A Lot of Something!
Monday was my little bit of nothin' day and boy was it needed!!! All that little bit of nothin' really helped me get rested spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. It also helped prepare me for "a lot of something" that was coming this week. I am glad I listened to God's nudge to be still.

The rest of this week was full of preparations and packing. I have three speaking events coming up before we move so there were power points and outlines to send, messages to finish, ideas to finalize, etc.. Back to back speaking events and moving all in one month is crazy timing. I wouldn't have planned it this way if I had known months ago that we were moving. I didn't know, but God did. I never would've thought He'd plan for us to sell a house, buy a house, move in 6 weeks during a time frame when I speak the most.

Yet, I can look back now and know without a doubt that God didn't make a mistake. You see, JJ and I pray about every event I speak at so we knew in advance that God had called me to share these messages and go to these places. We also know without a doubt He's called us to adopt, to move and is the only One who could sell our house in 20 days in this market.

God also knew that I would need to be home this weekend. You see, I was supposed to go to the Gospel Music Association radio convention to represent Proverbs 31 radio show. I couldn't wait! It's the most amazing event. We get to meet all of the radio stations that air our show, hear the top Christian music/worship artists and even meet some. Last year I met and talked with Steven Curtis Chapman. We heard Bebo Norman, Mark Schultz, Aaron Shust, Point of Grace, etc.

But a few months ago (before we put our house on the market) I sensed God telling me to cancel my reservation. I was so bummed. I really wanted to go. JJ supported me going because he and the boys are traveling with me some of events this month. But God knew I needed to be home. So in faith, I canceled. This weekend as I look at all we have coming up, I am so thankful I listened!!! This is my only weekend home without speaking before we move. So, we've needed to do some serious packing, and God has provided time and help in amazing ways.

Next weekend JJ and the boys go with me to TN. The following weekend I speak in Goldsboro, NC. The next weekend I speak at our church on Mother's Day. I am so honored to be asked. But it's a first for me to teach the Sunday morning message. I know I'll be extra nervous - and extra dependent on JESUS!! That's a good thing. All of this is making me so dependent on Him. I wonder if that is why He planned it all this way.

So, what is going on in your life? Are your days filled beyond your capacity? Do you hear God whispering that you can trust Him. Can you see how He wants to provide for you in ways you cannot provide for yourself? In the midst of the stress, looking for and seeing His provision gives me the peace and strength I need.

Well friend, my blog may get a little sporadic in the next few weeks as we pack and move. I hope to have pockets of time to write but if I go missing in action, you know where I'll be! If you'd like to get an email notification each time I pop my head out of the boxes and post on my blog, you can sign up for Bloglines. Just click on the button in the sidebar and enter your email address. You'll get an email each time I post. Have a great weekend!


Blogger April said...

Hey Renee! Wow, you have a lot on your plate! I will be praying for you! As for me, I feel like my life sort of always verges on the edge of overwhelming, and I don't know why! I mean I'm not always running around and doing a whole lot(besides running around our house and caring for four kids)I think I just get stressed out easily. I need to take a chill pill! But, there is something coming up that has me pretty nervous. I have been asked to give the commencment speech at three of my "girls'" (from our youth group) graduation. They have all been homeschooled and are combining their graduations. The last I heard the guest list was at 500!!! Yikes! Put me in front of teenagers and I am in my element, but in front of my peers and elders, not so comfortable! I still don't know what I'm going to say, but I haven't really slowed down and let God lead me either. I do have total confidence in Him, and pray that I can hear His heart and convey to His precious daughters exactly what they need to hear. So, Happy moving and speaking to you! I will be lifting you up sista! God Bless!
ps-sorry if I rambled, am still recovering from an AWESOME concert last night and an intersting Charlotte Lynx ride! What a night! Guess I'm not as young as I used to be!

Blogger Amy L Brooke said...

It does sound like a lot going on! I'm glad you listened to God about not going to the convention even though it was somthing you wanted to do. It sounds like the time at home was well spent.

