Sweet friends, I have been wanting to continue our heart-stirring, soul-searching talks. I feel like I shared my heart, asked a few questions, you poured out your heart, mind and soul and somewhere in there we got interrupted and I had to leave the room. Uggh, I would never walk out on a friend when she was talking. Some of you have asked such deep questions. Ones I have been praying about and wanting to answer. I will be back tomorrow to share my heart and thoughts, too.

But before I go to bed, I wanted to grab a quick minute to tell you where I've been. It's been a crazy week, and it's only Tuesday night :->.

When I got home Sunday evening, my friend Rachel came in town to stay with me for two days. She is the Sr Editor of the P31 devotions. We had meetings Monday and this morning. Yesterday I worked in the office catching up on emails and making sure we got all the orders filled for the Shaped with Purpose workbooks. We had over 70 orders. Wow, that was crazy.

Then Rachel and I came back to my house to hang out with my kids. Around 5pm, we left to meet Lysa and Melanie, our assistant editor, last night to talk about devotions ministry things we needed to cover. We got kicked out of the restaurant at 9:30pm because they needed to sweep under our table. It was a very productive meeting and we had great girlfriend-time, too.

Today I woke up and noticed it was kinda chilly and kinda quiet. I soon discovered that it was cold because our heat is broken downstairs and it was quiet because Andrew is sick. He's got a low-grade fever and bad upper respiratory congestion and coughing. I kept warm today with a little heater at my feet and when I was in the kitchen, I turned on our electric stove to 550 degreees and left the oven door opened. It worked pretty well.

It's 11:06pm EST and I still have on my sweat suit that I threw on to take Joshua to school at 8am. Nope, didn't get a shower today. Hopefully tomorrow will be more promising.


Blogger Michelle Dunn said...

Not to worry! We'll be right here waiting tomorrow to read your next posts! I look forward to them often! :)

Trying To Have a Baby - A Mother's Story

Blogger Joyful said...

We knew you'd be back - you didn't abandon us - think of the interruption more as a 'bathroom break' - you left the room for a moment - you didn't walk out of the building! You're a faithful friend.
Continuing in prayer for you..your family...and your home.

I so feel for you with the heat thing! Ours broke every January the first 3 years we lives in this house. We finally replaced the whole system. I hope it's nothing extensive and that you can get it fixed soon!

Take your time :) I'm sure we'll be here when you get back. I may be on the couch droolin' but I'll be here!

Blogger dr_tawnda said...

I don't know where you are writing from but if the heat broke here it would be a real emergency (MN--we've had many days below zero plus -30 below;o)

I have to be honest and admit I missed your posts but I agree with seems like a short bathroom break.

Another confession...I stayed in my pajamas all day. It's a normal thing for me with a 5 month old. It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one too busy to get a shower in;o)

Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

So glad your meetings went well the past couple days.

Praying for your son to recover quickly and for the heat to be restored.

Just received your email. No apologies needed. My weeks have been crazy as well. Last week I was sick all week. This week my husband was sick for a couple days, and I soon take him for surgery this morning. I'm so glad that God gives us grace for whatever we face. :)

Blogger Alyce said...

So sorry about your heat and your son. This has been the week for obstacles! Both my girls had been with a UTI.
Glad you girls had a productive meeting! Looking forward to reading more from you.

Blogger MaryLu said...

Oh, I hate it when stuff like that happens, why doesn't the heat go out in the summer?
Stay warm, drink lots of hot drinks and yummy soups. We'll be right here waiting.

Blogger MrsProverbs31 said...

So sorry you're going through a rough time. I hope you get your heater fix soon. It is 60+ degrees down here in South Carolina. It was about 70 yesterday. I had to turn on the fan last night. I couldn't sleep.

Praying for you.

Blogger Amy L Brooke said...

I hope it is warm at you house today! Blessings.

Blogger Jami said...

So I'm not the only one who can't always get my shower in! :)

Blogger Rachel Olsen said...

Hey Girl. Thanks for hosting me this weekend. I always enjoy my time at the Swope B&B. I only wish we'd had a whole day to do nothing but stay in our jammies and chat until we felt like grabbing a cup of Starbucks and taking in a chick flick.

But I'm excited about what we got accomplished! And we did have some good laughs while closing down the resturant Monday.
Hearts ~ Rachel

Blogger Mocha with Linda said...

So sorry to hear you're having a such a crazy week. Hope the husband comes through with some chocolate tomorrow (or whatever will make your heart sing!).

No heat = no fun. We ran out of propane a couple of weeks ago in the middle of the night and it was c-o-l-d in our house when we woke up.

Never fear, we'll still be here!

Blogger Laura said...

Well I got my shower in at 2:00 = to only put on another sweat suit! I had a writing deadline and needed to get to grocery store. Life seems to be crazy everywhere. Just thankful my heat works! :-) Especially because we just had puppies!!

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