @ goodwijl@gmail.com

Anonymous Jennifer Renee said...

Happy Birthday Renee.
May the Spirit of the Lord always go before you and lead you to your heart's desires. May the joy of the Lord be the song of your days and the peace of the Lord be the gift to your soul. May the love of the Lord touch everything you do and remind you you're forever blessed.
Usually I go out to dinner with my dad and maybe one of my sisters. Sometimes my other sister will take me out to lunch. Although,these times are special my famly has never given me any type of a party in my adult years like they have done for my sisters. This year I decided that it was time to do something different. I decided that I want to visit my Spiritual mother for the week of my birthday. I have a June birthday and I'm looking forward to the fun.

Blogger R said...

Happy Birthday Renee
I love to spend my birthday with my friends and family.
With Love & blessings,
Renea H

Blogger Anna Mc said...

You know, this past December I spent my birthday just doing normal things that would probably seem a bit boring to most. I did cancel a few appointments so I could enjoy the details of the day. I realized that the simple acts of caring for my little girl, doing my normal farm and house work and then going to church for choir practice and coming home to my loving family was what I was all about. Those "little" things are what makes me... me. They are representative of what I've accomplished over the last 34 years and I cherish them greatly. As you said, Renee, I was filled! I didn't need the pampering. I look forward to spending my next birthday the very same way.


Blogger Leah said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Friend,

I thought for sure you'd be off on a romantic lunch/shopping getaway with JJ. I'm sure you're having a wonderful time with Jesus and Beth Moore instead :)

Love ya much,

Blogger Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Renee! I hope you are having a fabulous day! I like to take the day off work for my birthday and pretty much do nothing. Last year my husband took off with me and we just spent the day hanging out together. Perfect! Then we had a quite dinner with friends.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Swope!!!

I Hope its the best yet!!

My birthdays have always been low key(because of my choice) I enjoy waking up at the exact time i was born 7:02 a.m and pray. Then my mom and my sisters take me out to eat!!


Blogger Shannon said...

Happy Birthday!
I don't like a big fan fare on my birthday. I too like to just spend it with my family. My now 17 year old son was born the day before my birthday, so it is simply more fun to celebrate with him!

Enjoy your evening!

Blogger LeAnn said...

What a wonderful way to spend your special day! Happy Birthday! I love you and pray that this will be your best year yet... although... I can't imagine how you could ever top last year. But God...

Birthday Hugs!

Blogger Judy said...

Happy birthday Ms. Renee! I'd like to spend the next special day with my sweet man, alone. I'm commenting to say I received the devotional, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young this past birthday from a dear friend. I love love love this little book and used it as Christmas presents to four of my close friends. Have a good day, Judy.

Blogger Robin said...

Happy Birthday Renee. Today is my b-day as well. I usually enjoy low key b-days. As a kid, I always hoped for a snow day from school. Currently enjoying my day by reading your blog, drinking a Starbucks my boss brought me after lunch and enjoying the flowers my dad sent. He has sent me flowers on my b-day for years, even when I was still in high school back in the 80's.
Enjoy your day.

Blogger Melanie said...

Sounds like a great day, Renee. I can just picture you. Now as for me, I really liked to celebrate all week - until I got to be about 43 and then I finally settled for one day of celebration. And my boys calling me Pretty, Pretty Princess is a requirement on my bday. I sound like quite the selfish girl, don't I.
Really, your day sounds perfect. loe you and you are a blessings!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Renee and thank you for sharing your day with all of us. I enjoy a day away usually-pedicuare, lunch or dinner with family and friends and some great ice-cream!

Blogger Amy said...

Happy Birthday! How generous of you to share it!

I would love to get to sleep in on my birthday - that's pretty rare here - and then to be able to spend as long as I wanted with my Bible and notebooks. I'm loving Wendy Pope's 'class!' Hanging out with my family for the rest of the day would be fun (with no laundry, of course) because my kids get so excited about birthdays that they make the day extra special without even trying. Hope you get to have a wonderful day with yours!


Blogger Eagles Wings said...