I've had a busy few days. I've worked late nights at B&N the last few days. There was a post it up asking if anyone could pick up a shift tomorrow afternoon. Next week, I'm only scheduled 5 hours, so I was tempted. But I think God said, "Mabye tomorrow it is a me & you day . . . ." So, it will mean a lighter check but hopefully it will also mean a lighter heart.

Blogger Running My Race said...

You are so special, keep, keeping it real. Love to read about the everyday stuff, it helps me know I am not alone.

Love you girl
See you soon.
Turtle Chick

Blogger Joyful said...

Renee, I loved reading how God is guiding you and providing for you.

The questions you ask make me reflective. So often my head knows what my heart is still learning to believe. Caught between the "I know He can" but "will He".

As you know I'm trusting God like never before right now and I know I'm going to experience Him BIG!

Looking to the Lord for guidance this week as I must give an answer re: a new ministry opportunity that has been presented to me. Knowing God will guide - looking to Him. Thanks for sharing how God led you to cancel that radio convention reservation, and how He guides you each time you plan to speak. That encourages me as I look to Him to guide me.

Continuing in prayer for you - you might be 'missing in action' on your blog, but you are actively being prayed for daily.

Love & hugs,

Blogger Kim said...

Renee, I love reading your blogs!! They encourage me and challenge me. Thanks for being obedient by sharing what God's doing in your life. I appreciate it.

I guess everyone is overwhelmed at times. I'm a single mother of 3, I'm finishing my education, and I work at a battered women's shelter on the weekends...Friday, Sat. and Sunday night from 8:00PM to 8:00AM. I stayed tired most of the time. I'm finishing up the last 2weeks of this semester, so it's tough right now. But it's almost over and I'll have a break.

I'm learning to trust God...to believe God for everything in my life. I was in an abusive marriage for 20 years. But praise God, I'm free of that bondage. I'm also a recovering alcoholic/addict. I'm also free(today) of that bondage. So, even though my life is hectic and overwhelming, today is good. I'm alive, I'm clean and sober, I'm free. It's all because of trusting in Jesus and being obedient.

Thanks for all you do. Thanks for being a blessing to me.

God bless!!


Anonymous Patti VZ said...


I'll by praying for you and with you in these coming weeks as you make all these changes in your life...

Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Don't you just love serving the Lord. I am so thankful when I follow those 'prompts' from Him. He knows what we will be facing even when we don't. It is so exciting to hear/see God moving in your life. I will continue to pray.

I just got back from Myrtle Beach, SC, where I was graciously allowed the privilege of the pulpit for Little River UMC's revival kick-off...3 morning services back to back. Talk about nervous?! My dad's a preacher. My husband's a preacher, and yesterday, I stood where they stood. My perspective about "Sunday mornings" has changed, and I have a far greater respect for what they do on a weekly basis.

Only by God's magnificent grace was I able to move forward in obedience. It was a powerful, transforming moment for me for so many reasons. Even now, I cannot find the words...only my tears.

Be blessed, and we will see you next weekend.


Blogger Eliseo said...

How neat that your family can travel with you sometimes. Home is truly where the heart is ....

Blogger Kristen Schiffman said...

Doesn't a little bit of nothing go a looooong way? I know for me, this last week it really did. Thanks for reminding us to trust God- He is faithful!

Blogger MrsProverbs31 said...

Wow! Your life sounds exciting and busy.

Just the thought of preparing for She Speaks (my very first women conference) is overwhelming for me. Excitement and anxiety! The cool and the hot! The fast and the slow all mixed and shaken together. AAAAAAAAH!

I am so glad, God places people like all of you in my life through the virtual world.

God bless you April. I am excited for you. What an honor. I'm just the opposite. I can talk to any adult, but youth? It's funny, I've worked with youth most of my life and yet I'm not as comfortable around them as I should. aaaah.

Blogger Running My Race said...

Hey girl, thank you for the comment. Hope the packing is going well and that you also dont' forget to play in between. I can't wait to see you. Have a great day.
Love you bunches
Turtle Chick

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