More of “Me”
I’m still trying to find that perfect gift for those I love - the one I said I wanted to give, the one I know they want more than anything – more of me!! Where can I find more of “me” to give – especially during this busy time of the year?

Giving more of “me” has meant giving up things my “me” wants. The first thing I surrendered was my Christmas tree being decorated by now. This is big for me because I love my Christmas tree!

Yet, it’s been the most peaceful pre-Christmas I’ve had in years! How have I survived this act of surrender? It hasn't been that easy but I’ve decided (moment by moment) to not let myself get swept up into the current of having to get it all done! I’m just doing what I can when I can.

I am also praying my Christmas prayer to help me keep focused on Jesus - how He lived and how He loved! Then I am accepting the assignments God's gives me and completing them one at a time.

It started in November. My ministry/speaking/work meant more travel than usual last month, so there was no decorating the week after Thanksgiving.

It continued this weekend. My 13-year-old had a huge project due this week and needed my encouragement and attention all-day Saturday and for a few hours Sunday. My husband needed help in the yard. My 10 year old wanted to bake cookies.

I’ve also tried to make those little choices I promised myself and God that I’d make. Tuesday and Wednesday I took a break from working and emails to go walking with two of my best friends. Last night, instead of completing what I so want to do -get that tree decorated – I snuggled up next to my kids and husband and watched “Elf.” The night before we watched “The Star of Christmas.” It isn't on their Christmas list, but it was the gift they wanted that day.

I'm also asking myself: What is first priority? What matters most to the kids and JJ? The answer helped determine my plan when I pulled out the decorations Sunday night. I started with the most important room of all – our bonus room, where my kids hang out most. I strung colored lights across the windows and along the ceiling line, put up their smaller tree, added a few snowmenm the nativity and garland on the shelves. By Monday night the interior and exterior of our house was “aglow”. However, the tree is still standing “naked” in the corner of my living room.

So far I've gotten it right, just a little. But there are plenty of times I don’t get it right. I bury myself in tasks and my need to “get it all done all at the same time,” and my family doesn’t get as much of “me.” That's the reason I want to slow down this Christmas – the hardest time of all to do so – and ask God to give me more of HIM so I can give more of “me”.

More than ever, I am realizing that when I look back it won't what I did, but how I lived!!!!

Cool Christmas Give-Away
Your gift to me this Christmas has been your comments. You have inspired me this week to give up myself so I can give of myself! I had no idea how much God would encourage my heart through your reflections, stories, honest struggles, and sweet words of blessings!!

I wish I could give every one of you a copy of Point of Grace’s CD “How You Live.” It has so many powerful songs (some more of my favorites are Heal the Wound, Fearless Heart, He Believes in You, All the World) on it! So if you are not the winner, I hope you’ll get a copy. You can find it at your local Christian Bookstore or online at Click Here to link to the ordering page. It’s on sale!

And the winners are…
Pam Stewart
Squirrelly Mom

Pam and Squirrelly Mom, please post your emails in the “comments” below so we can get in touch.

More Cool Give-Aways Through Christmas
If you didn't win this time, there are still more gifts!! I'll be giving away a copy of my "Unwrapping His Christmas Presence" CD this weekend, another copy of my Leaving a Legacy DVD, and more cool stuff next week!

To enter the drawings, post your comments and thoughts about the little ways you’re giving (or want to give) more of your “me” to those you love! Give yourself grace and know that it doesn’t have to be big – the little things mean a lot!

I'll do a drawing from the comments today through Sunday, and announce the next winner Monday. Please to include your email with your comment so I can get in touch with you if you win.

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  • Loving the One’s Your With (While They’re Still With You)
  • The Power of Encouraging Words
  • Chosen

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so thankful that peace has replaced stress in me this Christmas season. Instead of focusing on everything (everything that I think needs to be done and everything that we cannot do this year), I am focusing on each day and each special moment. I am asking God to continue to reveal what He wants for me and to keep my eyes on everything we do have and everything we are doing. In the process, I am giving more of me.

