Listening Out Loud
Okay, I listened to God with real intention, like I said I would, and just like you shared from your own experiences - it was hard. I kept getting distracted by my thoughts. So, I had to start listening out loud. Does that sound crazy? How do you listen out loud?

First, I went to and searched for my favorite worship song video clips to help me focus on Him and His glory through music and photos. Then after about 20 minutes of worship and singing, I started talking to God...asking questions out loud. Then I listened out loud by saying what I sensed His Spirit saying to me. If you had been here, you would have thought I was crazy, but it helped me stay focused. My thoughts couldn't interrupt me.

I continued as I drove to work. Instead of calling a friend or turning on the radio, I listened. And when I sensed I had listened long enough, I told God what I love about Him, what I appreciate about Him, what I praise Him for - out loud.

I am going to keep doing this and I bet my brain will get to a point where I can think about Him and listen to Him in quietness. But for now, I know He is okay with the weird way I have to listen so I can set my thoughts on Him completely, and take them off of me.

I have to tell you that after my extending time of listening and focusing on Him, I had the most amazing day filled with a deep sense of joy and peace because my heart and soul were fully reminded of Who He is, Whose I am and how blessed I am to be a women who listens to God.

Tomorrow I am going to share where my listening has lead me over the past 8 years. We're doing a Q&A about speaking, writing and women's ministry leadership for the P31 She Speaks conference. If you have any questions you'd like to ask about that part of my journey, just click the comments and ask away.


Blogger Mocha with Linda said...

I love it! And I so relate, because when I try to "be still and know", I usually end up being still and asleep. . . or with a wandering mind. Maybe I'll try being quiet out loud too!

Blogger Joyful said...

Renee, I was doing the exact same thing yesterday. I was home alone (thank goodness), and I was speaking my thoughts out loud to the Lord and then voicing what I sensed Him responding to me. It was a great day!

My question to you today comes from a heartfelt desire to be in the center of God's will. How did you know that it was God calling you to speak/write etc..and not just your own longing or desire? I am so afraid of running ahead of God. I would rather be doing a seemingly menial task with God, then something that would be viewed of great importance without Him.

I soooo want to attend the "She Speaks" conference again this year, but there again, I have to know that God wants me there. My husband and my friends are all encouraging me to go, but I need to hear from God. I am a nervous (OK...terrified), white-knuckle flyer, and I just can't imagine travelling down on my own unless I know for certain God has called me to go. I am so afraid, but if God directs me, then I would not be alone. I guess in some ways it would be literally, "putting my money where my mouth is". I SAY I believe in a God who is big enough to handle all my fears, but would I register and trust God to provide in every area? It would be a huge step of faith as it currently seems too overwhelming.

Seeking Him alone,

Blogger Sagine said...

I have the same question as joyful, how do you know you're meant to write for the Lord. I've always had a passion for writing, i've always enjoyed english classes, but I wonder, I have had some encouragements from friends, but I just wonder if they are encouraging me because I majored in journalism in college and i don't really write unless I'm inspired by the Holy Spirit, i some times think that I can only write for him...I would love to go to the conference just to get a better understanding...please write back, also, with the conference is the conference far from the hotel, i ask because I don't have a driving license...please let me know the rounds about the conference.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank-you, I needed to hear this, that to hear God isn't just being silent to hear him! Seems like I can't be silent, when it's silent that's when my mind wanders and feels like I'm in the wilderness, trying to find my way out...I have found the mornings I'm on the way to a doctor appt. I crank up my Casting Crowns CD and raise my hands in worship, those are wonderful days, you'd think I'd get the hint and do it every morning. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us to speak out loud! Renee' B.

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