A happy birthday to you a happy birthday to you, may you feel Jesus near every day of the year, a happy birthday to you a happy birthday to you and the BEST year you've ever had!!! (again) I did this on FB....
Hope you have a blessed day!
I love to go out to dinner with all of my family..hubby, four boys, BIL&SIL 3kids, MIL, Mom & DAD!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My birthday is in December and I like to just slow down a bit from all of the hustle and bustle- enjoying time with my family.

Happy Birtday!

Katie davidson_ke@yahoo.com

Blogger Rachel B said...

Happy Birthday, Renee!!

I like to spend my birthdays much like you are spending yours today. As long as I am surrounded by the people I love the most (my family) and get a break from cooking a meal, I'm happy! :)


Blogger Nancy M. said...

(again... LOL)

My b'day is Oct 31, so you can imagine the ... "competition" for time & attention on *my* special day. It's hard to get away from all the evil imagery on that day. I so want it to be a pure & holy day. And since my husband is a musician, I have lately been spending my b'day alone {sniff}{sniff} (LOL), answering the doorbell, handing out candy. They neighbourhood kids really don't care that it's my birthday. They just want the treats (that's another long, yet funny, story for another time).

My fav b'day was early in our marriage (we've been married 7 yrs, mind you) when Rich somehow didn't have to work. We went to the ocean on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State (Kalaloch Lodge) and watched the storms roll in & out, over the churning ocean. But even the restaurant had h'ween decorations up. I just can't escape it.

Last yr, after all the neighbourhoods came & the "outsiders" were making their way to our street, I put the candy out in a big bowl & headed up stairs to spend time w/ Jesus & God's word. We had our own little b'day party, just the 4 of us (the Holy spirit was there, too).

Happy B'day! ♥ ♥

Nancy M.

Blogger Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! I loved reading that you are feeling filled up. I am so glad you knew to ask for prayer and am proud to have prayed for you.


Blogger lisasmith said...

Happy Birthday, Renee may this year be extra special =) hugs!! lisa

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you have a very blessed Birthday! (It's so cool that you share a BD with one of my dearest friends.) I'm glad you are spending the day with your sweet family and Jesus, doing exactly what you enjoy!

My birthday falls on Easter this year so I'll be spending it Rejoicing in our Lord with my family and friends.


Blogger Happy Four said...

Renee, a very happy birthday to you! It sounds like a wonderful day for you and what a great gift you received this year in bringing your precious daughter home.

My dream birthday would be to sleep in for a bit and have a chance to just have a few hours to relax and enjoy coffee and prayer.

Many blessings to you. I am praying it will be your best year thus far on your earthly journey.

Love, Caroline


Blogger Jenn Hughes said...

Happy Birthday! I love spending my birthday (Christmas Eve) with my husband and son and attending the Christmas Eve service. It is absolutely beautiful every year!

Blogger Momma of JAA Lemon said...

Happy Birthday Renee,

The way I would love to spend my birthday is on a Romantic Get away just me and my husband. We have never had a honeymoon.

Blogger Patty said...

Hi! Happy Birthday!! first off. The way I spent my b-day last year was just being thankful I was alive. Didn't have a job and are living on my husbands $300. a week paycheck. Thanking God that my father was able to help pay our bills. That's how I spent my birthday last Oct.2nd. I would love to say that's the last time I will spend it that way.

Blogger Teresa Henry said...

Happy Birthday!
My favorite thing to do on my birthday is to spend it with my kids. A few years ago I asked them what we should do on my birthday and they suggested the Children's Museum...actually they begged! They said it would be fun for me because I could read while they played! Always thinking of me :). Of course I did not read...I played too. But it was a great bday with my family.

Blogger Phyllis said...

I hope you are having a fabulous birthday!

I'd like to spend my birthday on vacation with my family in Texas. Actually, it would be a couple weeks after my birthday so we could visit the State Fair of Texas. As a child, my family would travel back to Texas most years to visit the State Fair and other things. I'd love to do that with our daughter.

Anonymous Caron Eiman said...

