Merry Christmas Eve!
We all slept in really late this morning. JJ has a cold so I found him in Joshua's bed when I woke up at 9am. He slept in there so I could get a full night's rest since he was up sneezing and coughing. Aww, so sweet! Please pray for him to feel better today.

Joshua and Andrew slept downstairs in tents. Our living room went from holidazed to holicrazed! But instead of hurrying to clean up the nomad mess, I decided we'd keep the tents out a little longer as a reminder of the chaos in Bethlehem when Mary and Joseph were looking for a place to rest their heads and deliver their baby - our Savior. I bet people were sleeping everywhere. Surely some were in tents!

What is it about blankets, pillows and boys? Put 'em together and you get a tent within minutes. I love to build tents, too. You should've seen me last night trying to help them expand their tent concoction to include extended bedrooms with improved roofing.

Today we're staying in our jammies as long as we can. It's 12:00pm and no one has combed their hair. We're eating muffins, sipping coffee and I'm trying to decided where to buy the spiral ham we're having for Christmas dinner. I wanted to get a Honey Baked but they are so expensive.

Can you believe I don't have my ham yet? Actually, I just called my favorite grocery store and they still have plenty of spiral cut hams in smoked, hickory smoked, honey glazed or brown sugared. Wow, what a selection of flavors!

I decided if I couldn't find one we'd just have a roast or something. I've always wondered who decided turkey or ham was most fitting for the holidays? I've heard some families have italian or mexican buffets just to kick it up a little. We are having a ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, sweet peas, brocolli, biscuits, cranberry relish, fruit salad, strawberry pretzel salad, pumpkin pie and apple pie. Yummy!

So, what are you having for Christmas dinner?

And congratulations to my final 2007 Christmas Give-Away Winner.... Digging for Pearls


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Renee!
We are having lasagna tonight and then opening our stockings. Tomorrow we also are having ham, along with cheesy potatoes and baked beans. One favorite Christmas tradition is to read aloud Max Lucado's The Angel's Story...we'll be doing that in the living room on Christmas night.
Blessings to all!
Mary :)

Renee, I have enjoyed reading your blog this Holiday Season. My two boys love the tent thing too, I have lots of tent pictures. We always have fried turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The oil is so expensive that we have to justify buying it by frying lots of Turkey. We will fry 2 on T-day then filter it for 2 more on Christmas day. Yum!! If you've never had a fried turkey come on down to Southeast Texas and we'll hook you up. Have a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.

Blogger Lysa TerKeurst said...

Sweet Christmas Blessings dear friend!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger ArcticAngel said...

i just began reading your and lysa's blogs along with daily devotions! you are a blessing!
we had new york steak, twice baked potatoes, broccoli cheese cassarole, cabbage salad and sweet potatoes. it was soooo untraditonal and so wonderful! my brother in law and i did the cooking. it was great!

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