For example, last night I wanted to complete our Christmas cards. My 4 year old wanted to make cards. Her pace was much slower than the unrealistic, whirlwind pace that it would have taken to simply address store bought cards. She told me, "Mommy we can make more cards in the day and in the night." I shifted my focus away from a stressful schedule to the joy of creating memories with her. I know her special creations will bring so much joy, even if they arrive after Christmas. Michelle A.

Blogger Tammy R said...

I find your blog a blessing. I too, want to give more of "me" to my family. I so focus on
getting "THINGS" done that by the end of the day my joy is gone.


Blogger Digging for Pearls said...

Things are slow for us this year too. We still haven't been able to go and get a tree because my husband has been ill. This Friday will be our last day of homeschool for 2007 so we can spend next week together preparing for Christmas - making homemade gifts to give to people, baking, and just hanging out together.

Blogger Debra Zantman said...

I give more of myself to my family and friends when I faithfully spend time with Jesus in Prayer and reading my daily P31 Devotions. They are a true blessing.
Just a thought-Renee has anyone thought of doing a shorter version of the daily devotions on saturdays?
I truly appreciate P31 Ministries. Thank You!

Blogger GrammaGrits said...

Your poem is a blessing that says it all so well! Thanks for sharing it with us and God bless/

Blogger Lisa said...

I'm giving more of me to my family by doing less of what I'm "expected" to do by members of my extended family. We are less stressed and more at peace than in Christmases past. We have time to celebrate Advent and be sure the children know what Christmas is. I'm so grateful to God for leading us to this decision.

Blogger Lisa said...

I'm giving more of me to my family by doing less of what I'm "expected" to do by members of my extended family. We are less stressed and more at peace than in Christmases past. We have time to celebrate Advent and be sure the children know what Christmas is. I'm so grateful to God for leading us to this decision.

Anonymous Patti VZ said...

This has been a different Christmas with the wedding of our son this weekend, but it has been a good different. We have found less time for decorations and more time for family and friends. And it is a refreshing different! We will pray for them as they enter this new phase in their lives but also rejoice with them as they too set up a new home focused on the Christ child we celebrate this season.

Blogger joshua2415sj3 said...

What a blessing!

Anonymous Mommy to K and M said...

This is the first Christmas I don't feel totally stressed out the week before Christmas because my shopping isn't done, not a single gift is wrapped and we're leaving town in a week. This was the first year I was able to enjoy baking cookies with my oldest daughter. I also took the 2 girls shopping with me yesterday all day and had a blast watching the oldest look at Santa from afar of course and helping me select gifts for their daddy. More of us and our time is the best gift to give anyone. What a great reminder and example you are setting! Thanks for the encouragement.

I am just loving your blog. It reflects you perfectly!

Thanks for the reminders.
Blessings and much love,

Anonymous JJ said...

You HAVE given us 'More of You' and it is being noticed. I appreciate how intentional you have been to just BE with the boys and I. It speaks volumes of your love for us! You sacrifice a lot for God and others throughout the year and I will do my best to help make this one of most memorable and peaceful Christmas' ever!
Love you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been really enjoying your blog. I am giving away more of "me" by making a point of putting them first. IE getting off the computer when my husband comes home, playing a game with my son, singing him the extra song at bedtime...listening attentively to my teen chatter about how cute the senior teacher's helper is in her gym class.


Blogger a moment of time said...

I have been blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom. We really truly simplify our lives. I don't like being to busy. With five children ages 8-16, we cannot always be busy with our lives, and not give attention to our children. As for simplifying our Christmas, we are just simple people. We give gifts that others will enjoy, but cannot afford to brake the bank. We also give our children three gifts each. For the three gifts the wisemen gave. We are also going to start a tradtion of what Lysa had on her blog, give a gift back to Jesus, of something from it be more devotion time, stop doing something, or volunteering to be Jesus with skin on.....the kids are thinking on that and we will do that Christmas morning.

Thanks for your blog.


Blogger Van said...

Christmas rules in our hearts when we are willing to break the Christmas rules that would seek to rob our December of peace and joy. Maybe we are starting a new tradition - please Jesus by pleasing one another. I don't even have a tree - shhhhh don't tell anyone. Yet Christmas reigns in my house! My nativity set, candlelight, and music so fill my home, there is no room for stress. Thanks for reminding us to "give more of me" and be satisfied with having given selflessly.

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