Happy Birthday Renee!
My birthday and the birthday of my daughter are both in October. Mine is the 2nd, hers on the 27th. From the time she was born, I decided we would have a month long celebration, doing something special each weekend. I decide the firs weekend and she decides the last one, we decide together for the others.
For my birthday, I like to rent a few girly movies and we get a pizza, popcorn,chocolate, and soda and curl up together on the sofa and simply enjoy the evening. No need for a gift,she is the best gift I have ever received because I was told I would never get pregnant. God knew better!

Blogger Mary said...

Happy Birthday!

I just celebrated my birthday on Saturday. It was a wonderful day! We started the day out at my 5 year old son's first basketball game, lots of fun and laughter!I had a relaxing day hanging out at home with my family. My husband & I finished the day with a quiet meal at my favorite sushi place. It was a wonderful relaxing day!



Blogger Kristan said...

Wow, how generous of you. My birthday is actually on Monday Jan 18. My husband will be sleeping for he is back on midnights shifts at the mall (he does maintenance) so it will be like any other day. I haven't really done anything special for my birthday since becoming a mother. It seems being dead winter for my birthday generally one or both of my girls is sick or in the hospital. I think for 3 years straight either I or one of my girls were in the hospital on my birthday. I am so blessed this year that no one is sick at all!!! What a great birthday present.

I really hope you have a WONDERFUL day. I really enjoy your blog by the way! Check mine out if you are ever bored. I try to minister to mothers and myself at the same time.

Kristan Simmons

Blogger daisy said...

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS TO YOU!! I have been so encouraged by your blog--somehow you pull me out of whatever I'm in and bring me back to Him--thank you for letting Him use you!
For my birthday...a day outside with my forever love, my husband of 16 yrs, and my 2 kids...even our dog can some..just somewhere sunny and a big grassy spot by the water to run and maybe throw the ball...sing, and thank Him for another year graciously given

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!

I love being lazy on my birthday! No dishes, laundry, or cooking! This is the perfect gift!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!
I enjoy spending time with my family. I usually awake to my kids coming to wish me a Happy Birthday. My son who is 13 always tries to fix my breakfast for me. Sometimes they take me out to eat but since we are on the Dave Ramsey plan we are eating in more. Then later we get together with my family because my youngest sister's birthday is the day after mine,my niece's birthday is 2 days before mine and my son's birthday is 10 days after mine. So we usually get together one Sunday for lunch and celebrate all of our birthdays. I just love being with my family. Then we usually go to some friend's and have a cook-out. We say it is for my birthday but we like to get together with our friends, so any excuse will work.
Again Happy Birthday :)
Angela T Ramsey

I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I love your blog. I've gotten so into reading all the little updates on Aster :) She's beautiful!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Renee - and you have got the right idea, "it's far better to give than to receive", even on your own birthday!

I have to tell ya' - I got a gift certificate for a mani & pedi from my office crew (as I'm office manager) for Christmas & I'm gonna' give up the pedi to MY mom and my teenaged son has had a manicure once with the hot wax treatment, so I'll pass that along to him (he's tends to bite/peel his cuticles and nails - this might help curve that habit).

You are blessed to have your mom (the birthday dinner cook) as well as I am blessed to have my momma, the Cook (Isabelle Cook...no pun intended)! xoxoxo Cindy Adams

Blogger Angela said...

Happy Birthday and many more blessings.

I like to spend my birthday in the country at my parent's weekend house, fishing, exploring the woods, eating good food and being with family.


Blogger Pat said...

Happy Birthday Darling!!
I pray that your next year is even better than the last!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Renee!!

For my birthday-
It depends on when it falls.
If its on a weekday.. its with the kids til dad gets home... trying to relax. The we might go out or order in for dinner..
If its a weekend.. I can sleep in a little.. spend the day with hubby and kids.. celebrate later in the day with cake and dinner.
Being that its in the summmer.. my mom may come visit from MA and babysit:)


Anonymous Shannon said...

Hi Renee!

I was praying for you and totally related to your recent biopsy concern. My heart felt your cry as I read your words and my heart leaped for joy after receiving the great news! Praise Jesus - we serve a big God! He alone is the Divine Physician!

In response to your e-mail, I am with you. I too enjoy 'giving' on my birthday. There is so much to be thankful for and I really enjoy getting both of my sons a gift on my birthday...because I love them, but also because I want to teach by example that it is more blessed to give than to receive.. That is something I've been doing now for a few years. Dinner out is always a treat too!

Have a blessed birthday!!!
Shannon Gentile

Blogger lailani said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Mine is next Wednesday. January Babies are cool! ;) I don't have to have anything big or special, the day itself makes me happy. My husband did surprise me a couple years ago (as did God)- there was snow within a few hours drive (we live in a snow free zone). He picked me up from work without telling me what we were doing or where we were going. We arrived after dark to a snow covered town, spent the night, played in the snow and came home the next day. It was wonderful!

Happy Birthday again, I hope your day was filled with smiles from God, comfort and peace.

Blogger Everyday Becky said...

Happy Birthday, Renee. It's late now, so I hope it was a special day and beyond what you expected.

I think the thing I love about my birthday, is just feeling loved. It really doesn't matter how my family and friends show me, it just feels so good to be reminded of how rich with love my life is.

Hope you felt that way today.


Blogger "Miss" Clair said...

Happy Birthday!
That's easy to answer since we just celebrated my birthday last week. Being with my family! We stayed home since it was the night before returning to school after Christmas break. On Friday night we had dinner out with my in-laws and it was wonderful, especially since I got Key Lime pie!

Blogger awcamp said...

Happy Birthday, sweet lady! Like you, I spend my birthdays at home surrounded by family. It does feel like pampering to have a special hour to myself to journal and read the Bible. My daughter's b-day is 3 days before mine, and we always have a party for her -- so I'm ready to settle down and get quiet by the time mine arrives. You've been on the go so much this year and have had some big health concerns -- not to mention a new baby! so you are right where you belong. May God rain his abundant blessing down on you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! That sounds like a completely wonderful day. I always take my birthday off and go and get a pedicure then if possible I have lunch with my husband. Just having quiet time is nice and helps to regroup and look at what blessings you have. Enjoy being with your mom and think about questions that you may want answers to and have never thought to ask. Ask her what her favorite birthday memory. My mom passed away 14 years ago and it is amazing the questions I wished I had asked. Have a great birthday. Pam B

Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy birthday and many more
i'm a spring baby march 20th what i would like this year is a day with god so i can build a relationship with him like you have.

thank you for all you do


Blogger Christine said...

Happy Birthday to you!

I like to spend my birthday with my family. Typically we'll make home made pizzas and dessert always has to include two things - Strawberries and Chocolate! Oh, and a really girly movie to watch with my mom and sisters later on in the evening. :)

PS - Thanks for praying for me!

Anonymous Joy said...

I like my birthday simple. My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and I will spend it with my husband and children and our closest friends. Unlike most women I do not mind telling my age, in fact I volunteer the information, As a cancer survivor, I appreciate every birthday and embrace every milestone. I want January 26th to be simple... and surrounded with the greatest gifts: people and time. People to love and the time I have to continue loving and be loved. On my birthday I will have had thirty-six years of a wonderful life. Twenty-one of those have been walking with my Savior. I GET to serve Him! so I am proud of one more year, one more candle on the cake, and one more birthday to remember that great is His faithfulness... and I have a full blown reason to party!

Blogger KK said...

Happy birthday!
I want to spend my birthday with my new niece. I'll find any reason to take off and go see her :)

Blogger Luanne said...

Happy B'day, Renee! I love to spend my day with family--with teens, their coming and going usually prohibits that from happening, but a girl can dream!


Blogger mommyof2sons said...

Happy Birthday! I like to spend my birthday with my family!!! I have two boys and a wonderful husband.

Anonymous Aysha said...

I like to spend my birthday going out to eat with my family and then snuggling with my hubby.

PS - I really enjoy hearing about Aster and seeing the pictures. She looks so happy.


Blogger Amy L Brooke said...

I like to spend it hanging out with people who are important to me and/or doing something for someone. This year I baked the night before and surprised people with treats. A couple years ago I had lunch with a friend. Later that night I took 8 kids (ages 5-13) ice skating. People said, "This was for your birthday?" Yep. It was fun to watch the older ones help the younger ones. And I included a couple kids who had never had the opportunity to skate.

Amy abrooke2002@gmail.com

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday! My favorite way to spend my birthday is with my husband and my 3 wonderful children. Of course a manicure and pedicure is great too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy spending my birthday with my family. My birthday is in June and one of my grandchildren lives in FL. I only get to see her once a year and usually I go pick her up right around my birthday. I am so thankful for my family and I know you are too! I am also studing Esther at my church. It is like a movie. I just cant put it down. I am continually going ahead. Have a blessed day. I love your blog.

Lexington, KY

Anonymous Emily said...

My name is Emily and the past few birthdays have been wonderful...my birthday is in August and usually i just stay home and watch movies with my sisters and boyfriend and maybe well go out to eat, maybe go swimming as well. I loved it!! So simple and relaxing. This year i would love to go on a hiking trip or just camp out and have all my best friends in the whole world with me around a campfire laughing and telling stories of old times together, how i would love to have everyone i love gather in one place, know each other and love each other.

Blogger Mocha with Linda said...

Happy Birthday, Renee! I hope you had a wonderfully satisfying day.

On my birthday I like to avoid laundry and other mundane chores and then go out to dinner with my family. Last summer was one of my best birthdays ever - we were on vacation and I had lunch with some bloggy friends and then dinner on a riverboat!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Either spend the day with my grandkids or by giving something away. Being a servant, giving to others. It truly is moe of a blessing to give than receive. We have already been given much. What a privilege to share-not just material stuff, but ourselves.
linda l

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Either spend the day with my grandkids or by giving something away. Being a servant, giving to others. It truly is moe of a blessing to give than receive. We have already been given much. What a privilege to share-not just material stuff, but ourselves.
linda l

Blogger Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! ( a day late!) I hope you had a GREAT day yesterday! My birthday is next Friday, and my mom is coming to stay with my 4yr old and my 87 yr old so I can have a day OFF. We have lived for 2 yrs with my hubby's grandmother, who is now under the care of hospice, and i have to find a sitter even to go to church on SUnday mornings-- so getting a day out of the house is a real treat! I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, with my time, but I know it will be refreshing after the stress of having to ALWAYS stay home. Thanks for your willingness to give during a time when most people focus on getting. :) In HIM, Jenn

Blogger suzi.wollman said...

Dearest little sister in the Lord, I pray that God will grant you this desire of your heart! And I know He will because He is the God of all Love, and YOU are the apple of His eye!

My birthday is 20 days from now (but who's counting?) and I'm going to do something I've always wanted to do. I will ask my friends and family to contribute (however small) a gift to Children's Hope Chest in my name instead ob buying a gift for me. Secondly, I am hand-making a lot of resin heart key rings and giving them to everyone who says "happy birthday" to me!

Blogger Cindy M said...

I enjoy a lot of the same things you enjoy! My favorite drink is from McDonald's, too...a large coke in a styrofoam cup! If I could spend my birthday ANYWHERE, I'd either spend it on a beach with my family or on a plane to China. Long story. But I do love a good pedicure, and it's been a while.

Happy Birthday!

Blogger tiggerdaisy said...

Happy Birthday, Renee! Enjoy your Jesus filled day! You have given me an idea of what I want for my birthday, too--but I have to wait until August to get it! :)

Prayers and blessings,

Blogger veronia said...

Happy Birthday I hope you have a Blessed day .My birhtday it's close to christmas Dec 23 . I like to enjoy it with people that are special to me my husband and my two kids and going out to dinner

God bless you

Blogger veronia said...

Happy Birthday I hope you have a Blessed day .My birhtday it's close to christmas Dec 23 . I like to enjoy it with people that are special to me my husband and my two kids and going out to dinner

God bless you

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Renee! I have been sooooo encouraged by you and every morning I look forward to reading whats in my inbox coming from your Devotions and Your Heart Journey.Everything I read seems to apply to what is going on in MY LIFE and I often wonder if this was all planned FROM GOD.

Thanks for encouraging me and helping me. Its been such a pleasure and even though just through the web I feel you are a special sister in Christ and we are on this great journey together. I love hearing about your daughter and seeing the pics. You see, due to a drug addiction that Jesus Delivered me from almost 10 years ago, I lost a son. He was taken from me and a new family adopted Him. Your story gives me hope that this family LOVES the way you do.Your family is sooo amazing! God Bless you all!
My Birthday is also this month and even though friends have my BEST Interest in mind, EVERYONE has a PLAN!!! I like yours Better! I am going to stay focused on this thought, as Jesus Is MY GIFT and spending time with HIM will be a great way to celebrate my BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday Again, May God Bless you always!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Girl!! I couldn't find the comment button on your email. Like you, the perfect birthday for me would be to spend a day with my Heavenly Father. I would sit with him a bit just praying for what he has and is doing in our life. Sometimes I don't take time to just sit and listen for Him to talk with me. After that, I would read in the Bible along with also read Beth Moore's David. Then, follow that with a long walk with my new mp3 player listening to some praise music!

much love,

Blogger O'Nealya Gronstal said...

Last year was one of my favorite birthdays - I woke up in a hotel room with a new sweet friend as my roomate, went downstairs for worship and the message from an amazing sister encouraging us to open up God's gift of rest.
After checking out of the hotel my husband and two children picked me up and we headed across the border to meet my dad's cousin and his precious wife for a good, all things southern, lunch in Spartanburg.
You probably figured out that I was at She Speaks over my birthday. I could not have planned a more fulfilling day!

Anonymous Danielle B. said...

Happy Belated Birthday! My birthday is a few days before Christmas so needless to say there is a lot going on. I had one of the best birthdays this year.We picked up my very favorite Chinese takeout (with some birthday extras) and hung out at home. I felt so blessed to be enjoying my children and husband after such a rough year.

Blogger Amy J. said...

First of all- Happy belated Birthday! Today is my birthday- and I would love to be able to spend the day with my husband relaxing, connecting and laughing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Blessing Day! As I turned forty last year I decided the day would best be spent memorizing scripture. While my kiddoes were doing their quiet time I walked up and down our lane until I had Ephesians 6:10-19 memorized. Along that same theme, my February birthday will be spent reviewing Psalm 1 and memorizing Psalm 78:1-8. May you see the Lord's many precious blessings throughout your 'new' year.
Christine D., standingingrace@q.com

Blogger KELLY said...

I know I'm late, but you are always on my mind and in my heart! My birthday is not until October 1st, but I would love to be closer to the goals I have set for myself. My first 2010 goal is to devote more time to pray and be thankful. God has given me the opportunity to be able to communicate with him anytime and anywhere all through prayer. All I have to do is take advantage of this gift.

Second I want to be able to offer hope and encouragement to others. This can only be accomplished if I follow my first goal, devote more time to prayer and allow myself to meditate on the words I read and never take my focus off of God.

And then my third goal is to find out "Where am I with God". It is easy to look around the world today and feel discouraged and lose hope due to these surroundings, but Romans 15:13 God assures us that we serve the God of hope and when hope runs low, we must remember that God will supply us the hope we need and this hope comes from a promise from above.

This year I also have a lifetime goal and that is to one day speak to an audience and share the message of Jesus Christ. This would be the highest accomplishment I could ever achieve in a lifetime and one of the greatest responsibilities I could ever accept. It is a "lifetime" goal because I do not know when I will achieve it.

It will be in "His" time and "His" time only. All I can do is work towards achieving the other three goals and continually prepare myself for this change of a lifetime. Happy Birthday Renee!

Blogger Lori Darlin said...

Hey! What a sweet idea! First of all I hope ur birthday was a very blessed one. I would love to spend the day with my husband. I know I will get to very soon when he comes home. He is currently serving time in prison for something. That's a long story right there. I just want to be able to sit on the couch and snuggle without a guard looking at us. That would be the best birthday ever if I could just have him home now. If you could throw in a prayer or two for us, he will be coming up for parole this year. Pray he gets a yes. We are just thankful that God is in his life now and that God gives us strength to get thru the rough days away from each other.

Blogger Lysa TerKeurst said...

I hope you got my messsages wishing you a happy day on Thursday. Now here's the deal... Holly and I are going to kidnap you to take you out and celebrate.

Will Monday work???

We love you girl~

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Renee!!!

I would like to spend my birthday w/ my family...going out to eat at my 'favourite' restaurant...and having a peaceful, relaxing day.


Blogger Carolyn said...

Have a great birthday..looking forward to your conference in Jacksonville

Blogger JenniferLayne said...

Happy Birthday! I like to spend my birthday eating out with my four guys...husband and 3 sons. I LOVE to open presents from my boys because my husband lets them pick out ANYTHING they want at Wal-Mart. Some of my favorites have been a volleyball (I've never played volleyball) and a hockey stick (they had just watched Mighty Ducks).

Blogger Amy Sue said...

The older I get the more I appreciate the simple things. I am a fan of McDonald's $1 Iced tea and their ice cream cone. Can't imagine a special day that didn't include a cone. I'd also love to just hang out with my kids and grand daughter. I am so blessed, how could I ask for more.

Anonymous Jen G. said...

Happy birthday!
My Birthday is spent giving out candy, a little alone time on the porch, seeing lots of kids, the wonderful smell of the autunm air. Guessed it yet? Yes. I was born on halloween! I love to buy lots of candy and fill up treat bags which include a little saying like "the best treat is the love of Jesus Christ" I always get to give on my birthday! It feels great!

Blogger Tammy said...

My birthday is around Thanksgiving so I am usually in the kitchen but I enjoy having my family with me...but I have to admit a little me time would be nice. A chance to have a pot of tea and a good book even for one hour.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday.


Blogger Joyful said...

My birthday has always been a huge celebration. I think the fact that I was born a twin at 25 weeks, and my parents were given no hope for our survival, each year is a miracle. Each day is a miracle!!! :)

The day starts with all my family heading out somewhere for breakfast. Such fun!! My birthday is in August, but I never like to be away from home on my b'day as so many friends and family stop by. My husband always makes supper...and CLEANS UP...so that I don't have to do anything that day. It is the one day of the year that I don't cook any meals or do any work.

It's a fun day...and double the fun being a twin!

Hope you had a special day Renee.

Blogger shutterhappyhope said...

Well, my family jokes that I have "birthday week" every year. I milk it for all it's worth. We normally have a family lunch out on my actual birthday then most years a friends party to celebrate. In the last couple of years though, on top of the family lunch we have started going for a lake day with just my family. I love the lake as do the rest of my family...so it's a great time to bond & celebrate another year of life!

Anonymous Dorothy Miller said...

I have followed you through your adoption of your little girl. I have learned to love you sight.
Yes sometimes I feel like giving up.I have had so many health problems and anxiety problems I feel like I am going through refiners fire. I love the Lord, I am a Salvation Army Soldier and a Wesleyan and Free Methodist preacher's daughter.I have 2 boys,both married to christians and 5 grandkids who love the Lord. I am blessed. I have been married for 44 years to the same man.
My husband is an artist and supports us through ministry presentations and secular ones, to supplement our low SS income. One of our son's is a Free Methodist pastor about 25 miles from us.He moved there this year. It has been a true blessing to have him close.
I don't know how I would get through the tough anxiety times. Ad me to you prayer list. I prayed for you through the adoption and the loss of you friend to cancer. God bless.Dorothy Miller

Blogger LyonsLady said...

Have a Blessed and Happy Birthday!!!
NUMBERS 6:24~36

Blogger LyonsLady said...

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